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Getting a Real Estate License Online In Hawaii this 2021

Last updated on June 17, 2021

Getting a Real Estate License Online In Hawaii

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If you’re from Hawaii and you’re looking for a job that can provide viable income, you might want to consider becoming a real estate agent

Hawaii is a great place to be a real estate professional, not just because it is a paradise, but also because obtaining a license in the state is rather easy. While it requires commitment and effort, it is highly attainable. 

Furthermore, a career in real estate in Hawaii offers hefty commissions and you can enjoy perks such as work schedule flexibility, fulfillment from helping other people, building social connections, and acquiring extensive knowledge on properties and markets.

If you’re now convinced that a career in real estate suits you best, read on to learn how to get a real estate license online in Hawaii this 2021. 

Requirements for Hawaii Real Estate License

To qualify for a salesperson license in Hawaii, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You are at least 18 years old as of the examination date. 
  • You have a high school diploma or have earned an equivalent educational background as of the examination date. 
  • You are a US citizen, a national, or an alien authorized to work in the US as of the examination date. 
  • You have a Social Security Number. 
  • You have a reputation of good character or record of competency, honesty, truthfulness, fair dealing, and financial integrity.

How to Get a Real Estate License Online in Hawaii in 5 Steps

  1. Complete 60 hours of pre-licensing education from an accredited school or organization. 
  2. Sign up for an account with eHawaii for application purposes. 
  3. Pass the licensure exam. 
  4. Complete and submit your licensing application. 
  5. Find a sponsoring broker. 

Now, let’s dive deeper into each step.

1. Complete the 60-Hour Hawaii Pre-Licensing Course

All new salesperson applicants must take a mandatory 60-hour pre-licensing education at any of the accredited real estate schools in Hawaii. You must complete the program before the examination date. 

Alternatively, you can apply for or obtain a “Pre-Licensing Education Equivalency - Real Estate.” Read this to learn more about pre-licensing education equivalency.

The 60-hour course prepares aspiring Hawaii real estate agents by providing practical business knowledge in essential real estate topics. These include licensing laws and regulations, basic principles, ethics, real estate agency and contracts, standard forms, financing, valuation, and taxes. 

Upon completing the course, you will need to pass the final course exam before the school issues a certificate of completion. 

Below are two of the best online real estate schools in Hawaii:

Real Estate Express

Getting a Real Estate License Online In Hawaii this 2021 Real Estate Express

With almost 80 years of combined instructor experience, Real Estate Express offers one of the best real estate education in the US. To date, it has helped over 350,000 students launch their careers and achieve their goals. It also offers one of the best support services that allow students to interact with their instructors and engage with others through live weekly sessions. 

Getting a Real Estate License Online In Hawaii this 2021 Mbition

Real estate courses are notorious for being boring, but MBitionToLearn sets itself apart by offering programs that are interactive and engaging. Its fun content features real-world scenarios designed to help students learn better. The school also has an online bookstore with a wide selection of hard and soft copy textbooks that will aid students in studying.  

2. Create an Account on eHawaii

Go to the eHawaii website and register by creating an account. Use an active email address and make sure you type in your name as printed on your government-issued ID. In case of any discrepancy, you may not be allowed to take the exam. 

3. Pass the Licensing Exam 

Once you’re ready to take the Hawaii Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam, book a schedule here

PSI will administer the exam, and you will have the option to take it in one of their testing centers or remotely. 

The exam will consist of two portions -  state and national. There are a total of 130 items, and you need a score of 70% or higher to pass. 

4. Complete Your Application

After passing the exam, you will receive a set of instructions from the testing center personnel, along with the application form and score report. You will need to apply for your license within two years of passing the exam. 

Finally, you will need to hand-deliver or send the completed application, the fees, and other required documents by mail. 

5. Find A Sponsoring Broker

To be able to practice your profession in Hawaii under an active license status, you will need to find a sponsoring broker. You will need to find employment from a real estate brokerage firm or proprietor. 

When choosing a sponsoring broker, make sure you check for the following:

  • Reputation
  • Education and training
  • Commission structure
  • Benefits
  • Career growth opportunities

Once you successfully find one that’s best for you, you can then start working to reap the benefits of a rewarding career in real estate. 


Is it better to take real estate classes online or in-person?

Unless you prefer sitting in a classroom and having social interaction with your instructor and fellow students, online real estate courses are the better option. 

They are cheaper, more convenient, and they offer flexibility when it comes to your learning schedule. 

What’s even better is your study materials are easily accessible to you via your laptop or even your smartphone. 

How much does an online real estate school cost in Hawaii?

The basic pre-licensing education packages offered by Real Estate Express and MBitionToLearn cost around $220 and $350, respectively (pricing as of May 2021). 

Meanwhile, traditional in-person real estate classes in Hawaii can set you back by around $600 or higher. 

What are the fees that I need to pay for the Hawaii real estate salesperson licensing exam?

The fee for the salesperson licensing exam costs $68 (pricing as of May 2021). The rate for the licensing fee will be determined after you finish taking the exam. 

What do I need to bring on the day of the exam?

On the day of the exam, you will need to bring two IDs with matching names, bearing your signature. Should the name on your registration be different from your identification card, you will need to bring a document or any proof of name change. You don’t need to bring a calculator because you will have access to one online.


Now that you know what to do to obtain a real estate salesperson license in Hawaii, you can now start your journey toward achieving your goal. 

It might be difficult at first, but always focus on what you are aiming for. 

Hang in there, and the rest will be easy. 

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