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AgileCRM Review for Real Estate

Last updated on November 30, 2021

AgileCRM Review for Real Estate

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With the increasing demands of a real estate agent, it’s hard to keep up with everything. 

Well, thanks to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, you can do all your sales, marketing, and customer service all in one place

Speaking of which, AgileCRM was made to bring all of the major real estate tasks in just one software.

It was built so you can track your sales efforts, create marketing tools to support your sales, and be a channel where your contacts can reach out to you. 

If you’ve been looking for a CRM that does it all, AgileCRM just might be for YOU. 

To find out if it is the one for you, read through our complete AgileCRM review for real estate. Here, we’ll talk about its features, pricing, pros and cons…

So let’s get started!

About AgileCRM

As we said, AgileCRM is an all-in-one CRM software that helps you handle your sales, marketing, and customer service operations. 

AgileCRM Review for Real Estate Agile

These features are called ‘modules’ and these modules are available in different plans (we’ll talk about this in detail later on)

Now, AgileCRM is a cloud-based SaaS program great for real estate agencies. If you’re planning to grow your team in the future, you don’t have to worry about infrastructure. 

Of course, AgileCRM can be used by individual agents, too. With its easy interface, helpful daily goals, and tracking, you won’t feel lost with all the capabilities of the software. 

AgileCRM Features

While AgileCRM is not specifically made for real estate agents, its features capture what every agent needs. 

These features are:

  • Sales module
  • Marketing module
  • Customer service module

Let’s talk about these features.

Sales Module

The sales feature can handle up to 50,000 contacts. These contacts can be synced from Google, Facebook, Skype, and other platforms. 

Once they’re synced, you can add custom data fields to incorporate other important information about your contacts. You can also attach important documents related to them. 

But that’s not all. 

Once you’ve synced your contacts, AgileCRM will create milestones for them, depending on what part of the sales funnel they’re already at. 

So for example, for those that have to be scheduled for appointments, a milestone is created to appoint schedules. You can use the appointment scheduling feature that comes with this module.

The best thing about these milestones is that it is gamified. If you complete it, you will gain a reward.

So if you’re the type that works well by reaping rewards from tasks, you’ll appreciate this feature. 

Marketing Module

The Marketing module is available when you get the Starter plan. 

This module includes text, email, and social media marketing tools. 

Text messages have a fee of $2 per thousand SMS sent, while email marketing is free up to 5,000 emails. 

To make email marketing a lot easier, AgileCRM includes free email templates that you can use. There are also templated messages that will help draft your content. 

What’s more, they offer a landing page builder. This is helpful if you are asking your contacts to, say, sign up or set an appointment with you. 

To add to that, AgileCRM has a smart web engagement feature. This means that your contacts get custom messages depending on the actions they’ve already done in the past. 

Customer Service Module

The Customer Service module is available in the Regular plan. 

Features included in this module are canned responses, issue labeling and categorization, and customer support. 

Through AgileCRM, you can provide customer support for your contacts. Take note, though, that you need an integration with a third-party app for making calls.

As for the labeling and categorization, AgileCRM’s system allows you to tag concerns based on priority. That way, the issues follow a hierarchy of who needs to be resolved first. 

AgileCRM Pricing

We mentioned earlier that different modules are available in different plans

So, if you’re getting the Free plan, you only get the sales feature. If you’re getting a Starter plan, then that will include marketing features. 

It’s only when you get the Regular plan that you get access to all three modules. 

Here’s a summary of all the modules, plans, and prices:

Plan: Price per Month: Modules:
Free Free Sales
Starter $8.99 Sales, Marketing
Regular $29.99 Sales, Marketing, Customer Service
Enterprise $47.99 Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Extras (plug-ins, email & phone support, Google Chrome extension)

AgileCRM Pros

AgileCRM has a lot of capabilities. Here are just some of the pros that customers loved about them:  

  • Complete CRM that includes marketing tools and customer service integration
  • Includes a drag-and-drop landing page builder
  • Inclusion of dashboards and analytics

The fact that AgileCRM has marketing tools integrated into its system makes it a great option for those who don’t want to use any other software. 

You can take advantage of their drag-and-drop landing page builder, their social media management, and email marketing. AgileCRM allows for text marketing, too. 

The abundance of tools (and the analytics accompanying them) make you a big step ahead of those agents who don’t use any CRM.

Moreover, there is a dashboard that will track your performance and the lead nurturing of your contacts. 

So if you feel a little overwhelmed with all the things going on, you can lean on AgileCRM’s dashboard to summarize your overall performance. 

AgileCRM Cons

Despite having so many to offer, AgileCRM falls short in some areas, namely: 

  • Does not have a beginner-friendly tutorial for all features and modules
  • Not ideal for individual agents because of the overwhelming features
  • Dashboard does not provide recommendations based on performance

A lot of customers think that AgileCRM’s suite of features can be a little overwhelming.

Since it was made more for small to medium businesses, an individual real estate agent can struggle with getting around the software. 

Moreover, AgileCRM lacks beginner-friendly tutorials and a knowledge base that can help guide new users through its platform. 

As for the dashboard, the effort to have more data-centered actions is a great plus. However, it isn’t interactive and it doesn’t give recommendations on how you can better improve your metrics. 

Final Thoughts

If you work with a team, AgileCRM is a robust CRM that will help you with a lot of tasks. But if you’re an individual, this might require a bit of a learning curve. 

However, if you think that AgileCRM’s features fit your needs and preferences, we won’t stop you from taking advantage of that. 

After all, the decision is up to you. 

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