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AceableAgent vs 360 Training: Which Online Real Estate School is Better?

Last updated on October 19, 2021

AceableAgent vs 360 Training

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Finding the best online school for real estate education can be a bit annoying.

Not because you don’t want to do it.

It’s just that there are so many options to choose from that you might find it hard to pick the best one for you.  

To make things a little easier for you, let’s compare two of the best online real estate schools today -  AceableAgent vs 360 Training Agent Campus.

With our comparison, you’ll be able to determine which of these schools is the best fit for YOU.

So shall we? 

Video Review: Aceable Agent

AceableAgent vs 360 Training: A Side by Side Comparison 

To provide a brief overview, AceableAgent is an innovative online real estate school that relies on advanced video technology and cutting-edge teaching practices. They are the first provider that has designed a mobile app for real estate education.

Meanwhile, 360 Training, with the help from Agent Campus, provides a convenient and engaging course for ALL steps in the real estate journey, whether that’s getting a license, upgrading your license, or renewing it. 360 Training has got you covered.  

To compare both schools, we’ll look at 6 things. Namely:

  • Availability
  • Course options
  • Pricing
  • User experience
  • Features
  • Reviews

Comparison Chart: AceableAgent vs 360 Training Agent Campus

Aceable Agent

360 Training

Available In:


AZ*, CA, CO, FL, GA, MI, PA, SC, TN*, VA, NY, TX*, WA

Continuing Education: 

NY*, TX 

*In partnership with Kaplan

Exam Prep offered in all States

Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep Post-Licensing, and CE courses:

AL (currently unavailable), FL, GA, TX (SAE), WA

Pre-licensing, Exam Prep and

 CE courses:


Exam Prep and CE only:


Course Options:

Pre-licensing and Continuing Education

Independent Training Courses for Personal Development

Pre-licensing, Exam Prep, Post Licensing, and Continuing Education

User Experience:

Unique downloadable app for easy-to-navigate lessons and educational videos

They offer everything in one package

Not enough practice tests

Several payment gateways for you to choose from

You’ll get 24/7 live chat and toll-free phone support through a real person

Course content is a bit outdated, text-heavy, and has noticeable spelling and grammar mistakes.


$117 to $600** 

Pre-licensing packages

 (price vary per state)

Around 7% discounted prices

(for non-Kaplan provided courses)

Ace the Test Guarantee

Individual courses below $20 to $30**

Pre-licensing packages:  $80 to $400**

Exam Prep course packages:

 $99 to $510**

CE Packages: $70 to $150**

(price vary per state)

Offers discounts regularly



4.9/5 out of 3908 reviews

ARELLO and IDECC Certified


4.1/5 out of 3,826 reviews


Easy-to-Navigate AceableAgent App

Offers an audiobook for the course

Handy, downloadable study guides

Contract workshops

Offers eBooks that can be downloaded for studying


 across the entire course catalog from different industries

Now, let’s get into the details.


As shown in the chart above, AceableAgent only serves 13 states with Pre-licensing packages and 2 states with Continuing Education.

On the other hand, 360 Training Agent Campus offers Exam Prep in ALL US States, plus Washington DC. 

They offer a complete set of real estate courses, from Pre-licensing, Post Licensing, and Continuing Education in six states, pre-licensing and CE in four, and CE courses in 23 states.

Overall, 360 Training Agent Campus has the bigger advantage if you’re looking for a CE (or post-licensing) course for license renewal. As for pre-licensing, AceableAgent offers more state availability. 

Course Options

There’s a big difference in the way these two schools offer courses for students.

360 Training Agent Campus wants to entice by selling their courses in several packages, while AceableAgent leans more toward straightforward selling.

If your needs call for more flexibility in choosing your courses, 360 Training has basic, premium, and individual courses that you can purchase. Their basic package is perfect for beginners who are on a tight budget.

If you’re preparing for an exam, you'll get an additional Exam Prep Crash Course and a Client-Focused Communication Course with their premium package. 

As for AceableAgent, what you see in their package is what you get. So if you don’t like deciding on this or that, then AceableAgent is more up your alley. 


When it comes to pricing, I’ll have to say that 360 Training has more affordable courses. This is because they offer individual courses that you can purchase for under $20 (depending on your State and the course duration).

You also have the option to buy the cheaper basic package if you don’t need exam prep resources from their premium package.

Keep in mind that AceableAgent offers a complete package for a fixed price. So even if it’s more expensive, the benefits you’ll get from them may equal or perhaps even exceed 360 Training’s premium packages. 

And, AceableAgent doesn’t have any extra or hidden fees. So again, what you see is what you get. 

User Experience

AceableAgent remains the top choice for many, but 360 Training is certainly not far behind. 

360 Training Agent Campus interface is commendable. 

It’s fast, responsive and their web design is very relaxing to the eyes. 

In some ways, it almost has a similar feel to AceableAgents’ web browser. They also have several payment gateways, so checking out can be an easy process.

But still, what sets AceableAgent apart is its unique app. 

Its modern interface makes its courses easy to read, and the app is user-friendly. You don’t need to keep scrolling down the page as you’ll go through each page one screen at a time. 

You can download the app on your phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


The highlight among AceablAgent’s many features is its mobile app that lets you access your lessons whenever and wherever you want! 

AceableAgent vs 360 Training Which Online Real Estate School is Better Aceable Agent

 You can navigate their pages in the same way you browse your social media accounts. 

Aceable also offers Contract Workshops that help you get familiar with real estate contracts. 


You get hands-on training on signing contracts at the end of their courses. They also have graphics and math workshops throughout their programs.

Another interesting factor for AceableAgent’s course is that you’ll get to learn different real estate concepts through pre-recorded video content from friendly, well-known instructors. They make the entire course fun and engaging throughout.

Meanwhile, 360 training’s easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) platform helps you streamline your training process, from quick enrollment to progress and performance tracking.

AceableAgent vs 360 Training Which Online Real Estate School is Better 360 Training

They also have a 7-days a week online chat and toll-free phone support if you need help.

360 training's extensive course catalog also covers a variety of different industries. 

What’s amazing is that they allow you to BUY COURSES IN BULK. This means that if you are involved in different industries, you can save on costs by selecting every course that you need in one purchase.


When it comes to reviews, these two schools received a lot of positive comments. 

AceableAgent received a 4.9 excellent rating out of over 3908 reviews from TrustPilot. This is a lot more than 360 Training’s 4.1 out of 3,826 reviews.

For AceableAgent, it seems that students are convinced that the schools’ exam preparations have helped them aced their exams. One review says that:

Another comment:

Reviews for 360 Training’s real estate courses have a mix of good and not-so-good reviews.

While some are praising their easy-to-navigate system and easy-to-follow content, some are unhappy with obvious spelling mistakes and outdated content (Customer Service is quick to address the issues, though).

One comment says:

And another:


It’s understandable that even after reading this review, you’ll still want to check out some other schools offering online real estate education. 

Here are some other great recommendations. 

If you are looking for affordable pre-licensing course packages and are looking for an all-in CE education package, check out the sister companies Real Estate Express and McKissock Learning.

Real Estate Express offers the most affordable pre-licensing package across several states, while McKissock offers several CE courses for you to choose from. 

They also have a popular CE Plus Membership which provides unlimited access to ALL their CE courses in your state, Pro Series Webinar, and Coaching tools for one flat annual fee.

If you’re struggling with Math formulas, try MbtionToLearn’s “MathMaster” when you avail of their pre-licensing package (available in selected states). 

You can also check out The CE Shop and Kaplan Real Estate School. Both have available pre-licensing and continuing education courses in most states. Also, both are well-known real estate schools nationwide. 


Based solely on customer reviews and user experience, I’d choose AceableAgent if I live in a state where their courses are available. 

I trust customers’ feedback more than anything else, and it’s really hard to come by with an unhappy customer evaluation for AceableAgent. 

However, taking courses from 360 Training Agent Campus is not bad, either.

Their courses are very affordable, informative, and engaging. And also, although they receive some bad reviews, their customer support is very capable of addressing concerns, which shows how willing they are to improve their services.

I hope that by going through this review, you were able to determine which school is more favorable for you.

If they fail to provide what you need, feel free to look up other alternatives.

Happy course-hunting!

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