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AceableAgent vs VanEd – Which Online Real Estate School is Better?

Last updated on September 4, 2023

AceableAgent vs VanEd - Which Online Real Estate School is Better

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When it comes to fulfilling your real estate education requirements, there are a lot of online real estate schools out there  – but which one is the right fit for you? 

Is it the popular and modern AceableAgent

Or is it the organized and interactive VanEd?

Let’s find out in this AceableAgent vs VanEd comparison review. 

With this, you’ll be able to determine which online real estate school is better for YOU. 

So shall we? 

AceableAgent vs VanEd – Comparison Chart

To be sure, both AceableAgent and VanEd have great reviews and offer a wide range of features, but there are some key differences between them that you should consider before making a decision.

Here’s a comparison chart to get you started: 

  AceableAgent VanEd
Available In: Pre-Licensing:
14 states (AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, MI, NY, NC, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA)

Continuing Education:
3 states (GA, NY, TX)

1 state (TX)

14 states (AL, CA, CO, FL, GA, MO, MT, NE, NY, OK, SC, TX, VA, WA)

Continuing Education:
9 states (CO, FL, MO, NE, OK, OR, SD, TX, WA)

Exam Prep:
6 states (CO, FL, NE, OK, TX, VA)

6 states (AL, FL, GA, NE, OK, TX)

Course Options: Pre-licensing
Continuing Education
Professional Development
Exam Prep
Continuing Education
GRI Designation
User Experience: Interactive and engaging Simple learning method
Modern teaching techniques
Easy-to-follow lesson
Well-organized layout
Interactive lessons
Pricing*: $179 – $399 $100 – $160
Reviews: 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot  4.4/5 stars on Indeed.com
Features: Dedicated mobile app
Pass Guarantee
Live Webinars
1:1 Tutoring
Flexible payment plans 
Online chat support
Free e-books and workbooks
 100% online
 Instructor Q&A Sessions

Let’s get to the details. 


Availability is one of the first factors you need to consider. After all, you can’t choose a school that doesn’t cover your specific location. 

Now, when it comes to overall availability, VanEd comes out on top. 

Sure, for pre-licensing courses, both AceableAgent and VanEd cater to 14 states. 

These are the 14 states available with AceableAgent:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

And these are the 14 states available with VanEd:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington

As for continuing education and post-licensing, AceableAgent offers these to very limited states, including:

  • Georgia (CE)
  • New York (CE)
  • Texas (CE and post-licensing)

VanEd offers CE courses in 9 states and post-licensing and exam prep in 6 states. Let’s look at these:

  • Alabama (post-licensing)
  • Colorado (CE and exam prep)
  • Florida (CE, exam prep, and post-licensing)
  • Georgia (post-licensing)
  • Missouri (CE)
  • Nebraska (CE, exam prep, post-licensing)
  • Oklahoma (CE, exam prep, post-licensing)
  • Oregon (CE)
  • South Dakota (CE)
  • Texas (CE, exam prep, post-licensing)
  • Virginia (exam prep)
  • Washington (CE)

Course Options

Besides availability, another important factor to consider when looking for a real estate school are the course options.

Both AceableAgent and VanEd offer the basic courses — pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education. 

For additional learning, AceableAgent has professional development training courses. As for VanEd, it offers exam prep and GRI designation. 

What’s more, VanEd goes a step further by also offering the following: 

  • Appraisal licensing
  • Appraisal continuing education
  • Appraisal license exam prep
  • Mortgage broker license

User Experience

A great online real estate school offers its students convenience and ease. 

Thankfully, both AceableAgent and VanEd can do just that – but in different areas. 

For instance, AceableAgent provides its students with a dedicated mobile app that you can install on both iOS and Android devices. 

AceableAgent vs VanEd


The app allows you to access your lessons anywhere and anytime – you can even study it while you’re on lunch break. 

On top of that, you can find all sorts of entertaining and informative information on the app. Plus, the interface is exceptionally easy to navigate, so you won’t get lost even during your first use of it. 

Here’s an inside look of AceableAgent:


Meanwhile, VanEd has an accessible and adaptable website that you can use to access your lessons. 

VanEd’s website is one of the best out there. It didn’t cause any delays or errors when used on mobile – everything is organized and easy to find. 

Also, AceableAgent and VanEd boast interactive and engaging lessons. You’ll run across quizzes, videos, images, and more. All this will help you understand and retain the information better. 


As you might expect, the prices vary per state. 

To give you an idea of which is the cheaper option, though, we’ll look at both schools’ pre-licensing packages in California. 

AceableAgent: VanEd:
Basic package – $179 Standard package – $100
Deluxe package – $299 Premium package – 160
Premium package – $399

In California, we can see that VanEd is a lot cheaper than AceableAgent. However, AceableAgent does offer more packages for more resource options. 

Another thing. Both AceableAgent and VanEd have regular discounts. So make sure you don’t miss out on that for an even cheaper price. 


It’s always good to have a couple of alternatives in your back pocket. 

If neither AceableAgent nor VanEd works out for you, we highly recommend checking out the following schools:

Rest assured, all these schools are 100% online, reliable, and offer high-quality education. Just check out reviews about each one. 

Final Thoughts

Which is the better online real estate school — AceableAgent or VanEd?

We can’t answer that. 

The reason is that the better one will depend on YOUR needs and preferences. 

If you base your decision on availability and more course options, then VanEd might be the better school. 

But if you’re looking for a modern course with its own dedicated app, then AceableAgent is your guy. 

Nevertheless, you can trust that you’ll be in great hands whichever school you choose. 

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and make your pick. 

And best of luck with your studies! 

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