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What Is The Best Online Real Estate School In 2022?

Last updated on November 14, 2022

What Is The Best Online Real Estate School? featured image

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

So, you’ve decided to get your real estate license. If you’re like me, you’re excited and motivated, but also a little freaked out. That’s ok, perfectly normal.

Just remember what you’re working towards and keep pushing forward. You’ve got this! You’re on your way to starting a great career in the lucrative real estate industry.

With that said, you can only do so much research and soul searching. Eventually, you gotta take that first big step.

Obtaining your real estate license is great for a second career. It doesn’t take years of training and you don’t need a ton of financial capital to get into this well-paying and highly rewarding career.

With that said, it will take many hours of training, tons of studying, and one heck of an exam that you’ll need to pass.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first task you have is finding the best online real estate school. That’s exactly what I aim to help you do in this post. You’ll still need to perform your own research, but I’ve done a lot of the hard work for you.

This information has been updated as of 2022, so it is recent and accurate.

If you just want the fast answer, the online real estate schools listed below are the best options for 2022.

Quick Picks: Top Online Real Estate License Schools Approved In California

Determining What Makes The Best Online Real Estate School For YOU

The unfortunate truth in this industry is that there really isn’t any “best” real estate school online. Sadly, most of them receive awful reviews.

The biggest complaints come from people who feel the courses are very outdated and even contain incorrect information which leads to poor exam performance, even if they pass the course.

This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. For those reasons, here are some things I look for when determining the best online real estate school.

Student Exam Pass Rate – One way I narrowed down my list of the best online real estate school is by determining their average student pass rate. For many online real estate schools this information is tough to come by and for others, it’s relatively easy to find. In the end, no matter the “quality” of the course, all that really matters is the passing percentage of an online real estate school’s students. The higher percentage of students that pass, the more I feel confident in their training program. Most schools have a passing rate of just 50% – 75% as it is, so I looked at the online real estate schools with the best passing rates.

Pass Guarantee – Wouldn’t you expect the best online real estate school to have a money back guarantee? I sure would. If I spend 130+ hours (each state is different) going through intense training, studying my butt off, and I still can’t pass, I shouldn’t have to pay! Many online real estate schools offer money back guarantees and in fact, all of my top 3 recommendations which I’ve posted below offer this guarantee. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the guarantee as they are all a bit different. For example, you can’t go through half of the course, give up, then expect to get your money back. Any quality online real estate school should be willing to stand by their product.

Access To Personal Instructors – As you study for your real estate licensing exam, you’ll be required to learn a ton of really dry, boring, and detailed information that includes memorizing laws, rules, regulations, etc. There WILL come a time when you just don’t understand something and need clarification. When this does happen, wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a real live person that can clarify things? Some real estate schools don’t even offer you a personalized instructor, but the best online real estate schools do. Again, I’ve listed those schools below.

Customer Reviews – So, I’ve basically scoured the internet trying to find all the reviews out there for each course. What I’ve found is a bit disturbing. Hardly any of them receive any positive ratings. Most of the reviews out there are from people who complain about how terrible they are. This was really disheartening when I was first looking at signing up for an online real estate license school. In the end, there really are no highly rated online based real estate schools out there. For some of us, though, doing our coursework online is the only option, and that’s why I still took reviews from former customers into serious consideration.

List Of The 4 Best Online Real Estate License Schools In 2022

While these are the 4 best online real estate license schools in 2022, the truth is, real estate schools haven’t really changed much over the past decade.

You’d think with advancements in technology and internet speeds, online real estate schools would have evolved, but for the most part, these are just digital textbooks.

With that in mind, here are all the contenders for the best online real estate school in 2022.

1: Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate is usually one of the most popular online real estate schools and that is no exception in 2022. This is the real estate school I chose to sign up for. While that was many years ago, not much has changed. While I think there are some improvements they can make, such as making the course feel a bit more modern, I’m pretty satisfied with them. Let’s look more closely at each aspect of this online traffic school.

Student Pass Rate – Of all the online courses I looked at, this is the best online real estate school in terms of student pass rates. Colibri Real Estate has an average student pass rate of 79%, which is well above the industry average. This statistic alone made me feel more confident in continuing to recommend Colibri Real Estate as the best online real estate school in 2022.

Pass Guarantee – Colibri Real Estate does offer a pass guarantee and they state on their website, “simply send us your state’s failure notice within 30 days of receiving it, and we’ll issue a refund.” Easy-peasy. Of course, none of us want to have to do that, but it’s nice knowing they stand behind their product. Please be aware that due to state regulations, this guarantee is not valid in Florida or Tennessee.

Access To Personal Instructors – One aspect of Colibri Real Estate that really sets them apart from the competition is the ability to both email as well as call your personal instructor on the phone. Most other online real estate schools only offer email exchanges with instructors, so this is a great added perk. Colibri Real Estate also offers live weekly Q&A training sessions where students can log on and ask an instructor questions via live video.

Customer Reviews – There was a period when Colibri Real Estate had quite a few reviews on the negative side. I’m not really sure what was going on, but over the past couple of years, the reviews for them have been overwhelmingly positive. I still believe the course is a bit outdated, which is one of the main complaints, and there is not much interaction in the course itself either. Overall, however, there is no perfect online real estate school, and after going through this course myself, it’s who I recommend to friends and family.

2022 Colibri Real Estate Video Review


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2: AceableAgent

AceableAgent Real Estate School

The only reason I don’t have AceableAgent listed as #1 is that they aren’t approved in very many states. However, if they are approved in your state, this is by far my most recommended online traffic school for 2022. You can click here to see if they are available where you live. Here are some of the features that set AceableAgent apart from the rest.

Most Modern Real Estate School – AceableAgent is by far the most modern online real estate school in 2022. They are one of the only online real estate schools to have a dedicated app. They also have much more in the way of videos and interactive features. If you plan to take your course from a phone or tablet, I think AceableAgent is the best choice for you.

One Of the Best Student Pass Rates In The Industry – Of all the metrics used to determine the best online real estate school, student pass rates hold the most weight. If students are passing, that means the school is doing their job. AceableAgent has a student pass rate near 79% as of 2022, giving them one of the best student-pass percentages in the industry.

Partnerships With Influencers & Top Real Estate Agents – AceableAgent has established partnerships with some of the biggest names in the real estate industry. From well-known real estate guru’s to some of the most successful real estate agents in the industry, when you’re a student, you’ll have access to some very exclusive content.

Extremely Positive Student Reviews – Of all the reviews for online real estate schools in 2022, AceableAgent consistently receives the best feedback. For example, you can see their 4.9-star rating with thousands of reviews on the App Store. When you combine the student pass rate percentage with the overwhelmingly high customer reviews, it’s no wonder AceableAgent is one of the best-selling online real estate courses.

2022 AceableAgent Real Estate School Video Review


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3: Mbition

Mbition Online Real Estate School

Mbition is another one of my top recommendations for taking real estate license training online in 2022. This online real estate school used to go by the name of Career Webschool. It was starting to get a bit too outdated for my taste, but Mbition took it over and once again made it a great online real estate school. Here are some of the reasons I decided to include Mbition on this list for 2022.

Student Pass Rate – Perhaps my biggest concern about Mbition used to be their relatively low student pass rate as compared to the other options listed here. They used to have a student pass rate of just 59%, which was pretty low compared by industry standards. However, after Mbition took over and made some upgrades to the course, their student pass rate is now over 70% for 2022. This is right on par with the industry average.

Pass Guarantee – Mbition has a pass guarantee, but it isn’t really a money-back guarantee. Instead, Mbition will pay for your second exam fee if you do happen to fail. Here’s what they say on their website, “in the instance that one of our students does not pass the state exam on the first try, Mbition will reimburse that student for their second state exam fee. To be eligible for reimbursement, the student must take the state exam within 1 year of completing our course and must have also passed our course exam with a grade of at least 80%.” Not the guarantee I’d like to see, but it’s better than nothing!

Access To Personal Instructors – While all students are assigned a personal instructor, Mbition only gives access to those instructors through email. There are no phone or video sessions available with your personal instructor. While it’s a nice touch to have a personal instructor, I’d like to see additional communication options for students.

Customer Reviews – Back when Mbition was still Career Webschool, they were getting some pretty poor reviews. However, after Mbition took over, reviews from students quickly began improving. Their reviews aren’t quite as high as some of the other real estate schools on this list, but they still do much better than most real estate schools.

2022 Mbition Real Estate School Video Review


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4: Kaplan Online Real Estate School

Kaplan Real Estate Education Schools

Perhaps the single most popular online real estate school is Kaplan. This is one of the very first online real estate schools to exist and they also have a track record of offering more traditional-based classroom real estate training. Here’s what to know about Kaplan

Student Pass Rate – Kaplan has a student pass rate of 76% which is above the industry average. While they don’t have as high of a pass rate as it is close enough to be very comparable. As this is my most important metric when determining the best online real estate school, this makes Kaplan a great choice already.

Pass Guarantee – Unfortunately, Kaplan is not currently offering a pass guarantee to students. While they are already recognized as a leader in the real estate training industry and are entirely legit, it would be nice to see them stand behind their product by offering a pass guarantee.

Access To Personal Instructors – While Kaplan does have email support with an instructor, there is no option to call your instructor via phone. I would really like to see phone based instructor support included, but as of right now it isn’t even an option, although I’m sure they’d be happy to help if you’re willing to pay extra for it. Kaplan does have various live training and study group options so this helps, but dedicated phone support with an instructor would be nice.

Customer Reviews – Of all the different online real estate school programs I looked at, Kaplan has the highest average customer ratings by far. With that said, just like most other online real estate schools, they receive a ton of negative reviews, too. So while they do score some points for having the best overall reviews, there are still a lot of things that need to be improved. The number one complaint about Kaplan is how outdated the course is and many have complained about there being outdated/incorrect information included in the course leading to poor exam performance.

2022 Kaplan Real Estate School Video Review


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What Is Online Real Estate License School Like In 2022?

Pretty much the same as it was in 2011. There really isn’t a whole lot to it. Most online real estate schools are basically just digital textbooks.

In fact, most online real estate schools have options to have textbooks sent to you in the mail that are pretty much identical to the online course material.

You’ll have a ton of things to memorize, and along the way, these online real estate schools will quiz you to make sure you are grasping the information.

If you have trouble, generally you’ll have an assigned instructor you can email, a forum to post on, or sometimes live Q&A sessions via video conferencing. Otherwise, you’re pretty much on your own.

Most online real estate schools will also have supplemental guides to help with the more challenging aspects such as the math areas. You’ll also get unlimited practice exams to prepare for your state exam.

Obtaining a real estate license is not as difficult as many other careers, but be prepared for a lot of boring study hours on some pretty mundane stuff. It’s all worth it in the end, trust me!

How Long Does Online Real Estate School Take?

That depends on your state and how much time you have to put into studying. Most states have about the same amount of study material. Some students get through it all in about 4 to 6 weeks, while others take 6 months or more.

Also, understand that almost everyone fails the real estate license exam on the first try. You increase your chances of passing by taking an online real estate school vs. a traditional school, but you may need to come back and study again.

So, the answer unfortunately is “it depends.” Depending on how much time you can spend studying, you should plan on a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 or more months.

Is Online Real Estate School Better Than Traditional Schools?

Again, there is no real answer here. It just depends. For the VAST majority of students, an online real estate school is the preferred way to do it simply for flexibility. Many of us, myself included, get into real estate as a second career. We’re already battling jobs, obligations at home, etc. Going to a classroom at a set time in set days and spending hours away from home just isn’t an option for most.

However, if you prefer the idea of having a physical instructor to interact with and keep you on a set schedule, by all means, take a traditional real estate course in a classroom setting.

Obviously going to a physical school was tough in 2020 due to COVID, but real estate schools are quickly reopening as we progress through 2022.

Some Final Thoughts On Finding The Best Online Real Estate School In 2022

While I think it is important for you to do your own research when trying to find the best online real estate school, my hope is that the information I provided will help you get a viewpoint from someone who did a ton of research into this.

Are those top 4 online real estate schools the ONLY options you have in 2022? Absolutely not, but for the sake of my time and sanity, I figured I would give you the top 4 choices I personally narrowed it down to.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t really appear to be an online real estate school that goes above and beyond. They are all basically the same with blocks of text followed by quizzes and exams at the end of each chapter. That’s pretty much the extent of it. If you were hoping for video, graphics, animations, or any sort of interactiveness within’ these real estate schools you’re going to be quite disappointed.

For many of us, we don’t have much a choice. We either need to take our real estate license school requirements online or we don’t get our real estate license at all. While attending a classroom would probably be the best option, those of us who live very busy lives can settle for one of the above options I listed. I’m telling you, there aren’t any better options than I listed above. You can certainly try, but I couldn’t find anything better.

Best of luck to you as you get started with your online real estate school and enjoy the challenge!

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