Reviews Of The 10 Best Online Real Estate License Schools For 2021

When I was considering obtaining my real estate license, I already had a full-time job. There’s a pretty good chance you’re in the same situation. Even if you’re not, there are plenty of reasons why the flexibility of an online real estate course is enticing. Attending a classroom at my local community college wasn’t the most convenient option for me, just like it isn’t for most people.

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When I started looking at online real estate schools, it was pretty difficult to decide which one would be the best. I did a ton of research on many different online real estate license schools but finally decided to sign up for Real Estate Express.

Real Estate Express worked out just fine for me, but after starting this site I wanted to create really good reviews of the best online real estate license schools for those that are just thinking about entering the industry. I keep these reviews updated and add more over time, so they are fresh reviews as of 2021. These online real estate license schools are not cheap, so who should you sign up with?

My Top 10 Quick Picks For The Best Online Real Estate License Schools In 2021

Instead of just giving you my top pick, I figured I would create reviews for as many courses as I could go through. For most of these courses, I would just go through a module or two, but that would give me a good idea of how the rest of the course quality would be. This page originally just started with 3 reviews, but I am currently up to 10 reviews. I’ll keep adding more over time.

PLEASE BE AWARE: I don’t know of any online real estate license school that is approved in all 50 states. It just so happens that the 10 best online real estate license schools listed here are certified in several states, but you’ll need to do your own research to find out if the below real estate license schools are approved for where you want to obtain your license.

Here are the online real estate license schools I’ll be reviewing. My suggestion is to just open each one in a new tab, then see if they are approved in your state. If they are, come back here and read the reviews of the courses you’re able to sign up for.

  1. Real Estate Express (25 states)
  2. AceableAgent (5 states)
  3. Mbition (19 states)
  4. At Your Own Pace (5 states)
  5. The CE Shop (20 states)
  6. RealEstateU (7 states)
  7. OnlineEd (20 states)
  8. Brightwood College (17 states)
  9. Allied School (6 states)
  10. (10 states)

My Detailed Reviews & Comparisons For The 10 Best Online Real Estate License Schools In 2021

You have dozens of online real estate license schools to choose from. It can get a little overwhelming researching them all. In the list below, I’ll share who I think are the 10 best online real estate license schools with some detailed reviews of each. My recommendation is to check each of the below courses out and simply go with whoever you feel most comfortable with. While I listed them from my top choice and down from there, any of them will get the job done. I just updated this list in January of 2021 and will continue to update it throughout the year.

1. Real Estate Express Review

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is the online real estate license school I used to study for my real estate license here in California. I found the course to be pretty simple and easy to follow. Some content is slightly outdated but for the most part, I felt very prepared for the real estate license exam.

Choosing the best package

I opted for a more expensive package which gave me not only the online course, but I also had some textbooks sent to me as well which is basically just a written version of the online course. I could literally follow along in my textbooks with the online course material. The books enabled me to highlight, take notes, and write in the books to help me study. Call me old school, but I thought this was a tremendous help. I still had to progress through the online training since that is how they track the training hours you’ve put in, but I also did quite a bit of independent study time just going through the books themselves.

Course format

The format of the online coursework is pretty straightforward in its delivery (mostly text). I pretty much assumed that’s how it would be, but if you were expecting lots of videos or other interactive features, you might want to check out a course like AceableAgent instead.

Access to instructors & additional help

They have instructors you can talk to if you have any issues. You are initially issued an instructor who you can reach via email and the response time is about 24hrs. You also have access to a student forum (instructors hang out there, too) and once per week, there is a live Q&A session.

Some of the Real Estate Express material can get daunting

I will not claim it is the most fun course to go through as the material is dry, but I don’t think too many people expect their online real estate training course to be all that fun and entertaining. I would certainly recommend this online real estate license school to anyone who is considering it, just make sure you go in realizing this will be intense studying of some pretty dry information. They do the best they can.

Real Estate Express on mobile devices

Like any of the online real estate courses I listed here, Real Estate Express works on mobile devices. This was a big improvement for 2021 as previously the course was a little glitchy on my iPhone. I would like to see them create downloadable apps for Apple and Android products, but the course does work well in a mobile browser. I recently tested it using the Safari browser on an iPhone 11 with zero issues.

Real Estate Express Video Review & Demo

Final thoughts about Real Estate Express

In the end, Real Estate Express gave me the training and preparation I needed to pass my real estate license exam. Was it fun and exciting? Not at all. But what I got was everything I needed to succeed, and that’s all that really matters in the end.

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2. AceableAgent Review

AceableAgent Online Real Estate Schools

AceableAgent is my favorite online real estate license school to recommend. The only reason I listed this school as #2 is because they are only approved in five states right now which is Texas, New York, Michigan, Georgia, and Virginia. The reason AceableAgent is only approved in 5 states is that this is the newest certified online real estate license school to hit the market.

Why being the new school on the block is an advantage

Normally, I’d recommend going with one of the many experienced online real estate license schools, but in this case, AceableAgent is far above everyone else. It is the most updated and modern real estate course you can sign up for online.

AceableAgent is the best online real estate course for mobile users

AceableAgent is the only online real estate license school that I know of who actually has dedicated apps for Apple and Android products. Instead of just being mobile-friendly by using a web browser, you can download their app. This helps the course to function so much better. If you plan on taking all or a significant portion of your real estate course on a phone or tablet, AceableAgent is definitely the best choice for you.

AceableAgent has very high student pass rates

This online real estate license school also boasts the highest student pass rates in the states they serve. For example, in Texas, they have an 80% student pass rate. That’s higher than any other school on this list. As I always say, you can compare features and functionality all day long, but all that really matters, in the end, is how well students are able to learn the information so that they actually get their real estate license. AceableAgent is among the top of the industry as far as this is concerned. The vast majority of students pass their real estate license exam on the very first try.

AceableAgent delivers content in many formats

I suspect, however, that their high student pass rate is attributed to the way they deliver their content. It isn’t just page after page of plain text. They actually have a mascot, Ace, who walks you through each module. There are lots of videos and interactive features to help you retain information, and they of course also provide you with a personal instructor if you need some additional hand-holding. Here’s some actual course content with Ace…

They offer multiple content delivery formats including videos, graphics, animations, text, and several other ways of helping you to retain the information. They also offer several packages to choose from so you can either go for the budget-friendly courses or the luxury courses where you get all the bells and whistles. It’s up to you!

Final thoughts about AceableAgent

I know it seems weird to put my favorite online real estate school as #2, but if you live in Georgia, Texas, New York, Michigan, or Virginia I very highly recommend you give this course your top consideration. It is leaps and bounds above anyone else.

Check Out AceableAgent Pricing Specials Here

3. OnCourse Learning Review

OnCourse Learning

OnCourse Learning is generally the school I recommend for those who are looking for a cheaper solution. OnCourse Learning is not as expensive as the other options on this list, but they tend to receive positive reviews from former students. The savings can be pretty significant as some courses are priced at more than $100 lower than their competitors.

OnCourse Learning content delivery methods

OnCourse Learning claims they have a unique way of delivering content, which improves retention rates. They have a learning platform that breaks things into smaller chunks that can be learned in 20 to 30 minutes. This is especially helpful for those who have trouble organizing information and figuring out the most important areas to study, as OnCourse Learning takes the guesswork out of that for you. This is more of a text-based real estate school and they don’t have a lot in terms of video training, but if you’re ok with that, this is a great budget-friendly option for you.

The OnCourse Learning Prep xL program is excellent

One thing that OnCourse Learning does really well is its unique exam prep program, called Prep xL. OnCourse Learning has a system in place that automatically determines your strengths and weaknesses. Instead of just asking you questions at random, their system learns where you need the most help, and will serve up questions that you frequently get wrong. By doing this, you save time by not answering questions you already do well on and learn where you’re struggling.

Additional tools OnCourse Learning provides to students

OnCourse Learning has some other pretty good tools that they aren’t required to have in the course. For example, I’m absolutely horrible at math and it takes me longer to learn the math aspects more than most people. That’s where their Math Prep program comes in handy.

OnCourse Learning is mobile friendly

I felt like OnCourse Learning worked among the best on mobile devices. While they do not have a dedicated app that you can download, their browser-based course has clearly been optimized for mobile use. I did not encounter any glitches or errors on my iPhone as I did with many other courses. Heck, some online real estate schools still aren’t compatible at all with mobile devices! Hard to believe, but true.

OnCourse learning pricing

OnCourse Learning offers a “pay as you go” plan if you don’t have the money upfront. Simply choose your courses a-la-carte and you can purchase each module individually. While this ends up being slightly more expensive in the long run, it helps for those of you who need to spread payments out. Even when you choose to spread it out, you still get access to all the tech support, instructors, and student resources that you would get otherwise.

Final thoughts about OnCourse Learning

To sum up, OnCourse Learning is a great option that is affordable and offers some of the best test prep resources in the industry. This would be a great choice to consider.

See Current Pricing Specials At OnCourse Learning

4. At Your Own Pace Review

At Your Own Pace, also called AYOP Real Estate, offers online real estate license training in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas. I just added this school to my list in 2021 after a reader asked me to review it. I had never even heard of these guys before, but they made it into my top 5 after I went through some of their coursework. This program just received approval in the state of Texas for 2021 so I do not have student pass rate information for them, but you can rest easy knowing that the Texas state government just reviewed and approved them. They also have lots of experience in their other states as well as other industries.

Content delivery

AYOP Real Estate delivers content through multiple formats such as text and video. Some of their content seems a little outdated, but the information isn’t bad or wrong. It just “feels” dated sometimes. For example, the video below is some actual course content from the AYOP Real Estate course. You’ll notice that the information is valid, but the video does seem to be showing its age.

AYOP Real Estate is mobile friendly

While they do not have a downloadable app, AYOP Real Estate worked just fine when using it from my Safari browser on my iPhone. All pages are designed to resize and fit perfectly within’ the mobile screen. Of course, you still have the ability to zoom in, videos automatically expand to full width, etc. I wouldn’t say it’s the best on mobile devices, but it gets the job done.

Guaranteed lowest price

One big differentiator with AYOP Real Estate is their lowest price guarantee. You don’t typically see online real estate schools competing to be the cheapest, but AYOP Real Estate has filled that niche. If you’re looking for something cheap yet still higher quality, AYOP Real Estate should be a top consideration. If you find a better price, they will match it.

Guaranteed to pass

AYOP Real Estate seems to like its guarantees! A few other real estate schools on this list offer the same guarantee, but it’s good to see AYOP Real Estate standing behind their product. They guarantee that you will pass your real estate license exam on the first try, or they will give you your money back. As they specifically state, there is “no fine print.” Pass the first time or don’t pay.

Above-average customer service

When reviewing these online real estate schools, I typically like to make a call to the customer service team. Sadly, a lot of online real estate schools could have a much better customer service experience. AYOP Real Estate seems to get this part right. They offer customer service 7 days per week via live chat, phone, or email. When I called, I got right through to someone.

Final thoughts on AYOP Real Estate

Since this school is new to my list as of 2021, I highly encourage anyone with feedback to contact me. I may end up moving this school further up or down on the list depending on the feedback I receive, but my overall initial impressions are very positive.

Check Out Current Pricing For AYOP Real Estate Here

5. Brightwood Real Estate Education Review

Brightwood College Online Real Estate School

Brightwood is operated by Kaplan, a well known educational institution, and they are a real estate license powerhouse. Tens of thousands of people obtain their real estate license from Brightwood every year. So, if you’re looking for a well known and very popular online real estate license school with the backing of an actual educational institution with physical locations, this is a pretty good school to consider.

Brightwood College has above average student pass rates

One of the things that set Brightwood apart from the rest is their student pass rates. These pass rates are no longer public, but historically Brightwood has had higher than average pass rates. This school rivals the best real estate license schools in the country. Brightwood also offers a bit of diversity with their content delivery as they offer more in the way of text, videos, and alternative content delivery formats. You are also issued a personal instructor that can answer questions for you pretty quickly. Brightwood is a bit more expensive than other options, but most students seem to think it’s worth the additional cost.

Brightwood College employs some of the best instructors

One of the reasons Brightwood is a bit more expensive is due to the instructors they hire. The vast majority of their instructors either were or still are real estate agents themselves. This enables them to give you insight into not only the course material but into the industry itself. This makes itself most evident during the live video classroom sessions. You’ll get much more valuable insight as they can show you how what you learn applies to things in real-life situations.

Mobile usability could be improved at Brightwood College

I do think Brightwood could improve mobile functionality a bit better. If you do plan on taking your real estate license course from a phone or tablet, just be prepared that there are a few areas of the course that don’t work great on mobile screens. You can take the full course just from your phone if you want, there are just a few glitchy areas mixed in.

Brightwood College has good support

As with most online real estate schools, you can log into and out of the course whenever you want, you get access to tech support 7 days per week, access to a private instructor, test prep resources, and a student forum.

Final Thoughts About Brightwood College

Brightwood is the best for people who are willing to pay a little bit extra in order to get access to the highest quality instructors out there. You can also sign up for courses that have physical classroom locations, too, so if you prefer the more classical learning style, Brightwood is again a great option for you.

Check Out Current Pricing Deals For Brightwood Here

6. RealEstateU

RealEstateU provides state-certified online real estate training in California, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania. This is another online real estate course that is new to this list in 2021, so I don’t have much feedback from real students yet. However, I checked out this course for myself and my initial impressions are very good. There are a lot of students going through this course as well, with over 50,000 current students enrolled.

Student pass rates are currently unknown

There is only one state that makes student pass rates public info, the state of Texas. RealEstateU was just recently approved in Texas for 2021, so there is not enough data to give for student pass rates yet. That is one reason I have decided to keep RealEstateU so far down the list for now. There will not be enough data until about July of 2021 at which point I will update this review and possibly move them up or down on the list depending on how successful they are. Please note however that this has been an approved online real estate course in other states since 2013.

Course content

The way content is delivered is kind of unique to RealEstateU. They offer several different methods of delivery such as text, videos, infographics, and more. What really makes them unique, however, are the audio lessons. They have over 20 instructors that will take you through the course with audio lessons, read-alongs, and videos. Here is some actual course content from RealEstateU so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about:

Mobile usability

RealEstateU works very well on mobile devices. They do not have downloadable apps to complete their courses on, but this is one of the better courses on mobile by going through their course on a mobile browser. If you plan on taking your course from a phone or tablet, this course will not give you any issues.

Supplemental materials

Another aspect of RealEstateU that I like are the supplemental materials. I would like an option to be mailed physical books as I learn better that way, but they do allow you to print guides and manuals from home. The transcripts, infographics, notes, and test guides in the supplemental material is among the best I’ve encountered. They really developed the course in a way that the online material goes along easily with the printed guides.

Money-back guarantee

Many online real estate schools have a “pass or don’t pay” guarantee. Meaning, if you don’t pass your real estate license exam on the very first try, you get a full refund. Unfortunately, RealEstateU does not offer this guarantee, but they do allow you to try their course for a full 30 days. If you decide you don’t like the course in those 30 days, you can request a full refund.

Final thoughts on RealEstateU

My initial impressions of RealEstateU is very positive. I like the layout and organization of the course. Many other courses are seemingly thrown together randomly, but RealEstateU has an obvious order to it that goes along perfectly with the supplemental materials. I wasn’t personally a big fan of the audio-only sections of the course (even though it went well with the supplemental guides), but that just comes down to my own personal learning style. It’s a unique feature that many other people might enjoy.

Check Current Pricing For RealEstateU Here

7. OnlineEd

OnlineEd Real Estate School

OnlineEd is approved in 20 states, so chances are pretty good they are approved where you live. This online real estate course is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some other courses have, but that can actually be seen as a positive. Sometimes, simple is better, especially when you’re studying. There’s no time to waste in trying to figure out a complicated real estate school

Student pass rate info is currently unavailable

While OnlineEd is more of a simple real estate school without a ton of advanced features, in the end, that doesn’t really matter. What really matters is how many students pass their real estate license exam on the first try. This info is currently unavailable, which is one reason I put OnlineEd a bit further down the list. However, there should be accurate data by July of 2021, at which point I will edit this section. Until then, student pass rates are a bit of a mystery.

Course content

As I’ve stated, the course content at OnlineEd is pretty basic. The vast majority of the coursework is plain text and images, but they do have some video-based content as well. Instead of me trying to explain what the course content is like, you’re better off trying out their free course demo here.

Pricing is a bit high in some states

I did not verify that this was the case in all states, but I noticed in some of the states I checked, OnlineEd is priced higher than many other courses on this list. I’m a little confused on why they would be more expensive since this is more of a basic course without a whole lot of advanced features. I found the instructor’s attention to be a little lacking and customer support could probably use a bit of an upgrade as well.

They operate as a 3rd party in some states

This isn’t necessarily bad, but you should just be made aware of it. As you browse the OnlineEd website and sales pages, you’ll notice they have sales pages for many different states. However, they are not approved in all of those states. Instead, they make it appear as if you are signing up through them when really, you’re signing up for a 3rd party school that gives them a commission. You may end up spending more on your course than you have to, so make sure you either double-check pricing or sign up through their partner school directly.

Final thoughts on OnlineEd

I had a tough time deciding where to place OnlineEd on this list of recommended courses. In order to move them up on the list, I’ll need to see some positive student pass rates. It would also be nice to see the price come down a bit or have some more advanced features added to justify the price. However, the simpleness of the course is also what gives it an advantage. It is easy to navigate, works well on mobile devices, and just feels more intuitive than some of the other more complicated programs. While it wouldn’t be my first choice, it is an entirely legit school with experience. If it seems to match your learning style well, give it a shot!

Check Current Pricing For OnlineEd Here

8. Allied Schools Review

Allied Schools Online Real Estate License

Allied Schools has been around for quite some time (over 25 years) and while they are only approved in 7 states right now, they are extremely popular in those states. They are currently approved in California, Texas, Florida, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington. Allied Schools boasts a generous 110% money-back guarantee.

Allied Real Estate Schools helps you get your real estate license fast

Their online real estate license school is called the Fast Track Program and is designed to get you your real estate license as quickly as possible. Allied Schools also gives you an easy way to download eBooks if you want physical copies, or you can get hardcover books for an additional fee. This is another text-heavy course without much video training involved, but this is a moderately priced online real estate training school that isn’t necessarily the best but far from the worst option.

Allied Schools could be more mobile-friendly

One aspect of Allied Schools that I really don’t like is that this course does not work very well on smartphones and tablets. It’s hard to believe that there are still courses that are not mobile optimized, but this course is not. This is a huge drawback of Allied Schools. Granted, if you plan on taking the entirety of the course from a PC or laptop, you will get a course that is optimized for that type of platform, so this could be seen as a plus. However, for those looking for flexibility, be prepared that Allied Schools does not recommend taking the course from any mobile device.

Allied Schools has lower than average student pass rates.

Allied Schools also has a below-average student pass rate. Most states do not keep student pass rate information public, but the state of Texas does. As of this review, they have a 51% student pass rate, which is actually down from 52% the last time I checked. The average student pass rate in Texas is 61%, and most courses on this list are above that figure.

Supplemental training is on point

With that said, Allied Schools does a pretty good job with supplemental training aids. If you do decide to sign up with Allied Schools, I recommend going with one of the higher packages. The base package will give you everything you need, but the premium programs offer some unique extras that could help you not only pass your real estate license exam, but also help prepare you for your career in the real world. They offer advanced exam prep services as well as an “exam cram DVD”, among some additional guides and flashcards. If you don’t pass your real estate license exam, they offer a 110% money-back guarantee, so there is very little risk to taking this course.

Check Out Current Allied Schools Pricing Specials Here

9. The CE Shop

The CE Shop is arguably one of the best online real estate license schools available today. But what am I basing that on? Quite simply, student pass rates. The CE Shop boasts having a 90% student pass rate nationwide. In the state of Texas, where student pass rates are made public, they have a 78.55% student pass rate which is significantly above the state average. We can talk about customer service or instructors or mobile-friendliness all day long, but what really matters in the end? Student success. The CE Shop has proven to be a real winner in that regard.

The CE Shop Student Pass Rates
View the full list

The CE Shop is updated and very mobile-friendly

Aside from the student pass rates being among the best in the industry, they seem to do just about everything else right, too. This is one of the best courses to use if you plan on using a mobile device. The course is well organized, easy to use, and the user dashboard is as simple as it gets. Some of the other online real estate schools seem very unorganized and difficult to navigate. That’s not the case with The CE Shop.

The CE Shop Delivers Content In Multiple Formats

They also deliver the content in several different ways. Most online real estate license schools are still 100% text-based. While this is fine for most of the learning material, sometimes things are better explained by using videos or other visual aids. The CE Shop really does a good job with this. Not only do they actually have video modules, but the videos are high quality.

The CE Shop is priced right

Another advantage? They are cheap! Even though The CE Shop is one of the most modern courses in the industry, they are also among the cheapest somehow. You can even try their course for free for 5 days to make sure you like it (no credit card info required in most states), and if you haven’t completed 50% of the course, you can get a full refund.

The CE Shop provides good supplemental training

The CE Shop has some pretty good supplemental materials as well. Their math guidebook helps those of us who are slow learners when it comes to math, and their exam prep software does a good job preparing you for the real thing.

Check Out Current Pricing Specials At The CE Shop

10. 360Training Review

360Training Real Estate Course is an extremely popular website for continuing education. Get this… They offer over 3,000 courses across nearly 100 countries! Needless to say, has a lot of experience providing online education.

360Training Has A Pretty Low Student Pass Rate

One thing I’m not thrilled about with is their student pass rate. Most states do not make this information public, but for the states that do, has less than a 55% student pass rate. This actually isn’t horrible, but it is nothing exceptional, either. They are also doing worse now than they did the last time I reviewed them about 6 months ago. Just in that time, their student pass rate has gone down by about 3%. I think looking at average student pass rates is a very good indication of the quality of education that a school provides. This course can also be a little glitchy, especially on mobile devices. The course is certainly mobile-friendly, but some pages loaded really slow and the formatting was far from flawless.

360 Real Estate Training Student Pass Rates
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360Training is well organized and easy to navigate

With that said, does have some good things going for it. You can’t build up a continuing education company to get as large as they have without doing something right. is pretty easy to navigate, the course content is organized well, and they have a way of giving you the most important information multiple times to help you retain the information better. The student instructors the use also seem to be very helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable.

360Training is fairly priced is generally priced in the middle of the road. They aren’t the cheapest online real estate course around, but they aren’t the most expensive, either. Pricing depends on your state, so check them out for specific pricing where you live. You also have the ability to spread out payments by purchasing courses individually instead of all at once through a package plan.

Final thoughts about 360 Training

I wouldn’t say is the BEST online real estate course out there, but it is also above industry standards. Everyone has a different learning style, so it is at least worth checking out to see what you personally think. This company has been around for a long time and has trained a ton of people, so they are doing a lot of things right.

VIDEO: Actual Course Content From 360Training

Get The Best Price On Here

Are Online Real Estate License Schools Better Than Classroom Courses

So, are these online real estate license schools legit? Are they better than taking real estate license training in a traditional classroom?

There really are no direct answers to these excellent questions, because so much of it just depends on YOU and your specific learning style. For some people, online real estate license schools are a Godsend, while for others, it’s a path to failure. One thing is for sure, though… Far more people have been able to obtain a real estate license due to these online programs. I’m a good example of that. I probably would have never pursued my real estate license if there were only classroom options available. I was seeking a career change but didn’t want to quit my current career until I already had my real estate license. Taking my real estate license training online was the only option that worked for me.

With that said, there are a lot of differences in opinion on this subject. Some Realtors believe taking your real estate license training in a typical classroom environment gives you a huge advantage over online students. This is because you have physical and ready access to an instructor, other students (study groups are often formed outside of class), helps you network better from the very start of your career, and other unique features that can’t be matched by an online classroom.

The video I included below goes into some detail about taking an online real estate license course vs. a classroom-based course. While this video was made specifically for those obtaining a real estate license in Texas, it applies to everyone in any state. If you’re still wondering whether you should sign up for an online real estate school or a classroom-based one, be sure to watch this video:

What To Look For In The Best Online Real Estate License Schools

There are a lot of great real estate license schools online. While I listed my own picks for the top 5 best online real estate license schools, those are certainly not the only options you have. Some of the best online real estate license schools, as one of my examples above shows, are only approved in one or two states. It’s impossible for me to review all of the best online real estate license schools, so you’ll likely want to do some of your own research.

When searching for the best online real estate license school, make sure they have a history of online training. Then, check out reviews from current or former students on Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews. Check out bloggers and real estate agents who have already taken their course and wrote about it. And finally, check the Better Business Bureau website to see how many complaints have been filed against them. Keep in mind, even the best online real estate license schools will have some poor reviews and complaints on the BBB website, but look for certain patterns, especially as it relates to their training material. You’ll find that many online real estate license schools are rated poorly and the complaints are mostly because of outdated information, which hindered them when they took their real estate license exam.

In the end, the best online real estate license school for you will likely be different than my top pick or someone else’s top choice. I think the list of the best 5 online real estate license schools I provided above is a great way to get your research started, but don’t take my word for it. Do some research independently to find out which option is best for your specific needs.

Beware Of Time Limits To Complete Your Real Estate License Course!

These online real estate license courses are not cheap! They are usually several hundred dollars at their cheapest and several thousands of dollars at their most expensive (depending on the state and package you sign up for). Be aware that most online real estate license schools have limits on how long you are allowed to take the course before you must pay again.

The vast majority of online real estate license schools require that you finish the coursework within’ 6 months of purchasing. So, do not purchase your real estate license course until you are 100% sure this is for you and you’re ready to start putting in the time. It took me about 3 months of studying part-time before I felt confident enough to go take my real estate license exam.

Tuition Assistance For Real Estate License Courses

One big disadvantage of taking your real estate license class online is the lack of tuition assistance available. Many people entering real estate are either in a career transition or are out of work entirely, so budgeting and finances can be tricky. Most physical classroom-based real estate courses can offer you a payment plan or some type of tuition assistance, so if you’re not able to pay for the course upfront, taking an online real estate license class might not be your best option.

I wanted to include this in my article because having a lack of funds should never be a reason you can’t educate yourself or advance your career. There ARE options available to you, including possibly getting a grant or loan from the government (oftentimes at little or no interest). If you’re in a bit of sticker shock from these online real estate license schools, try looking at local community colleges for options.

Final Thoughts On Signing Up For Online Real Estate License Schools in 2021

Now that we’ve entered 2021, online real estate license schools are pretty commonplace now and it is a fully accepted way to study for your real estate license. Most states offer several different places you can get your real estate license online from certified schools that fulfill all requirements. Scams in the online real estate license field are pretty uncommon. If you’re really worried about signing up for a legitimate online real estate license school, just make sure you sign up for a well-established school that is specifically approved by your state licensing commission. As long as they are state-certified, you have very little to worry about. No legitimate online real estate license school will risk losing their certification over petty issues such as billing issues, etc.

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for an online real estate license school, my advice to you is to just do it already! Sure, studying for your real estate license will be hard, and it’s not going to be fun, but where will your life be in a year from now if you DON’T do this? Probably exactly where you are right now, thinking and hoping you could break into the real estate industry. I’ve given you 5 excellent options for real estate schools you can take online. Are you going to just keep researching forever, or are you going to sign up? Let’s get your new career started today! 🙂

Page last updated on February 6th, 2021