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Comparing Real Estate Express vs Mbition To Learn – Which Real Estate School Is Best

Last updated on May 3, 2022

Real Estate Express vs MbitionToLearn

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Looking for the best school to start your real estate gig? 

You’re in the right place. 

I’m sure you’ve been looking around for the schools that can offer you a fast and convenient way to take a pre-licensing course. 

And there are a lot!

If you’ve done your research, you have probably encountered Real Estate Express and MbitionToLearn.

These two online real estate schools are battling out to be the most sought-after schools for aspiring real estate agents. 

So which one is better? Which should you choose? 

Read on to help you decide. 

Real Estate Express vs MbitionToLearn: A Side by Side Comparison

To compare these two schools, we’ll look at:

  • Availability 
  • Course options
  • User experience
  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Reviews

I went ahead and summarized everything in this chart so it’s easier for you to compare the two schools.

Real Estate Express


Available In

35 States

(AL, AK, AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NJ, NY, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, VT, VA, WA, DC, WY)

21 States

(AL, AR, CA, CL, FL, GA, HI, IA, KS, LA, MI, MS, MO, NY, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI)

Course Options

  • New license, exam prep, post-licensing, continuing education, and license upgrade
  • New license, exam prep, post-licensing, continuing education, and license upgrade

User Experience

  • Easy to navigate 
  • Content is well-organized 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy-to-read format
  • Needs improvement on customer service


  • starts at $384.30 for Texas, or $90.30 for California.
  • starts at $489 for Texas, or $129 for California.


  • 4.4/5 stars on the Real Estate Express website
  • 1.22/5 stars on Better Business Bureau


  • Comes with real estate eBooks and state-approved Instructor Support
  • State-approved instructor support, exam prep (included in other packages), eBooks
    available for purchase

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Do these online real estate schools offer courses in your state?

Real Estate Express is present in 35 states. That includes the bigger states based on population. 

Real Estate Express vs MbitionToLearn Which is Better Real Estate Express

In these 35 states, Real Estate Express has a pre-licensing course. However, it’s not a guarantee that they all have exam prep, continuing education, or license upgrade courses.

You have to check their website for that. 

MbitionToLearn has fewer states they service, only 21. But they do offer continuing education in most states. This is great for those who need to take the course to renew their real estate licenses. 

Course Options

Since MbitionToLearn has more courses available, let’s talk about it first. 

Real Estate Express vs MbitionToLearn Which is Better Mbition

As you’ve seen on the comparison chart above, this online real estate school offers all the kinds of courses you’ll ever need in your real estate journey. 

That’s everything from pre-licensing courses to continuing education to license upgrades. 

But of course, not all states have that full slate of courses so it’s best to check their website to make sure. 

To add to that, MbitionToLearn also has several packages for their pre-licensing course. These packages vary in terms of inclusions and resource materials available. 

Meanwhile, Real Estate Express excels in pre-licensing courses, offering it to 35 states. But their other courses are very limited. In fact, they only offer continuing education in 2 states, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

However, Real Estate Express partnered with their sister school, McKissock Learning, which offers you the most up-to-date courses for continuing education.

As with Mbition, Real Estate Express also has pre-licensing course packages. These packages range from the most basic that has everything you need to an ultimate learning package that comes with great features such as 1 Year Professional Development Membership. 

User Experience

Real Estate Express is known for its ease of use. 

Yep, this online real estate school has gained a lot of good reviews regarding their overall experience. 

Their course includes video and audio for every module. After each module, there are a few quizzes to refresh your memory on important information. 

There are rarely any technical difficulties, so anyone who hates these interruptions will be at ease when they enroll at Real Estate Express. 

And if you ever do have issues, their customer service team is always available. You can easily contact them and have the issues fixed right away.

On the other hand, MbitionToLearn has modules that use videos, questions, and exercises. Plus, they teach mathematical computations you’ll need in the real estate world. 

Users say that MbitionToLearn has excellent course content. However, there are several complaints when it comes to bugs and technical issues. Not only that, but customer service is rather slow, too. 

These aren’t too serious, but they can get a bit annoying. If you don’t mind, you’ll be able to enjoy and learn a lot from Mbition’s courses. 


Both Real Estate Express and MbitionToLearn have differently priced packages for their pre-licensing courses. 

For Real Estate Express, there are 4 learning packages that vary in add-ons and resource materials. The more add ons and materials, the more expensive it gets.

The pricing starts at $489 for Texas, or $129 for California.. Note: this isn’t the same base price for some states.

As for MbitionToLearn, some states have 2 packages while others have 3. 

For more information on prices, it’s best to check their websites so you can see the full extent of their package costs. 


Now let’s talk about features. 

Aside from their pre-licensing course, Real Estate Express offers more features to its students. 

That includes a very helpful state-approved instructor that will be there to answer additional questions on real estate-related subjects. 

If you pick a package other than the basic one, you will also be given exam preps and pass or don’t pay guarantee.

For those who are availing of the Ultimate Learning package, you also get to do a live Q&A with your instructor and receive a printed textbook, among other things. 

Just like Real Estate Express, MbitionToLearn has additional features that are available depending on the package you get. 

For the Silver Package (also considered their basic package), you only get the pre-licensing course, instructor, and technical support. 

But when you enroll in their Gold or Platinum package, additional features such as MathMaster (a program that teaches you mathematical skills needed in real estate) and the exam prep tool kit are included. 


We all know how important reviews are. They’re so important that they can make or break a school! 

So to give you an idea of what others say about Real Estate Express and MbitionToLearn, here are some reviews you might find helpful. 

Here is one review from a former Real Estate Express student: 

The coursework was very thorough and taught me more than enough to easily pass the state exam on my first try! I loved being able to work at my own pace.

Here’s another one:

The course was extremely well developed and easy to navigate. Real Estate Express offers an effective learning program that helps you to not only learn what is needed, but retain the information for your exams. I highly recommend it if you want to pass the first time!

Of course, there are reviews for MbitionToLearn, too: 

I passed on my first attempt. It was very helpful to be able to go back and redo problem areas as needed…much better than a classroom setting.

Here’s another review from a grateful student: 

While raising my family of five, (Mbition) allowed me to study and meet my goal of achieving my real estate broker license.

Despite having troubles with their customer service, MbitionToLearn seems to have good course material that students love. 


If you want to check out another school that is known for its comprehensive, modern course materials and accommodating customer service, then you should consider AceableAgent

Their pre-licensing courses include quizzes, video, additional coursework, and an at-home PDF that you can study. Plus, you can use their app to study these courses on the go! 

However, AceableAgent offers pre-licensing courses for only a few select states.


Both of these online real estate schools have their pros and cons. 

While Real Estate Express is known for its well-organized content and superb customer service, MbitionToLearn has a more quick and efficient format. 

So when it comes to choosing which one is better, the decision is up to you based on what you prioritize. 

Compare Real Estate Schools:


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