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What Is The Best Online Real Estate License Training Course?

Last updated on November 22, 2022

Best Online Real Estate License Training Course

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One of the first choices I had to make when I decided to get my real estate license was how to fulfill the mandatory 135-hour training needed before I can even take the real estate license exam (hours vary by state). Researching the best online real estate training course was not easy. There are so many options available, and quite frankly, most of them receive pretty terrible reviews. I decided to create this page to help those of you who are in the position I was in and feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Best Online Real Estate Schools For 2022

Classroom Based Or Online Real Estate Training?

The first choice I had to make was whether I should sign up for a traditional classroom-based course or go with an online course. I’ve never been a huge fan of sitting through lectures in classrooms, so I had pretty much already decided I would sign up for an online-based real estate training program.

Most people obtaining their real estate license are doing it as a second career and have busy lives. Taking an online real estate course is way more flexible for most of us.

I still wanted to check out classroom-based options, but since I live in a more rural area, the closest place would have been a 20-minute drive each way. I also run a small business and wanted to have some flexibility instead of being forced to attend class on certain days and times.

I do understand the advantages of a classroom-based course where I would have a real instructor and be more motivated to get my work done on a time schedule, I ultimately decided an online real estate license training program would be my best option.

The 5 Most Popular Online Real Estate License Training Courses

Here are some of the more popular online real estate license courses that are available in most states. All of the below online real estate schools will verify if they are approved in your state or not.

SPECIAL NOTE: It should be noted that most online real estate training programs receive very low 1 or 2-star ratings on Yelp. The biggest complaints are from people claiming the courses are outdated and contain incorrect information, leading to poor exam performance. If you are going to base your decision on Yelp reviews, be forewarned there are no highly rated courses.

#1: Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Just for full disclosure, Colibri Real Estate is the course I decided to go with. They were able to even enable ME to get my real estate license, so they must be doing something right. Colibri Real Estate is currently offered in 19 states with price ranges of less than $99 to over $700 depending on your state and package. You can choose your state and view all their packages here.

They tout an average student exam pass rate of well over 70%, which is above average as an industry standard. Colibri Real Estate offers several ways for students to get help. You will be issued a personal instructor that can be reached via email and you can also reach instructors in the student help forums. And finally, they have weekly live Q&A sessions where you can get any questions you have answered fast. All in all, Colibri Real Estate is a great option.

Colibri Real Estate Video Review

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#2: AceableAgent


AceableAgent is one of the more recent online real estate schools to hit the market, but that’s actually a good thing for them. Most online real estate schools are extremely outdated, but AceableAgent is the opposite. It is the most modern course from the course content to the user interface. It works the best of all real estate schools on mobile devices so if you plan on using a phone or tablet to go through the course, you should give AceableAgent a little extra consideration.

Most online real estate courses are mostly just pages of text, but AceableAgent gives the information in several different ways such as through videos, games, interactive features, animations, and more. They have a great way of giving you the most important information in several different formats to help increase student retention rates. They also boast the highest student pass rates in the states that make that info public. That alone should put AceableAgent at the top of your list.

AceableAgent Video Review

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#3: Kaplan Online Real Estate Training

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan is one of the most popular online real estate training courses. They are currently certified in 20 states with price ranges of $199 to over $700. Kaplan boasts 76% exam pass rate, which is actually a good percentage in the industry.

As with most online courses, you have access to practice exams, Q&A with an assigned instructor through email, live online study group opportunities, and they have received a fair number of positive reviews online when compared to other courses. It appears Kaplan has a selling point of offering a “classroom experience” without the classrooms.

One thing I don’t like about Kaplan is the user interface just feels outdated. While it works on mobile devices, I think there are better courses out there for those who want to learn on phones and tablets. However, the quality of the instructors they have can’t be understated. They have some of the best and most qualified instructors in the industry.

Kaplan Video Review

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#4: Mbition

Mbition Online Real Estate School

Mbition isn’t quite as well known as Kaplan, but they offer much more cost-effective options and include many of the same benefits. Currently, Mbition is being offered in 17 states and the courses cost between $99 and $650. They have an average student exam pass rate of around 80% which is about as high as it gets.

They offer practice exams, have instructors available for email Q&A, but unlike Kaplan, they do not offer virtual online study groups. The biggest thing that sets OnCourse Learning apart from the rest is how they deliver the information. They break everything up into 20 to 30-minute segments and use repetitive tactics in their training to help you learn the most important facts.

They also have a fantastic feature called ExamPrep xL. This exam prep uses proprietary AI technology that automatically detects your strengths and weaknesses. This helps customize the exam prep to you specifically and helps you to focus on your weaknesses, drastically reducing the time it will take you to study.

Mbition Video Review

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#5: The CE Shop

The CE Shop

The CE Shop is another online real estate course that has been around for decades with a very good online reputation compared to most other courses out there. While most states do not pass student pass rates, The CE Shop has well above average student pass rates where the stats are available, such as the state of Texas where nearly 75% of their students pass the real estate license state exam on the very first try. Most schools come in at below 70%, so The CE Shop must be doing something right.

Of particular note are the higher quality unlimited practice tests that The CE Shop offers. Most online real estate schools will have some sort of practice exam software, but the software The CE Shop uses just seems much more intelligent and more realistic, making you even more prepared. It’s always good to see an online school go above and beyond what they need to do on the “supplemental” features.

The CE Shop Video Review

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Narrowing It Down Further – Listed above are the main 5 schools I recommend. Which one is the best online real estate license training course? Well, from my research, they all seem to have pros, cons, and a mix of reviews, so that’s a tough question to answer. It really seems like it’s a hit or miss kind of decision. With that said, AceableAgent and Colibri Real Estate have the highest student exam pass rates, so I would narrow it down further between those two. In my opinion, the AceableAgent course looks much more modern and updated than something like Kaplan.

Buyer Beware – There Might Not Be A BEST Online Real Estate License Course

Making my decision on which online real estate training course to go with was not easy. It just seems like most schools receive very poor reviews from students. I think a lot of that has to do with some people not passing their exams and blaming the training course, but it also seems as if the courses aren’t updated as much as they should be. I’ve also read stories of people not being able to contact customer support or their “personal instructors” when needed. This is, of course, all very concerning, but I had to go with someone.

My main advice if you want to sign up for an online real estate license course is to understand that there really is no BEST online real estate license training option. They all get poor reviews. I decided to test my luck and sign up for one anyway. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, I’ll already know if I made a mistake or not.

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