Best Online Real Estate License Course

What Is The Best Online Real Estate License Course?

So, you’ve decided to get your real estate license. Welcome to the club! If you’re anything like me, you prefer to go through your real estate license training online instead of in a traditional classroom. That’s all well and good. By taking an online real estate license course, there are many benefits. Being able to go through training at your own pace, on your own schedule, from any device, etc. I’m a huge independent learner, so going through an online real estate license course was a no-brainer for me.

But then I discovered the problem with online real estate license courses. They all get TERRIBLE reviews! I don’t know how long you have been researching this, but ALL of the online real estate schools I researched received extremely poor reviews. What gives?

I’ll tell you exactly why they all get rated so poorly throughout this article, but if you want the quick answer, I ended up signing up for the Real Estate Express online real estate license course, and in spite of the low reviews they receive, I was pretty happy with their training. More on that later.

Here are some of the common things you’ll see when searching for a good online real estate course:

Kaplan Review Rating

Real Estate Express Review Rating

360 Training Review Rating

Why Almost Any Online Real Estate License Course Will Have Low Reviews

The entire reason I decided to write this article is because I know how you probably feel. Chances are, you’ve already researched a bunch of these online real estate license courses and you’re feeling a bit disappointed. You figured you could find the biggest online real estate schools, get reviews for each of them, and go with the one that is rated the best. But no, life has to make things interesting. Of all the courses you researched, they are apparently all terrible. How could this be so?

Well, many of the complaints are valid and many others, not so much, but the combination of the two creates an absolutely horrible rating for just about every online real estate license course out there. Let’s go over the biggest complaints about these courses:

Outdated Material – I was shocked to find out that most of these courses contain training material that is outdated to the point where people get questions wrong when taking the real estate license exam. I just can’t figure out how this is allowed to happen when these courses must be certified by each state they operate in, but somehow they get away with it. The main issue is this – Online real estate license courses started popping up about 10 to 15 years ago. That’s when most of these courses were created and while their coursework does get updated from time to time, a lot has been missed throughout the years. I’m telling you right now, this is just something you have to expect no matter what course you take. As I went through the course at Real Estate Express, I found some things here and there, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as all the negative reviews made it out to be.

Poor Course Delivery – Let’s face it, learning about laws, rules, and regulations surrounding real estate isn’t exactly fun and exciting. The material that needs to be learned in order to take and pass the real estate license exam is very dry with a lot of memorization needed. It would really help if these online real estate license training courses would offer the material through several different ways such as video, interactive features, graphics, animations, etc. Unfortunately, they are all mostly set up like digital e-books with quizzes mixed in. These courses certainly have not used the advancement in e-learning technology to improve throughout the years.

Lack Of Live Training – I only attended one live training event at Real Estate Express, and honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed. They only hold one live session per week and it’s mostly just a Q&A session. One place that does offer live online classrooms is Kaplan, but even then, it isn’t exactly what most of us are looking for. Live instructor taught training is pretty rare.

Poor Customer Support – Right after I signed up at Real Estate Express, I was greeted with a nice warm welcome message from a “personal instructor” that could answer any questions I had. I honestly didn’t need to contact him the entire time I went through the course, but I’ve heard those personal instructors are difficult to get in touch with at times with very slow response times. Real Estate Express is one of the only places that actually allows you to call your personal instructors. Most of them either don’t allow this, or they charge extra fees. This is just another reason why these schools get rated so poorly.

Lack Of Supported Devices – Believe it or not, many online real estate license courses are still not compatible on mobile devices, or they function very poorly. Just crazy. Real Estate Express functioned pretty well on my iPhone. Nothing fancy and it could be optimized better, but at least it worked. For many other courses, there is zero compatibility, which is just ridiculous.

Low Pass Rates – The pass rate among those who take their real estate course online vs. those who go through a traditional classroom based setting is not that much different. With that said, obtaining a real estate license is tough! It isn’t easy and many people want to blame someone or something else for giving up or failing their exam. A GOOD pass rate is about 65%, so that is a lot of students who end up being angry they didn’t pass. Are online real estate training courses to blame sometimes? Yes, I think so, but I also think they are blamed unjustly by those who couldn’t handle the coursework.

These are the main themes I found while researching just about every online real estate license course. Virtually no positive reviews and the negative reviews seemed to be about the same for any course I researched.

How To Actually Find The BEST Online Real Estate License Course

With all the depressing facts I just gave you, how in the world did I decide on which online real estate license course to sign up for?

Well, first of all, you have to just be aware of all of this going in. Yeah, most of these online courses could do a better job, that’s for sure. But you know what? It takes a lot for me to drive my butt down to a classroom multiple times per week to sit in a classroom and get lectured to. I was going to make this work, no matter what.

I’ve already stated that I decided to go with Real Estate Express and that I was pretty happy with them. I prepared for the worst, but it didn’t end up being all that terrible. There might be a better option for you, but why did I personally choose to go with Real Estate Express? Glad you asked!

Highest Pass Rating – Of all the online real estate license courses I researched, Real Estate Express had the highest pass rating of them all. It isn’t uncommon for online real estate license courses to have a pass rate of 50% or less. Real Estate Express has a 68% student pass rate, which is actually very good for the industry. For comparison, Kaplan had a 67% pass rate and Career Web School, another course I was considering, had a 64% pass rate.

Mobile Friendliness – I’m sure things are changing (finally), but when I signed up, Real Estate Express was the only course that would work on my iPhone. The other courses had no functionality. For me, being able to study while away from my computer was pretty important, so this was a pretty big deal breaker for me. I wouldn’t say the mobile version of Real Estate Express was perfect, but it was good enough to do what I needed to do.

Price – While most of the major online real estate license course prices are about the same, I went with a higher plan at Real Estate Express that included textbook formats of all the online material. Sometimes I like to study using a good old fashioned book that I can actually highlight and take notes in. I usually used the books alongside my online training. After all was said and done, Real Estate Express ended up being the cheaper option even though they have a higher student pass rate. I was pretty much sold at that point.

Gut Feel – To be 100% honest, a lot of my final decision simply came down with my gut feeling. I was really torn between Real Estate Express and Kaplan at the end, and I might as well have flipped a coin, but I did end up choosing Real Estate Express for some of the reasons I listed above.

My Choice Might Not Be The Best Choice!

I want to be very clear that the only course I’ve gone through personally is the <Real Estate Express online real estate license course. I have not gone through any other course, so anything I say about them is pretty much just speculation. With that said, I do believe the best online real estate license course right now is Real Estate Express. I wasn’t sure going in, but I was happy with them and they helped me learn everything I needed to learn in order to obtain my real estate license.

So while I can give my personal endorsement to Real Estate Express, I do recommend you continue to research and try to find the course that you think is the best for you. Unfortunately, they all pretty much get rated poorly, so the only thing you can really do is pick one that has a money back guarantee for a certain period of time. If you don’t like it, get your money back and go elsewhere.

The bottom line is, there isn’t much of a choice here. Any online real estate license course you research will have terrible 1-star ratings everywhere. You either need to just accept that there are a lot of dissatisfied people or go through a traditional classroom-based real estate course.

Rumor has it, there is a great new course about to hit the market at a place called AceAgent, but the course is not live yet. It’s being built from the ground up, so hopefully, a new, modern, and high-quality course is finally about to hit the market, but for now we basically get to choose from a small selection of low-quality courses. Sorry to be the Barrer of bad news, but there you have it!

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