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What are the Best Converting Ads for Real Estate Agents in 2023?

Last updated on December 2, 2022

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Are you getting an abundant stream of leads but not generating enough sales? 

If yes, then it’s probably best for you to re-evaluate your marketing and advertising strategies. 

Lead generation is merely the first half of the sales process. The second half lies in converting a prospect to a paying client, resulting in a transaction. 

If you are doing well at one but not the other, then your strategies must be lacking something. After all, leads that do not eventually turn into sales do not help you. I mean, if you’re spending money on advertising platforms that do not contribute to generating income, then you are not getting your money’s worth.   

So, what are the best converting ads for real estate agents in 2023? 

Today, we will discuss the top three advertising platforms that will help effectively convert your leads. 

Let’s start!

What are the Best Converting Ads Platforms?

These are the best converting ads platforms:

  • Instagram ads
  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads

Let’s see why. 

Instagram Ads

Although Instagram is not as popular a marketing platform for real estate agents, this social media network has untapped potential.

While it consists of a younger demographic, specifically users aged 18 to 29, it doesn’t mean Instagram doesn’t have the right market for real estate agents. 

This social media platform can actually be perfect for creating ads that are primarily geared towards first-time homebuyers. 

As long as you find the strategy that works for you and implement it properly, Instagram can be a very effective tool for converting leads. 

Young people go to Instagram for aesthetics. Aside from Pinterest, it is one of the top sources for people looking for inspiration for home exterior, interior design, room layouts, etc… You can take advantage of this demand for ideas by creating aesthetically pleasing ads that take potentially interested buyers to your landing page. 

Instagram lets you reach your target audience in two ways:

  • Promoted posts 
  • Ads

Promoted posts are existing content that you boost to extend to a wider audience, which includes users that aren’t following your page. Ads, on the other hand, focus on conversion and are created using the Facebook Ads Manager. 

You can place your ad on your feed, stories, or the ‘explore’ page. Of the three options, the main feed is the most popular because it tends to create the most engagement. It also allows you to put multiple images as well as longer videos, whereas ads placed on your stories last only 15 seconds.     

Whatever your strategy is, keep in mind that Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform. Hence, for converting ads to be effective, you will need to post high-quality content. You will need to invest time in creating Instagram-worthy advertisements or consider hiring a professional. 

Google Ads

Google Ads are paid advertisements that appear in Google search results. They help drive relevant and qualified traffic to your website when a person looks up a product or service that you offer. 

Google Ads appear on top of organic links and have “Ad” labels.

Google Ads is one of the top converting ads for real estate agents as they focus on highly targeted leads – buyers and sellers that are actively looking for agents. This feature lets you maximize your advertising budget since it will be shown to a specific audience. 

Another Google Ads feature that makes it one of the best marketing platforms is its flexibility. It lets you easily customize your campaigns, such as targeting people by location. It also allows you to set up a budget, limiting the amount you are spending on clicks. 

What’s more, this platform enables you to see fast results. Your Google Ads dashboard gives you all the information you need about your campaigns, including ads clicked, keywords entered, and cost of clicks. This way, you can analyze the progress of your marketing campaigns easily.

Google Ads also tells you what you need to know about the market. It records useful data such as customer location, the device they use for their searches, the keywords they use, and even the times and days they go on Google to look up your website. 

These pieces of information let you improve your marketing efforts so you do not waste money on campaigns that do not work to your advantage. 

Finally, here’s the reason why you need to use Google Ads for converting real estate leads.

Google is the search engine giant, and when people look for something online, they Google it. Research says that 80% of interested home buyers go to Google before anything else because it’s one of the best and most convenient ways to find an agent. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a well-known platform that not only helps generate leads but also converts them into paying clients. 

Recent studies show that Facebook usage increased by more than 50% in 2020, which means if you’re a real estate agent who hasn’t used Facebook Ads yet, you should do so sooner.  

The best feature of Facebook Ads is perhaps its array of choices for targeting strategies. Apart from letting you refine your audience by setting default restrictions, such as age, gender, and zip code, it also allows you to select your target based on the following categories:

  • Interests
  • Behavior

Have you ever seen a Facebook ad for a handbag after you’ve just Google’d one? It’s not a mere coincidence. It’s Facebook knowing and understanding your browsing habits whether within or outside the app. 

It tracks your recent searches, the places you’ve checked in, the apps you download, and the items you purchase online. By learning your habits, Facebook gives you personalized ads and connects you with relevant advertisers based on your activities. This feature allows the platform to create a database of lookalike audiences. 

This machine learning process makes Facebook Ads one of the best tools for converting ads for real estate agents.


Generating leads is one of a real estate agent’s most important tasks. However, it is only half the battle. 

Utilizing the best converting ads that turn leads into sales does not only help bring in income but also helps keep you growing in your real estate career. 

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