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What Does The Texas Real Estate Commission Do?

Last updated on November 3, 2021

What Does The Texas Real Estate Commission Do?

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The chances are good that if a person resides in Texas, at one point or another, they have heard of the Texas Real Estate Commission. Even if the individual is not an agent, broker, or realtor, they have likely caught someone mentioning the organization a time or two. Still, many people are confused about what it is that the institution does or doesn’t do.

The title in itself is a dead giveaway that everything revolves around the real estate industry. However, this notion alone is not enough to explain the stuff that goes on here.

VIDEO: TREC Duties & Powers

A person should not fret if they find themselves wondering what the Texas Real Estate Commission does as they are surely not the only one in the world. Plus, they have come to the right place to learn the ins and outs of the activities. No longer will they have to remain silent during conversations involving the institution. Instead, after reading this post, the individual will be able to chime in and add their two cents. So, read further to discover all sorts of useful tidbits about the Texas Real Estate Commission.

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The Texas Real Estate Commission Issues Licenses

The Texas Real Estate Commission, commonly called TREC, certifies people to work in the trade. If the candidate meets the requirements, they are allowed to take an examination and receive a license. Stipulations will vary from exam to exam though. For instance, to become a real estate sales agent, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age, a resident of Texas, and be a citizen or legally admitted alien of the United States. The petitioner also has to meet the standards set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission for trustworthiness, integrity, and honesty.

Of course, there is more to the process than these few things. Additionally, the person must complete 180 hours of coursework as well. The 30-hour classes include…

  • Real Estate Finance
  • Law Of Agency
  • Principles Of Real Estate I
  • Principles Of Real Estate II
  • Promulgated Contract Forms
  • Law Of Contracts

The applicant needs to apply with the Texas Real Estate Commission online or by mail. Don’t forget that a filing fee will also need to be paid. The person will have to be fingerprinted and have a background check done too. Then, finally, the applicant can take the exam. Should the individual fail the test three times, additional education will be needed. However, even after passing the examination, the person is still not quite ready to work in Texas. They are issued an inactive license, which does not become active until after they get sponsored by a licensed Texas real estate broker. Some of the other certifications available from the Texas Real Estate Commission include but are not limited to…

  • Education Provider Or Instructor
  • Business Entity Real Estate Broker
  • Inspector
  • Easement Or Right-Of-Way Agent
  • Individual Real Estate Broker

The Texas Real Estate Commission Renews Licenses As Well

Like with the issuing of a license, the stipulations will vary between them when renewing too. However, for these purposes, the real estate sales agent will continue to be used. After obtaining the permit, the person must renew it every two years, but the process can’t be started before they receive a notice of renewal. These documents are typically sent out 90-days prior to the expiration date. The person will need continuing education courses and to pay fees among other things. An individual has up to six months after the license expires to renew. After this time, they have up to two years to apply for reinstatement if they fail to restore the certification. Once the two years have come and gone, candidates must reapply and retake the examination.

Enforces Laws And Regulations

The Texas Real Estate Commission does its duty to protect consumers from unlawful or unethical practices. It has a Standards and Enforcement Services department that carries out the establishment’s mission. They look for violators of The Real Estate License Act, The Texas Timeshare Act, Chapter 1102 of the Texas Occupations Code, Rules of the Commission, and the Residential Service Company Act. These team members also implement standards and evaluate applications to assess each candidate’s integrity and moral character.

Employees of the Texas Real Estate Commission can’t take all of the credit when it comes to enforcing the rules though. The agency teams up with the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board, also commonly referred to as TALCB. In 1991, TALCB was set up as a self-supporting subdivision of TREC. Together, the two organizations manage home warranties, timeshares, right-of-way services, real estate brokerage, inspections, and property appraisals. When a complaint gets filed with the Texas Real Estate Commission, disciplinary action may be taken against the violator if the charge holds true. Punishments might include a formal reprimand, payment of an administrative penalty, the revocation or suspension of a license, and other suitable actions.

Helpful Information About The Texas Real Estate Commission

The board consists of nine members who get appointed to their positions by the Governor. Each one of the constituents serves out a six-year term. Of the nine, six must be licensed real estate brokers, and people from the general public must fill the three remaining seats. The Governor also assigns the title Chair of the Commission to one of the individuals. Right now, the representatives are…

Additionally, there is also an Executive Director. Douglas Oldmixon currently fills the spot. Interested parties that want to learn more about the Texas Real Estate Commission should feel free to visit the organization’s website. It has resources as well as contact and profile information for the committee members. Hopefully, this post made what TREC does and doesn’t do a little bit clearer for everyone.

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