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Best Real Estate Continuing Education – The Top 5 Schools in 2023

Last updated on December 2, 2022

Best Real Estate Continuing Education - The Top 5 Schools

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

So, you’ve earned your real estate license. 


You’re on your way to building a career that’s lucrative, flexible, and (if you love a challenge) great fun. 

But hold on a second. 

After you’ve popped the champagne and danced around your living room, you need to sit down and strategize for the future.

Because the truth is, your real estate license won’t last forever.

Depending which state you’re in, you’ll have to renew it after a time (this time period is usually two to three years).

And before you can do that, you’ll need to complete a real estate continuing education course. (Again, the number of hours required depends on which state you’re in. Visit our comprehensive resource here to check the requirements for your state.) 

This leads us to the question: what are the best schools for real estate continuing education? 

Whether you’re a new agent wanting to plan your future in the industry or an agent whose license is expiring soon…

…this blog is for you.

In it, we’ll list five of the very best schools for real estate continuing education.

We’ll talk about pricing, which schools you can attend based on the state you practice in, what study formats each school offers, and much more.

Ready to get started?

Let’s dive right in! 

The Top 5 Schools for Real Estate Continuing Education 

Did you know?

There are 521 real estate schools in the US alone…

…making the real estate school business a $873 million industry. 

I know, I know.

Picking from between 521 schools will feel like digging for a needle in a haystack.

(Not something you want to try, trust me.) 

There’s good news, though.

We’ve narrowed that astronomical number down to five. 


Here are five of the very best schools you can choose for real estate continuing education. 

1. McKissock’s Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Best Real Estate Continuing Education McKissock

Source: mckissock.com

Pricing: Starts at $29.95 for Individual Courses ($119 for Course packages) 

States covered: All 50 States 

Formats available: Self-paced Courses, Livestream Sessions

Accreditation: ARELLO and IDECC

Looking for a comprehensive school that offers continuing education in all 50 states?

Go no further than McKissock’s real estate continuing education programs.

McKissock offers education that’s accessible, in-depth, and affordable (you can buy a single course for as low as $29.95, or get unlimited access to all courses for your state for only $195). 

Another thing that’s great about it is that it offers multiple formats for you to choose from. 

So whether you learn faster by yourself or prefer taking livestream classes, the choice is yours. 

When you sign up for their CE plus membership, you’ll also get extra features such as a printed textbook, Q&A sessions, informational videos, access to real estate coaches, and more. 

Best of all, the school offers a “pass or don’t pay” guarantee that’s applicable to all their plans (except their basic packages). 

This means they’ll give you a full refund if you take their course and fail to pass your exam. 

Take that for a strong guarantee!

Honestly, if you’re looking for real estate continuing education courses, we suggest going no further than McKissock. 

That’s because it’s got everything you need not only to pass your exams, but also to enjoy the study process. 

Ready to learn more about McKissock? 

2. Mbition’s Real Estate Continuing Education Courses


Source: mbitiontolearn.com 

Pricing: $98 for Renewal Packages

States covered: 29 States 

Formats available: Self-paced Courses

Accreditation: ARELLO and IDECC

Our next pick for the best school that offers real estate continuing education is Mbition.

If for any reason (we’re not sure what) you didn’t go ahead and sign up for a McKissock course or package, Mbition might be the school that holds your attention. 

It offers complete renewal packages for continuing education in 29 states. (Go here to check if they cover your state.)  

Here’s an example:

Alabama Renewal Package

Source: mbitiontolearn.com 

Convenient, right?

With Mbition, you no longer need to search the course requirements for the state you’re in.

All you need to do is visit their site, choose your state, and buy their state-specific packages. 

Plus, Mbition is all about having fun while learning. 

That’s why it offers gamification features and quizzes you can take to nail down what you’re studying. 

If you’re the type of person who learns well through practice tests, you can take these on the platform as well. (When you do, you’ll quickly get your test results plus comments.)

One of the only downsides of Mbition is their lack of a support system for their students.

If you’re not a solo learner and prefer studying with the guidance of a coach, we recommend skipping Mbition and going for McKissock instead. 

But if you love the freedom that studying alone brings, check out Mbition’s programs.

3. Kaplan’s Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Best Real Estate Continuing Education Kaplan

Source: kapre.com

Pricing: Starts at $299

States covered: 50 States 

Formats available: Video-Based or Self-Paced Texted Learning 

Accreditation: ARELLO and IDECC 

Kaplan is an education company that’s been around for over 30 years.

It has over 180 training programs, and operates in 30 countries. 

Already heard of this super-successful company?

We’re not surprised. 

What you might not have known is that beside its degree and language-learning courses, it also offers real estate continuing education. 

That’s right!

It has comprehensive courses for all 50 states (surprise, surprise).

What the company prides itself in most is its stellar instructor base.

It boasts instructors from over 225 locations…

…and yes, all its real estate instructors are real estate specialists. 

When it comes to learning style, you can choose from either video-based or self-paced textbook learning. 

The only downside to Kaplan is that its courses are more pricey than other schools’. 


You’ll have to pay a minimum of $299 for a continuing education course, which is twice the price of schools like McKissock and Mbition. 

Still…if you’re the type of person who loves splurging for education (because in the end, it’s always worthwhile, right?) we say go for it. 

4. The CE Shop’s Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Best Real Estate Continuing Education The CE Shop

Source: theceshop.com

 Pricing: Starts at $15 for Individual Courses ($109 for Education Packages) 

States covered: 50 States 

Formats available: Online Courses 

Accreditation: ARELLO 

Looking for diversity in real estate continuing education courses?

You’ll love The CE Shop.

That’s because they have a huge variety of real estate continuing education topics in their arsenal.

In fact, of the five schools we’re covering, The CE Shop has the highest number of real estate course topics. 

Another reason to love it is that it caters to people who aren’t great fans of studying in front of a computer screen.

The CE Shop allows you to download your study material so you can print it out and learn your lessons in the quiet of a park or wherever you feel most relaxed.

If you’re an advocate for screenlessness, we bet this feature gets you excited. 

Plus, the platform allows you to go at your own pace and pick up where you left off. 

This means you don’t have to wait for a chapter break to take a rest from your studies. 

Stop anywhere, and the platform will lead you right there when you want to start again. 

Cool, huh? 

(We think so.)

The CE Shop also allows you to stick to your budget by taking individual courses one by one if you need to.

You can take an individual course for as low as $15, or go for their complete state packages for $109. 

5. Aceable Agent’s Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

Source: aceableagent.com

Pricing: $90

States covered: Texas 

Formats available: Online or Mobile App

Accreditation: TREC-Approved

So far, we’ve talked about real estate schools that cover all or most states across the US.

But on the wild chance that you’re from Texas, we’d like to tell you about Aceable Agent’s continuing education courses. 

Aceable Agent is a school that has a mission to go beyond the boring PDF learning experience. 

That’s why it’s all about interactive learning and great videos. 

If you’re the type of person who enjoys studying through mobile apps, you’ll love Aceable Agent. 

Their uniquely developed study app allows you to learn your lessons quickly and enjoyably wherever you are…

…whether on a walk to the park with your dog or on the morning commute to meet a client. 

Although Aceable Agent’s continuing education courses are limited to Texas for now (with a New York partnership), they’re quick growth in recent months makes us think this won’t be for long.

(Yup. We could be seeing them in more states very soon.) 

Another thing to love is that they’re TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission)-approved, making them an awesome choice for both agents and brokers. 

AND…they’re package deals are the cheapest by far in this list. 

In fact, you can get a whole continuing education package for as low as $90!


Excited to learn more? 

Best Schools for Real Estate Continuing Education: How to Select the One that’s Right for You

Ok, so you’re a new real estate agent.

Or maybe you’ve been in the business for a couple of years, and your license is on the verge of expiring.

Either way, you need a plan for real estate license renewal. 

And this plan involves choosing the best school that offers comprehensive, up-to-date continuing education.

However, finding the best school isn’t a walk in the park.

There are hundreds of real estate schools in the US alone, and not all of them are created equal.

So if you’re feeling pressured and stressed out, not wanting to waste your money on a school that just won’t be worthwhile…

…stop a minute and take a deep breath.

Remember, the school you pick in the end depends on YOU.

It depends on what type of learner you are, how fast (or slow) you want to complete your course, and your budget.

So, go on.

Go back over this blog and review the details of the five best schools for real estate continuing education.

Think about your needs and compare them with the schools we’ve listed.

In no time, you’ll be 100% sure about the school that will fit the kind of student and real estate professional you are.

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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