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The Best Florida Real Estate License School

Last updated on November 16, 2022

The Best Florida Real Estate License School

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Making the decision to enroll in a Florida real estate license school is something that can change your life forever. Becoming a real estate agent allows you to enjoy a wide range of different benefits including:

  • Improved salary potential
  • More flexibility with work schedules
  • Chance to be your own boss
  • And more

Even though you will likely begin your real estate career working for a Florida real estate firm, the fact is that few careers offer the opportunity to take control of your life in such an incredible way. And with the Florida real estate markets steadily recovering and increasing in opportunity, there’s really never been a better time to consider making this career change.

However, finding the best Florida real estate license school will be the first step that you have to take and it can be overwhelming at first for many. Online sites like AceableAgent can help you figure out which programs are available to you over the internet. But knowing what you’re looking for is important.

The 4 Best Online Real Estate License Schools In Florida

  1. AceableAgent
  2. Colibri Real Estate
  3. Mbition
  4. The CE Shop

What The Best Florida Real Estate License Schools Offer

Finding the Florida real estate license school that offers a solid education along with ease of access to the program is what you’ll want to begin with. There are plenty of Florida real estate license school options out there, and if you start off by narrowing down the list of available programs at a site like Colibri Real Estate, you will be able to quickly compare and contrast each school to see which one is best.

But what makes a school good? Here are some things to pay attention to when you review the Florida real estate license school options you find. They’re the primary things that make a school ‘the best’.

  • Online – Online education has come a long way over the last few years, and today it’s possible to enroll in an online Florida real estate license school and complete the required classroom training from the comfort of your own home. A good Florida real estate license school will allow you to do just that, giving you more flexibility in your education and reducing the stress that it can bring with it.
  • Accredited – Accreditation is a sign that a Florida real estate license school has been approved by governing bodies that ensure the program provides an education that readies students to sit for the exam and earn their license. If you enroll in a Florida real estate license school that lacks accreditation, you may not even be able to take the exam. And even if you are, the education you may receive otherwise could mean that you don’t get the knowledge needed to thrive once you are working in the field.
  • Education Options – Along with a basic real estate education, you may want to complete additional training for things like appraisals or home inspections. A good Florida real estate license school will offer not only the basic training, but the chance to expand on your knowledge later on.
  • Support After Completion – A good Florida real estate license school will go beyond just providing a basic education. Good schools help you find the closest realtors exam or connect you with sponsor realtors to make it easier to move into the real estate game. Look at what kind of post-course support a school offers as well as the program itself.

In short, when you’re looking for the best Florida real estate license school, you need to look for a school that is respected, that delivers great education, and that will allow you to take online classes if desired. Sites like AceableAgent, Mbition, or Colibri Real Estate will help you narrow down your options. Once you have your shortlist, keep the four points above in mind to find the best program available.

Best For You May Not Be Best For All

Another point that is well worth remembering when looking for the best Florida real estate license school is that everyone is different. What works best for you may not be what works best for someone else. As such, you need to take a closer look at yourself to determine just what you need from a program.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • Are you self-motivated and able to stay on task? If not, an offline program may be better. Online programs are much more dependent on your ability to keep your own motivation high.
  • Are you working full-time or even part-time? If so, online schools are a better fit thanks to their ability to allow you to complete your education without setting foot in a classroom or having to rearrange your entire schedule.
  • Where is the school located? In order to become a realtor in Florida, you’ll have to complete training that meets the Florida requirements for the exam. Make sure the course you’re considering qualifies you to do so.

Essentially, you just need to make certain that the school you’re considering is right for you. If you’re in doubt, you have two great tools at your disposal to help. The first will be sites like AceableAgent, that allow you to generate a list of the different programs you can choose from and compare them at a fairly basic level.

The second is the use of user reviews. These reviews are written by former students and allow you to see what past students have to say about a program. This can tell you a lot about which schools are the right fit for you since you can look at things like the program’s support system, post-completion support, flexibility with assignment deadlines, and more.

If you’re attempting to make a career change, becoming a real estate agent in Florida is a great option that can offer you a lot. But the first step is simply finding the Florida real estate license school that is best for you. Keep all of the above information in mind and you should be able to find the program that is a perfect fit for you and start down the path to a great new career.

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