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Reviews Of The 5 Best Online Real Estate License Schools

Last updated on November 21, 2022

Online Real Estate License Schools

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

When I was considering obtaining my real estate license, I already had a full-time job and knew I would have to study for my real estate license part-time. Attending a classroom at my local community college wasn’t the most convenient option for me. There were certain days and times I had to be there that my current job and life just wouldn’t be able to work around.

That’s when I discovered I could sign up for any number of online real estate license schools. I did a ton of research on many different online real estate license schools but finally decided to sign up for Colibri Real Estate.

Colibri Real Estate worked out just fine for me, but after starting this site I wanted to create really good reviews of the best online real estate license schools for those that are just thinking about entering the industry. These online real estate license schools are not cheap, so who do you sign up with?

My Top 5 Picks For The Best Online Real Estate License Schools

Instead of just giving you my top pick, I figured I would create reviews for the 5 best online real estate license schools, along with my own personal top recommendation.

PLEASE BE AWARE: I don’t know of any online real estate license school that is approved in all 50 states. It just so happens that the 5 best online real estate license schools are certified in several states, but you’ll need to do your own research to find out if the below real estate license schools are approved for where you want to obtain your license.

Here are the online real estate license schools I’ll be reviewing. My suggestion is to just open each one in a new tab, then see if they are approved in your state. If they are, come back here and read the reviews of the courses you’re able to sign up for.

My Reviews Of The 5 Best Online Real Estate License Schools

Colibri Real Estate Review

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate is the online real estate license school I used to study for my real estate license here in California. I found the course to be pretty simple and easy to follow. Some content is slightly outdated but for the most part, I felt very prepared for the real estate license exam.

I opted for a more expensive package which gave me not only the online course, but I also had some textbooks sent to me as well which is basically just a written version of the online course. I could literally follow along in my textbooks with the online course material.

The books enabled me to highlight, take notes, and write in the books to help me study. Call me old school, but I thought this was a tremendous help. I still had to progress through the online training since that is how they track the training hours you’ve put in, but I also did quite a bit of independent study time just going through the books themselves.

They have instructors you can talk to if you have any issues, and while the format is pretty straightforward in its delivery (mostly text), that is pretty much what I assumed it would be. I will not claim it is the most fun course to go through as the material is dry, but I don’t think too many people expect their online real estate training course to be all that fun and entertaining. I would certainly recommend this online real estate license school to anyone who is considering it.

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Brightwood Real Estate Education Review

Brightwood is operated by Kaplan, a well-known educational institution, and they are a real estate license powerhouse. Tens of thousands of people obtain their real estate license from Brightwood every year. So, if you’re looking for a well-known and very popular online real estate license school with the backing of an actual educational institution with physical locations, this is a pretty good school to consider.

One of the things that set Brightwood apart from the rest is its student pass rates. These pass rates are no longer public, but historically Brightwood has had higher than average pass rates and rival the best real estate license schools in the country. Brightwood also offers a bit of diversity with their content delivery as they offer more in the way of text, videos, and alternative content delivery formats. You are also issued a personal instructor that can answer questions for you pretty quickly. Brightwood is a bit more expensive than other options, but most students seem to think it’s worth the additional cost.

Check Out Current Pricing Deals For Brightwood Here

Mbition Review

Mbition Online Real Estate School

Mbition is generally the school I recommend for those who are looking for a cheaper solution. Mbition is not as expensive as the other options on this list, but they tend to receive positive reviews from former students. The savings can be pretty significant as some courses are priced at more than $100 lower than their competitors. Mbition claims they have a unique way of delivering content, which improves retention rates. They have a learning platform that breaks things into smaller chunks that can be learned in 20 to 30 minutes. This is especially helpful for those who have trouble organizing information and figuring out the most important areas to study, as Mbition takes the guesswork out of that for you. This is more of a text-based real estate school and they don’t have a lot in terms of video training, but if you’re ok with that, this is a great budget-friendly option for you.

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Allied Schools Review

Allied Schools has been around for quite some time (over 25 years) and while they are only approved in 7 states right now, they are extremely popular in those states. They are currently approved in California, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington.

Allied Schools boasts a generous 110% money-back guarantee. Their online real estate license school is called the Fast Track Program and is designed to get you your real estate license as quickly as possible. Allied Schools also gives you an easy way to download eBooks if you want physical copies, or you can get hardcover books for an additional fee. This is another text-heavy course without much video training involved, but this is a moderately priced online real estate training school that isn’t necessarily the best but far from the worst option.

Check Out Current Allied Schools Pricing Specials Here

AceableAgent Review

Even though I’ve listed AceableAgent at the bottom of this list, it is probably my favorite online real estate license school to recommend. The only reason I listed this school at the bottom is because they are only approved in a few states right now which are Texas, New York, and Michigan. The reason AceableAgent is only approved in these states is that this is the newest certified online real estate license school to hit the market.

Normally, I’d recommend going with one of the many experienced online real estate license schools, but in this case, AceableAgent is far above everyone else. It is the most updated and modern real estate course you can sign up for online. They offer multiple content delivery formats including videos, graphics, animations, text, and several other ways of helping you to retain the information.

They also offer several packages to choose from so you can either go for the budget-friendly courses or the luxury courses where you get all the bells and whistles. It’s up to you! One thing that really sets AceableAgent apart from the rest is that they have programs that guarantee you won’t just pass your licensing exam, but they even guarantee you’ll sell a house in your first 6 months! Now that’s standing behind a product!

Check Out AceableAgent Pricing Specials Here

Are Online Real Estate License Schools Better Than Classroom Courses

So, are these online real estate license schools legit? Are they better than taking real estate license training in a traditional classroom?

There really are no direct answers to these excellent questions, because so much of it just depends on YOU and your specific learning style. For some people, online real estate license schools are a Godsend, while for others, it’s a path to failure. One thing is for sure, though… Far more people have been able to obtain a real estate license due to these online programs. I’m a good example of that. I probably would have never pursued my real estate license if there were only classroom options available. I was seeking a career change but didn’t want to quit my current career until I already had my real estate license. Taking my real estate license training online was the only option that worked for me.

With that said, there are a lot of differences in opinion on this subject. Some Realtors believe taking your real estate license training in a typical classroom environment gives you a huge advantage over online students. This is because you have physical and ready access to an instructor, other students (study groups are often formed outside of class), helps you network better from the very start of your career, and other unique features that can’t be matched by an online classroom.

The video I included below goes into some detail about taking an online real estate license course vs. a classroom-based course. While this video was made specifically for those obtaining a real estate license in Texas, it applies to everyone in any state. If you’re still wondering whether you should sign up for an online real estate school or a classroom-based one, be sure to watch this video:


What To Look For In The Best Online Real Estate License Schools

There are a lot of great real estate license schools online. While I listed my own picks for the top 5 best online real estate license schools, those are certainly not the only options you have. Some of the best online real estate license schools, as one of my examples above shows, are only approved in one or two states. It’s impossible for me to review all of the best online real estate license schools, so you’ll likely want to do some of your own research.

When searching for the best online real estate license school, make sure they have a history of online training. Then, check out reviews from current or former students on Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews. Check out bloggers and real estate agents who have already taken their course and wrote about it.

And finally, check the Better Business Bureau website to see how many complaints have been filed against them. Keep in mind, even the best online real estate license schools will have some poor reviews and complaints on the BBB website, but look for certain patterns, especially as it relates to their training material. You’ll find that many online real estate license schools are rated poorly and the complaints are mostly because of outdated information, which hindered them when they took their real estate license exam.

In the end, the best online real estate license school for you will likely be different than my top pick or someone elses top choice. I think the list of the best 5 online real estate license schools I provided above is a great way to get your research started, but don’t take my word for it. Do some research independently to find out which option is best for your specific needs.

Beware Of Time Limits To Complete Your Real Estate License Course!

These online real estate license courses are not cheap! They are usually several hundred dollars at their cheapest and several thousands of dollars at their most expensive (depending on the state and package you sign up for). Be aware that most online real estate license schools have limits on how long you are allowed to take the course before you must pay again.

The vast majority of online real estate license schools require that you finish the coursework within’ 6 months of purchasing. So, do not purchase your real estate license course until you are 100% sure this is for you and you’re ready to start putting in the time. It took me about 3 months of studying part-time before I felt confident enough to go take my real estate license exam.

Tuition Assistance For Real Estate License Courses

One big disadvantage to taking your real estate license class online is the lack of tuition assistance available. Many people entering real estate are either in a career transition or are out of work entirely, so budgeting and finances can be tricky. Most physical classroom-based real estate courses can offer you a payment plan or some type of tuition assistance, so if you’re not able to pay for the course upfront, taking an online real estate license class might not be your best option.

I wanted to include this in my article because having a lack of funds should never be a reason you can’t educate yourself or advance your career. There ARE options available to you, including possibly getting a grant or loan from the government (often times at little or no interest). If you’re in a bit of sticker shock from these online real estate license schools, try looking at local community colleges for options.

Final Thoughts On Signing Up For Online Real Estate License Schools

Online real estate license schools are pretty commonplace now and it is a fully accepted way to study for your real estate license. Most states offer several different places you can get your real estate license online from certified schools that fulfill all requirements. Scams in the online real estate license field are pretty uncommon. If you’re really worried about signing up for a legitimate online real estate license school, just make sure you sign up for a well-established school that is specifically approved by your states licensing commission. As long as they are state-certified, you have very little to worry about. No legitimate online real estate license school will risk losing their certification over petty issues such as billing issues, etc.

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for an online real estate license school, my advice to you is to just do it already! Sure, studying for your real estate license will be hard, and it’s not going to be fun, but where will your life be in a year from now if you DON’T do this? Probably exactly where you are right now, thinking and hoping you could break into the real estate industry. I’ve given you 5 excellent options for real estate schools you can take online. Are you going to just keep researching forever, or are you going to sign up? Let’s get your new career started today! 🙂

Full List Of All Online Real Estate Schools In California

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