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Best California Online Real Estate School – Top 7 Reviews

Instead of just giving you the best California online real estate school, I’m going to give you reviews of the top 7 highest rated online real estate schools in California. Just in case you don’t like my top picks for the best California online real estate school, I will also supply you with a full list of every online real estate school you can take in the state of California.

Back when I was first considering obtaining my real estate license online in California, I noticed there are a TON of schools to choose from. This was both good news and bad. It was good news because I knew given my current life situation, taking a real estate course in a classroom was out of the question. Having so many California online real estate schools to choose from was refreshing. But then I had to make a choice on which of those schools were best. That’s when I started to feel overwhelmed.

Want The FAST Answer? This Is My #1 Recommended Online Real Estate School In California

To help save you some time researching, I created this guide in the hopes you can more easily find the best real estate school for your needs. The truth is, there isn’t really one single best California online real estate school. Everyone has different learning styles, so the best real estate school for me might not be the best one for you.

What I suggest is to check out each of the schools on my list of the 5 best California online real estate schools and decide for yourself which one is best for your needs. I provided detailed reviews for each school to help you more easily compare them. And finally, just in case you don’t like my specific recommendations, you can check out every online real estate school approved in California in my master list.

So, let’s get started!

What Is The Best California Online Real Estate School? The Top 7 Picks

After extensive research into every online real estate school in California, here are the ones I’ve determined to be the absolute highest quality. These reviews of these real estate schools in California are based on several factors including student pass rates, content delivery formats, ease-of-use, customer support, how updated the course content is, and feedback from both online reviews as well as what I hear from those who have just gone through their online training.

1. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is probably the single most popular online real estate school in California. This also happens to be one of the more affordable options. They have several different packages to choose from depending on how detailed you want your training to be. The very basic package will give you the bare minimum, but it includes absolutely everything that is required by the state of California. Each package above that will give you something a little extra. You can click here to check out updated prices on the different packages currently offered. I personally signed up for the highest package as I wanted the best chance to succeed. I also wanted access to physical textbooks that I could highlight and take notes in, which was only offered in the highest package when I signed up.

As with any California online real estate school, it includes three 45-hour California pre-license courses that make up the 135 hours required for your California real estate license. The packages include your mandatory California Real Estate Principles and California Real Estate Practice courses, and you can select from six different elective courses to round out your 135 required pre-licensing course hours. Higher packages will give you access to the Exam Prep Master which provides practice exams that are very similar to what you’ll have to take for the official real estate license exam in California.

If you step up again, you’ll get access to the live training sessions, which I very highly recommend. This is where you can join a “virtual classroom” and ask questions of a knowledgeable instructor. While you will have access to a personal instructor via email, sometimes it’s nice to ask a question and get an answer right away. The highest package gives you the physical textbooks I was talking about, along with a 1yr professional development program to help you get your career off to a good start.

Every package except the first one gives you a money-back guarantee that you’ll pass your real estate exam on the very first try. Real Estate Express has an excellent student pass rate that typically exceeds 70%. The industry average is pretty low at around 50%, so they do a significantly better job than just about any other California online real estate school you can sign up for. Ultimately, that’s why I decided to sign up for Real Estate Express and I’m glad I did. They got me my California real estate license!

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2. Career Webschool

Career Webschool

Career Webschool is operated by OnCourse Learning and they’ve been around for quite a while. One of the best features of Career Webschool is how the information is organized. As crazy as this seems, a lot of online real estate schools in California basically just consist of PDF files or pages of plain text and it is very loosely organized. This leads students to feel pretty overwhelmed before they even start. Career Webschool organizes the information in the best way that I’ve seen from any online real estate school that I’ve reviewed in California. You’ll always know what you’ve studied, where you currently are, and what must be done next. While this may seem pretty minor, it really is a big help.

Career Webschool also has some fantastic supplemental study material. They really went above and beyond in this category. For example, they have what is called the MathMaster program. I don’t know about you, but I’m just terrible at math and have a difficult time learning the required formulas and how they work. Career Webschool makes this a much easier process with their MathMaster program. This is just one example of the many different supplemental learning tools they have.

This online real estate school is also interactive, which creates an environment for high retention rates. Most California real estate schools online are just plain text. It’s a nightmare trying to get through all of it. With Career Webschool you’ll get multiple delivery formats including text, video, graphics, animations, and even some pretty cool interactive games to keep things interesting.

And finally, Career Webschool does a pretty good job at providing “virtual classrooms” with forums and other features such as access to a personal instructor that you can ask questions to.

If you’re on a budget, Career Webschool will allow you to pick and choose individual courses as you need to take them. This will help you spread your payments out, instead of being forced into a single expensive package all up front.

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3. Rockwell Institute

Rockwell Institute

Rockwell Institute is an excellent choice if you’re taking your real estate license training seriously. They’ve been teaching newcomers of the real estate industry since 1974, so they have had a lot of time and practice on best teaching methods.

A very common complaint about online real estate schools is how mundane and boring they are. Most online real estate schools in California consist of page after page of plain text. It is very difficult to stay engaged with the course content when every page is just a wall of text, so Rockwell decided to do things a little differently. Most pages offer multiple ways of delivering content. Sure, you’ll have the plain ol’ text, but you also have visual aids, charts, graphs, and other features to help you retain the information you’ll need to know to pass your exam.

Rockwell gives you everything you need to pass, from the state-required license training to test prep tools that will help prepare you for the real thing. They also provide some of the best customer service in the industry. If you get stuck on anything, you can email or even call them. Rockwell employs actual real estate experts and those who have years of experience in the industry. The course content is written by experts and the customer service staff is well trained to help get you through the tougher aspects of passing the course. Bottom line is they truly want you to succeed and their service reflects that.

There are a couple different packages offered at Rockwell. The first package is known as the Salesperson’s Correspondence package. This is a budget-friendly package that is geared more towards those who like the traditional textbook approach. With this package, you will review your course material by using textbooks, then go online to pass your quizzes and the final exams. The second package is a bit more expensive, but it can be completed entirely online. Both packages include courses in real estate principles, real estate practice, a 45-hour elective, and a cram course to help wrap everything up at the end.

Rockwell is so confident that you’ll pass your real estate exam on the first try that they offer a guarantee you’ll pass. Just pass the practice exams with a score of 80% or higher and if you fail the state exam, you’ll be refunded the cost of the exam.

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4. The CE Shop

The CE Shop Real Estate Course

The CE Shop is an award-winning company that offers professional training online in a number of different career fields, but their specialty is in real estate education. Of every California online real estate school I’ve reviewed here, this one simply feels the most modern. If you plan on studying from your smartphone or other mobile devices, The CE Shop is probably the best California online real estate school for you.

While I’ve been unable to confirm this number, The CE shop boasts a whopping 91% pass rate for students, meaning 91% of students who take The CE Shop pass their California real estate license exam. This is an insane number, and probably makes them the most successful online real estate school in California simply based on student pass rates. They are confident enough that they guarantee you’ll pass your California real estate exam on the very first try.

One thing I really like about The CE Shop are their “real world scenarios” that you’ll find in the course. After going through some of the course material, you’ll be greeted with a real-world scenario on how the information you just learned would apply in the real world. And yes, you’ll have to make a decision on how to handle that scenario.

I also really like the supplemental material they offer. It’s always nice to see an online real estate school go above and beyond just the bare minimum requirements. From downloadable reference materials to math handbooks and access to knowledgeable instructors, they offer all of that in addition to the regular course material.

Another unique aspect of The CE Shop is they offer a 5 day trial that is actually no-risk. You do not need to give them your credit card information in order to access the free trial. You can simply sign up here and you can start taking the course absolutely free. This is a great way for you to decide for yourself whether you like the CE Shop as you can perform your own review of sorts. I don’t know why more California online real estate schools offer this. Seems like a no-brainer.

In any case, if you’re looking for a modern, updated, mobile-friendly online real estate course in California that has a very high student success rate, this is a great one to consider.

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5. Brightwood Real Estate Education by Kaplan

Kaplan Real Estate

Of every California online real estate school review that I’ve listed here, Brightwood Real Estate Education by Kaplan is probably the only one that you’ve known about since before you were interested in real estate. Kaplan is a very well known professional development company with physical courses and learning centers in all 50 states. In fact, if you wanted to take a classroom based real estate course, Kaplan has that available in many areas of California.

However, this review is more about the online real estate course by Kaplan. It is actually operated by Brightwood Real Estate Education, but as you’ll see, Kaplan works right there with them. Both Brightwood and Kaplan are very well recognized in the industry as they’ve been around since before the internet even existed.

While Brightwood Real Estate Education by Kaplan is a bit more expensive than the other online real estate schools I’ve reviewed here, they are also offer the most qualified instructors out of any other online real estate course in California. Their instructors consist of published real estate authors and some of the best selling real estate agents that California has ever seen.

Brightwood also offers more in their basic packages than most other online real estate schools such as virtual interactive study groups. With their higher packages, you get access to online videos or even live virtual classes if you go with their top package.

Brightwood Real Estate Education by Kaplan has a student success rate of over 80%, making them one of the highest rated online real estate courses in California simply based on how well students perform on their actual real estate license exam.

I found that the Brightwood real estate program feels a little outdated and doesn’t work the best on mobile devices, however, based on their quality instructors and their very high student pass rate, this is absolutely an option that you should consider.

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6. Allied Real Estate School

Allied Schools Real Estate

Allied Real Estate School has been providing real estate education in California for over 25 years and they are one of the most recognized names in the industry. I personally have found that Allied is a little bit outdated as compared to the other reviews I’ve listed here, but it remains one of the most popular online real estate schools in California, so I figured I’d add this to the list as well.

While Allied Real Estate School has the lowest student pass rate of all the California online real estate schools I’ve listed here, they offer a very unique guarantee. If you do not pass your California real estate license exam on the very first try, they will give you 110% of your money back as long as you signed up for one of their premium packages.

If you don’t want to sign up for an entire package, you have the flexibility to choose courses a-la-carte as you progress, which can help spread the payments out over a period of time. They also offer some pretty decent supplemental packages such as the “super prep exam questions” which simulates the actual real estate exam in California, flashcards to help you memorize important information, and what they call the Exam Cram DVD which they send you in the mail if you sign up for a higher tier package.

While I wouldn’t say this California online real estate school is my #1 pick, it will fulfill all of your requirements to obtain your real estate license online and it remains one of the most popular online real estate schools in the state.

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7. OnlineEd

OnlineEd has been around since 1998, so they have quite a bit of experience. They offer online training programs for several different industries in addition to their real estate courses. Just like any other modern online real estate license course, the course is mobile-friendly. You can also log into or out of the course whenever you want and switch between devices. They do not offer a downloadable mobile app, but since this is mostly a text-based course, you shouldn’t have any issues using your phones web browser.

OnlineEd has a few different packages you can sign up for. The prices are pretty reasonable compared to other online real estate schools in California. If you want to “pay as you go” you can select individual courses over a period of time instead of buying a package in one lump sum, however, it will be cheaper in the long run if you purchase a package.

As far as the course material itself, OnlineEd is a pretty basic real estate school. There isn’t much in the way of videos, animations, graphics, or interactive features. It’s mostly just plain text with quizzes after each section. Many students actually prefer this minimalist approach. The higher packages will give you access to additional study materials and exam prep programs. Every package gets you access to an assigned instructor if you need any help along the way

All in all, OnlineEd has proven themselves over several decades and while the course is pretty basic, it gets the job done at a pretty good price. You can also check out the OnlineEd course demo to get a better idea of how it works.

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Is Taking A California Online Real Estate School Better Than A Classroom?

While this is a personal decision, taking your California real estate class in an actual classroom is declining quite a bit in popularity as more and more people choose to study for their real estate license online. There really is not one good or bad way since student pass rates are about the same, if not better when using an online real estate school.

Classroom-based real estate schools in California do have their advantages. You get access to a physical instructor, you can network with other students, and many people prefer the traditional face-to-face interaction that you get from going to a physical classroom.

However, for most of us, we are transitioning from one career to another and already hold jobs. If having a job wasn’t enough, we also have to deal with the general things in life such as family commitments and other obligations. Taking a California online real estate school is the only answer for those of us who are busy, and let’s face it… Who isn’t busy these days?

A List Of Every State Approved California Online Real Estate School

While I strongly suggest you stick with one of my top recommended best online real estate schools in California, I also understand that you probably want to do your own research as well. I think you’ll find that my reviews and recommendations are pretty spot on, but just in case, here are all the options you have.

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