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5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in South Carolina for 2023

Last updated on February 6, 2023

5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in South Carolina featured image

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Whether you’re looking for a lucrative side job or a life-long career, real estate is one of the most rewarding ventures to consider.

However, the restricting schedules and expensive tuition fees of a traditional real estate school can be discouraging. 

What if I told you that there’s a way to get the same quality education without sacrificing so much time or money?

Online real estate schools make it easy for busy and budget-conscious individuals to pursue their dreams of becoming professional real estate agents!

Check out these 5 best online real estate schools in South Carolina to jumpstart your journey toward a real estate license.

Best Online Real Estate Schools in South Carolina

When looking into the best online real estate schools in South Carolina, make sure to carefully review tuition fees, course quality, and convenience.

Get to know the 5 best online real estate schools in South Carolina.

Let’s get started!


5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in South Carolina 2022 AceableAgent

Over the years, AceableAgent has been faithful to its mission of supporting agents in their venture to become the best they can be. 

Thanks to their superior educational programming and advanced instructional tools, aspiring real estate agents can truly reach the top.

Want to know what it’s like to work in the field?

AceableAgent offers simulations that allow students to prepare for the real world. Learn how to effectively communicate with your future clients with true-to-life depictions of real estate scenarios.

This online school also offers the “Ace the Test Guarantee”, where students will get a full refund if they fail their real estate licensing exam. 

Because of that, AceableAgent students get their money’s worth with the course, whatever the outcome.

If you’re looking for a practical solution that prepares you for a successful real estate career, AceableAgent will get the job done with advanced, interactive teaching tools.

Here is an inside look at AceableAgent:

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate has been the leading online real estate school since 1996. They are part of the Colibri group of companies under the most prominent name in appraisal education – McKissock.

Avail of the “The Basics” Pre-licensing package, which includes all mandatory PL courses. With this package, you get full access to detailed real estate books and state-approved instructor support for just around $400 to $600.

Students preparing for the South Carolina Real Estate License exam will have everything they need with the Exam Prep packages. For a more affordable offer, you can also grab an Exam Prep course (just the course, not a package) for about $99.

If you want the most comprehensive online curriculum, avail of the Colibri Real Estate Ultimate Learning package at around $600 to $800. 

This package is complete with: a 90-day Bootcamp, a Prep for Success Pro membership, a 1-year Professional Development membership, instructor support, and a printed course textbook.

That’s everything you need (and more) to prepare you for a successful real estate career!

A little anxious about learning on your own? Colibri Real Estate offers useful self-paced learning tools that make studying online manageable and interactive!

With the help of the Learning Management System, students can efficiently manage their studies with the goal-setting feature and an intuitive dashboard. The SmartBites software effectively breaks down complex concepts for optimal retention. 

Get a chance to discuss problem points and difficult topics with your instructors via the Live Q&A feature. 

For exclusive deals, check out the Colibri Real Estate South Carolina page for discounts of up to 40% on pre-licensing and exam prep packages.

Here is an inside look at Colibri Real Estate

5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in South Carolina 2022 The CE Shop

The CE Shop is one of the most reliable online real estate schools that offers a wide selection of classes.

Through its mission to enhance the lives of professionals and the communities they serve, the CE shop has offered highly innovative learning experiences through the years.

Aspiring real estate professionals can choose from a selection of pre-licensing packages offered by the CE Shop. Prices range between $650 to $810, depending on package inclusions like Exam Prep and Pass Guarantee.

The CE Shop offers  10-hour Continuing Education Packages are around $99. Individual CE courses are also available at about $35 to $45.

Here’s a fun fact: the CE Shop offers one of the widest selections of online CE courses. There are electives and mandatory courses for salespersons, brokers, or managers. 

With all CE Shop courses, students get unlimited access to curated learning tools like in-depth instruction videos and industry insights resources. These are meant to help real estate professionals grow in their careers.

Not sure if the CE Shop is the school for you? Don’t worry because they offer a free trial on many of their packages.

Here's an in-depth look at the course:

5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in South Carolina 2022 Kaplan

Kaplan Real Estate Education provides quality online education that will lay the foundation of a successful real estate career.

At Kaplan, you’ll get expert advice from professional real estate agents in South Carolina.

Kaplan offers a highly comprehensive text-based course that is 100% online.

The Kaplan course instruction makes it easy to study at your own pace. If you’re dreading the SC licensing exam, all you have to do is to hone your skills via the Kaplan Practice QBank. 

This innovative learning tool is great for simulating true-to-life real estate scenarios that might come up at your licensing exam.

If you’re more of an active learner, Kaplan makes it easy to engage in discussions with your instructors and classmates with Kaplan National Interactive Study Groups.

Kaplan offers a wide selection of Kaplan SC pre-licensing packages, all accessible through any PC or mobile device. The complete 90-hour PL package comes with valuable exam prep software and live webinars.

For an even more comprehensive PL package, you can opt for the Career Launcher package that comes with an 8-hour intensive live course and 9-week professional training to jumpstart your professional real estate career.

5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in South Carolina 2022 RealEstateU

This online real estate school is all about making real estate education easy and fast for all!

The course instruction at RealEstateU was to cater to busy professionals who want to earn their real estate license despite a hectic work schedule.

After a decade in the business, RealEstateU has helped over 100,000 students from 19 states jumpstart their real estate careers. 

RealEstateU designed course materials that are easy to use while on the go. They specialize in creating light and engaging audio lessons that you can listen to on any mobile device.

With resources that are broken down into bite-sized pieces, it’s easy to finish the course, especially since all materials are accessible 24/7.

It’s easy and quick to download course reviewers, glossaries, and chapter summaries. Infographics are also a fast and easy way to understand topics.

RealEstateU is one of the best choices if you’re on a tight schedule.

If you’re a little hesitant about enrolling in RealEstateU school, there’s no need to worry because you can enroll in the pre-licensing course risk-free with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

South Carolina Online Real Estate Schools FAQs

Here’s what people often ask about online real estate schools.

How do I get a real estate license in South Carolina?

All aspiring SC real estate agents must be at least 18 years old. They must also hold a high school diploma or complete their GED.

New real estate salespersons need to fulfill at least 90 hours of state-approved courses, including:

  • 60 hours Unit 1 Sales Course
  • 30 hours Unit 2 Advanced Real Estate Principles Course

From there, you’ll need to apply to take the real estate license exam. In addition, you’ll have to undergo the SC criminal background check. 

How long does it take to complete an online real estate school in South Carolina?

To qualify for the real estate license exam in South Carolina, you’ll need to complete 90 credit hours.

How much do I need to attend a real estate school in South Carolina?

South Carolina online real estate courses are much more affordable than attending a traditional real estate school.

Online real estate fees will depend on the course type and the package you choose.  

Pre-licensing packages will range between $400 to $600. 


A career in real estate is one of the most rewarding journeys you can take. With a convenient and affordable online real estate school, reaching this dream is all the more possible! 

Just make sure that the school that you’re working with fits your needs and preferences. 

Good luck!

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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