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AceableAgent Review & Comparison

Last updated on November 11, 2022

AceableAgent Real Estate School

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Unfortunately, just about every course available receives terrible reviews. Just find any online real estate license training course that is approved in your state and then go look at the reviews for that course on Yelp. They are ALL rated horribly. The biggest complaint about all of the courses is how outdated they are. It seems that all of the courses available currently have information that is so outdated, it actually leads people to fail their real estate license exam.

This is pretty disheartening to say the least. Here I am, about to juggle a full-time job and 135 hours of training to get my real estate license and there really are no viable online real estate training programs available.

I finally signed up for the training course at Colibri Real Estate.

Just for full disclosure, Colibri Real Estate is the course I decided to go with. I haven’t used it long enough to know if it was a good choice or not, but I will write up a full review soon. Colibri Real Estate is currently offered in 36 states with prices starting at $384.30 for Texas or $90.30 for California. They tout an average student exam pass rate of 79% which is above average as an industry standard. They have practice exams and unlike Kaplan or Career Web School, you can talk to an instructor over the phone and even in person if you are near one of their offices. They do not offer any virtual study groups at this time. I will be sure to report further on how my experience with Colibri Real Estate goes., and while it is ok, the outdatedness is already showing itself and I’m only on the second chapter. For the most part, it is an e-book with a test after each chapter. It’s all reading with no audio, no video, no fancy graphics or animations, and nothing that I would consider to be modern at all.

Is AceableAgent The Newcomer Needed For Online Real Estate License Training?

AceableAgent is the only real newcomer to the online real estate license training industry. They are so new, they aren’t even operational yet. Obviously, I can only go so far into this AceableAgent review since they don’t even have a functioning course yet, but I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about what I’m seeing over at AceableAgent.

I’m actually familiar with the folks that own AceableAgent as I’ve worked with them on other training programs such as their Aceable Online Drivers Ed and Traffic School courses. I have personally spoken with Blake Garrett, the founder of Aceable and AceableAgent. This is a guy who believes in building a successful business by creating a far superior product. He already accomplished this in the online driver training field and is now ready to do the same in the vastly underserved online real estate training industry.

Why I’m Excited About AceableAgent

Aside from personally knowing the owner of this company and really appreciating what he’s doing for the online education industry, as a startup company, the folks behind AceableAgent really had to prove themselves. They’ve already done so by transforming the online driver’s education industry. Due to this, AceableAgent has had no problems raising funds from investors. Their most recent round of funding will largely be going into the development of their online real estate license training courses and I’m sure they will secure even more funding going forward.

Another reason I’m excited about AceableAgent is because of their past performance with the online driver’s ed industry. If their real estate courses even come close to the quality of their online driver training courses, we can expect an entirely new standard to be set on the industry. I expect we will finally see an online real estate training course that offers video training, is mobile friendly so I can study on the go, includes graphics, animations, and other ways to deliver content instead of pure text. This is all speculation of course since I haven’t seen the actual course content yet, but based on their prior work on other courses, I think we will have a much-needed change in the online training industry for real estate professionals.

When Will AceableAgent Be Available?

As of right now, there is no specific launch date and it is still unclear which states they will initially be certified for. Rumor has it they are aiming to be approved in Texas and California first, but it’s really anyone’s guess right now. There are also rumors that AceableAgent plans to launch in the spring or summer of 2017, but again, this is subject to change and is only speculation. If you want to be notified of when they will be launching, you can enter your email address here.

This AceableAgent Review Will Be Updated After Launch

The main purpose of my writing this AceableAgent review is just to let everyone know a new player is about to enter the online real estate license training market and as someone who is familiar with the work the founders have already done, I am very interested and excited to see what they develop. With the current competition that is out there now, I have little doubt that AceableAgent will be far superior to our current options.

However, as they haven’t released their training programs yet, I am not able to give an accurate review. When AceableAgent rolls their course out to the public, I will get this updated to cover the course content itself.


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