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Allied Schools Review – Is This Online Real Estate School for You?

Last updated on November 21, 2022

Allied Schools Review - Is This Online Real Estate School for You

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Allied Schools has been in the real estate business for more than 30 years. 

They’ve helped more than 350,000 professionals get a headstart in their careers — and who knows, you might be one of them soon.

There’s no doubt that Allied Schools is one of the more popular schools in California and Texas, thanks to their years of expertise and consistently good reputation.

But is it the online real estate school for YOU?

Let’s find out in this Allied Schools review. 

Here, we’ll be looking at:

  • An overview
  • Available programs 
  • Course format
  • Spanish training
  • Pricing
  • The good
  • The bad

Are you ready to dive in?

Let’s go!

Allied Schools – Overview

Allied Real Estate School

Allied Schools is a veteran in the field. Given their expertise and many years of experience, they are able to improve and elevate their online courses. So you can rest assured that you can get a quality education here. 

What’s more, Allied Schools has two main formats available – self-paced and livestream

For self-paced, you get to use their interactive platform with text, video, audio, and visual aids. For livestream, you can study from the comfort of your home but with a live instructor to guide you. 

Available Programs 

Allied Schools is a great real estate school as it offers many course programs. 

If you’re an aspiring real estate agent, then you can get your required pre-licensing education here. 

Nervous about your upcoming real estate licensing exam? Then you can avail yourself of its exam prep programs. 

Need to renew your real estate license? Allied Schools offer continuing education, too. 

On top of all that, you can choose from individual topics, too. 

Let’s look a bit at these programs. 

Pre-licensing Packages

As we mentioned, pre-licensing packages are offered in either self-paced or livestream formats. Whatever method you choose, you will get a downloadable e-book, practice exams, and live instructor access on their platform.

For the livestream format, they offer classes throughout the day. So if you have a day job and you need to study at night, then you have an option to do that. Just make sure to choose the classes you want to join ahead of time. 

Since this requires a live instructor, expect the livestream packages to be more expensive than the self-paced ones.

You can further upgrade these standard packages. The more premium tiers include exam prep videos, digital flashcards, a real estate dictionary, a physical textbook, and a “pass or don’t pay” guarantee. 

Exam Prep Programs

Let’s say you already finished your real estate pre-licensing education, however, you want a review before the licensing exam. 

Well, Allied Schools offer individual exam prep programs. 

Here, you get exam cram webinars, cram videos and workbooks, progress exams, final exams, custom exams, audio topic reviews, and digital flashcards. All this will help you retain the information, as well as get used to the testing environment. 

And the best part? If you don’t pass the licensing exam on your first try, you’ll get a refund!

Continuing Education Courses

For those who need to continue education for license renewals, you can check out Allied Schools CE packages. The curriculums are made by industry professionals and they are all approved in California and Texas. 

Lessons are offered individually and in packages. For premium packages, you get additional coaching, webinars, and job assistance. 

Individual Topics

If you need additional help and in-depth discussion on a particular topic, you can avail yourself of the individual courses offered by Allied Schools. This way you don’t have to purchase an entire package all over again if you just need a longer time to understand Fair Housing or whatnot. 

Course Format

What are the lessons at Allied Schools like?

Well, it isn’t as interactive as you might hope. 

However, you can rest assured that it has a few quizzes, videos, and images to help you understand and retain the information better. 

Sure, it might be a bit text-heavy, but don’t fret — it’s very easy to read through the text. 

And at the end of the course, you have to pass the final exam. This exam is open-book, so you can look through your lessons to answer a question. 

Overall, the course format is very straightforward. It shouldn’t be a problem navigating through it. 

Spanish Training

Given the high number of Spanish speakers in California and Texas, Allied Schools offer lessons in Spanish, too. Talk about inclusiveness!

They have Spanish instructors and Spanish on-demand videos for students who prefer to speak this language. With this, you can tell that they are passionate about helping all aspiring or renewing real estate agents. 


Allied Schools is very affordable!

And to think that it offers a lot of courses, formats, and quality education. 

Their standard pre-licensing packages start as low as $399 in California and $549 in Texas. On top of that, they always offer huge discounts, so you can get it at an even lower price. 

The exam prep program comes in at $109, while CE courses generally cost between $60 to $90 for each course in California. 

Cheap, right? 

The Good

  • Interactive experts available: Whether you choose self-paced or livestream, you get access to the school’s instructors anytime. And students have noted that they don’t just give you the answers — they are very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching their students.
  • Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee: If you don’t pass the Real Estate Licensing Exam on your first try, then you can ask for a refund of your package payment. If your exam results show that you failed, you just need to mail this back to Allied Schools and they’ll refund your package purchase price. Remember that you must take the exam within 30 days after finishing your practice exam.
  • Practice testing is widely available: Versus other schools where you have to pay additional money to get some exercises and dummy tests, here in Allied Schools, it’s already part of their packages. This helps break the monotony of learning and gauges students’ retention of their lessons.
  • Livestream format is offered: Though students opt for online classes for the convenience, not everyone finds it easy to study on their own in front of the screen. This option allows students to get a classroom setting that encourages learning and interaction. And if they need immediate answers, instructors are there to give them what they need.

The Bad

  • Only available in 2 states: Given its reputation and quality of service, more students who wish to enroll in Allied Schools can’t because they only offer programs for California and Texas.
  • The hard copy of the textbook is a paid add-on. Several customers wished that they could also receive the hard copy of their textbook for free or included in their package. However, it’s not, meaning you have to pay if you want a physical textbook. 

The Verdict

So is Allied Schools the online real estate school for you?

If you’re looking for an education that can guarantee you to pass, then yes!

This school has shown its expertise and high standard on all fronts – instructors, curriculum, program interface, and inclusiveness. And to top it all off, their programs are surprisingly affordable!

The only downside to this school is the number of states offered. So if you’re not from California or Texas, then you have to look somewhere else.

But aside from that, this school ranks very high on our list. 

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