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360 Training Agent Campus Review – Is This The Best Online Real Estate School?

Last updated on February 28, 2023

360 Training Agent Campus Review

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Working as a real estate agent can be rewarding, financially and personally. But the process isn’t going to be easy.

Building a successful real estate career means more work than many people imagine. You’ll be handling complex paperwork, and you’ll be answering a lot of customer inquiries.

But don’t worry. If you want to give it a shot, all you need is to find the best school that can help you on your journey.

In this article, we’re going to be talking all about 360 Training Agent Campus. We’ll take an in-depth look at this online real estate school and see what it can offer. 

After reading through our review, you’ll be able to determine if it’s the online real estate school for you or not. 

So are you ready?

Let’s begin!

Quick Overview

With over 15 years of experience, 360 Training has been a leader in regulatory-approved online training and certification. They offer their services across a wide range of industries and professions in the United States. 

Agent Campus Real Estate School is one of their brands that offer top-selling Pre-license, Exam prep, Continuing Education, Post-License courses across different states nationwide.

If you’re aspiring to become a licensed real estate agent or renew your license, 360 Training Agent Campus can be the best choice for you.

To see if it’s the online real estate school for you, we’ll look at:

  • Key features
  • Course availability 
  • Packages offered
  • The Pros
  • The Cons

Let’s take a close look at each of these. 

Key Features

With 360 Training Agent Campus, you’ll have all the regulatory-approved training you need to become a real estate agent and further your education. In addition:

  • You’ll get to enjoy engaging course content that makes it easy to learn.
  • You can complete their course at your own pace!
  • Your course will always be available online. You can access it anytime, 24/7.
  • They value compliance. So it's guaranteed that your training courses will be up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations.
  • You’ll get 24/7 live chat and toll-free phone support through a real person.
  • They have different payment gateways - you can use the payment service that you want.
  • You get a chance to get hold of course discounts that they offer regularly!

Check this video playlist to get a glimpse of their lessons.

Course Availability

Exam Preparation courses are offered by 360 Training across all states in the US, including the District of Columbia. For availability of their Pre-License, Post-License, and Continuing Education courses, please see the table below:

360 Training Agent Campus Review Is This Online Real Estate School For You pt1
360 Training Agent Campus Review Is This Online Real Estate School For You pt2

Packages They Offer

What’s good about taking courses from 360 Training is that you can also take your course in packages, so you’ll have more freedom in choosing which one is best suited to your needs.

Basic Packages

This plan is perfect for beginners who are on a tight budget. It provides you with all the basic tools and resources you need to launch your real estate career.

Premium Packages

The premium package provides an additional Exam Prep Crash Course and a Client-Focused Communication Course. This condensed study guide will help you focus on the most important concepts of the course. 

You can also take unlimited practice tests that simulate the licensing exam.

Required Courses Packages

If you only need to take specific courses, you can buy them separately with the Required Courses option. This way, it will be a lot cheaper than getting a whole package. 

The Pros: What’s Good About 360 Training Agent Campus

360 Training’s well-rounded experience in providing online education training and certificates across a wide range of industries and professions gives them an edge in recognizing what real estate students really need. 

360 Training

Because they have done this so many times, they can make the process easier and faster to complete.

Their credentials also ensure that you’ll get the support you’ll need even after completing the course. 

If you visit their website, you’ll also be able to find relevant state-specific information that can help you answer customer FAQs immediately.

This, along with all its key features, is what makes 360 Training Agent Campus stand out among the other online real estate schools available. 

The Cons: Points For Improvement

Of course, 360 Training isn’t a perfect school. There are some downsides that you should expect. 

One is that the content is too text-heavy.

Although 360 Training Agent Campus’s courses are up to date and comply with state requirements, their materials are often text-heavy. This may be discouraging to students who don’t particularly enjoy reading.  

Another con is spelling and grammar errors.

Many students have complained about 360 Training’s lack of editing and proofreading. Even though their customer support team is very quick to respond and correct these mistakes, it would be better if they didn’t have them in the first place. 

Contact Information

If you’re interested in 360 Training Agent Campus, you can easily contact them here. 

For Customer Support only: 

Website: https://www.360training.com/support

Toll-Free: 877-881-2235

Customer Self-Service Portal: https://www.360training.com/knowledge-base/

Submit a Request: https://www.360training.com/support

Email: support@360training.com

Office Hours:

Weekdays: 7 AM - 10 PM (CST)

Weekends: 8 AM (CST) - 8 PM (CST)


Don’t think 360 Training is the school for you? Here are a couple of other great options to check out. 

1. Mckissock

360 Training Agent Campus Review Is This Online Real Estate School For You McKissock

Best alternative for: Continuing Education

McKissock provides student-controlled pacing and 24/7 access to resources. Plus, there are course reviewers to improve information retention in your learning process.

They don't have pre-licensing courses, but this is a perfect altnerative for CE!

Contact Information:

Website: www.mckissock.com

Support: 800.328.2008

Real estate: 877.277.5376

Office Hours:

Weekdays: 8 AM - 8 PM (ET)

Weekends: 12 PM - 3:30 PM (ET)

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Best alternative for: Students looking for a bit of a challenge. 

Their courses are easy to understand, even if the information provided is a bit heavy at times. If you get the school’s more premium packages, you get live Q&A chat available on some of the topics.

Apart from those, it’s really up to you on how to study all of the chapters. Knowing that the majority if not most of the students prefer self-study, Colibri Real Estate added in a note-taking tool within their site. 

If you enroll in this school, you may need to be a lot more focused to pass, but you’ll surely be one step closer to reaching your real estate goals. 

This school is available in 40 states around the country, so hopefully you can find your state in their list!

Contact Information:

Website: www.colibrirealestate.com

Enrollment: 888.200.0585

Support: 866.739.7277

Text: 314.590.7191

Office Hours: 

Weekdays: 8AM - 5PM (CST)

AceableAgent Los Angeles Real Estate Schools

Best alternative for: Students who are on-the-go 

Many students prefer studying online because of its convenience and flexibility. Aceable Agent takes it a step further by offering an app for students who take their programs.

In this app, students get access to both text and video materials to make their learning easier. And if students need to review before the exam, they’ll get tons of practice with Aceable Agent. If they get their deluxe packages, they can experience the app’s custom quiz generator and deluxe exam prep.

Basic Packages start as low as $125 and can reach up to $749 depending on the state.

Just double check your location since this provider is only available in 14 states for their pre-licensing courses.

Contact Information:

Website: www.aceableagent.com

Phone: 844-805-3648

Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:30AM - 5:00PM (CST)

Tuesday, Thursday: 8:30AM - 3:00PM (CST)


There certainly is a lot to gain from a career in real estate.

It may require a lot of work, but with the help of high-quality education provided by a professional real estate school, you can confidently take on any challenge — no sweat!

You may find 360 Training online real estate education perfect for your needs, or you may want to consider other options.

Whichever you choose, the most important thing is to work hard and make sure that you learn in the best way possible. 

Good luck!

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