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The 5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education Courses in New Mexico

Last updated on October 31, 2022

The 5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education Courses in New Mexico featured image

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Going to the same real estate continuing education program every three years can be boring. Especially if the school doesn’t update its curriculum.

It’s not just that! Outdated course content can also hurt your potential.

So, since you’re required to take CE courses to renew your real estate license, why not pick an online real estate school that offers quality, up-to-date CE courses, right?  

Never mind reading hundreds of search engine results for the hundreds of available online real estate schools in New Mexico. We’ve done all the research for you.

Here, we’ll give you the top (5) best online real estate continuing education courses available in good ol’ New Mexico!

5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education Courses in New Mexico

Here are the top 5 best online real estate schools that offer the best CE courses in New Mexico:

  1. McKissock Learning
  2. The CE Shop
  3. Empire Learning
  4. Mesa Real Estate Institute
  5. The Real Estate Institute of Las Cruces

Let’s get to know them!


Online Real Estate in New Mexico (Best Continuing Education for 2022) McKissock

Tired of those boring conference rooms and classrooms? 

Lucky for you, McKissock allows you to complete your real estate continuing education programs from the comfort of your home.

You don’t even need to get dressed or shower for the day. Just hop out of bed, grab a toast and some coffee, then get to learning!

McKissock’s easy access and easy-to-navigate course structures make it so simpler for students to get all the information they need from a few taps of their fingers.

These guys make learning convenient through their course packages.

They offer 2 packages. 

The first one is a 24-hour renewal package. Keep in mind that New Mexico requires 36 CE hours to renew your license, so this package will not fully satisfy state requirements. 

The next package is a membership. For just over $300, you get unlimited access to ALL CE courses in your state, 100+ job aides, 90-day Boot Camp, webinars, and so much more for one year. 

We tell you, this membership package is the best value for your money! 

Online Real Estate in New Mexico (Best Continuing Education for 2022) The CE Shop

If customer support is one of your must-haves when looking for an online CE course, The CE Shop is the way to go.

Aside from being comprehensive, affordable, and self-paced, these guys have received many praises from their students regarding their excellent customer support!

Their excellent support is not the only upside to working with them. Their courses are so well-organized that it’s easy to understand and remember the contents inside. It can, however, be a bit text-heavy. 

Not the “techy” type? Don’t worry, their courses are simple and straightforward. 

What’s more, you get practice exams at the end to test how much you’ve understood from your courses.

How much are their CE courses? If you choose their 24-hour package expect to pay under $300. Again, this does not satisfy the 36 required CE hours in New Mexico. You might have to avail of some of The CE Shop’s individual courses for that. 

For the individual courses, expect to pay around $50. 

Online Real Estate in New Mexico (Best Continuing Education for 2022) Empire Learning

Another online real estate school that students love to work with time and time again is Empire Learning.

Aside from being affordable, their lessons are so well-structured that students can’t help but rave about how well they were able to absorb all the content.

Plus, the information you get from their classes is up-to-date and relevant to today’s trends in real estate. So you know you’re not lagging behind.

Empire Learning has different packages that can fit anyone’s budget. Expect to pay around $150 for their 24-hour package. 

That’s already very affordable! 

But that’s not all, these guys run discounts and promos all the time. So you might want to visit their website to see if you’re lucky enough to save a few $$$. 

Online Real Estate in New Mexico (Best Continuing Education for 2022) Mesa

If you prefer being able to ask questions and consult instructors, Mesa Real Estate Institute is the one for you.

While they’re not self-paced, their live online classes still give you the convenience of finishing all your real estate CE requirements without having to leave your home!

Don’t know what are the required topics? Don’t worry, Mesa Real Estate Institute has all the requirements listed in a comprehensive table on their website.

To complete the course, all you need is a stable internet connection, a working laptop, a mic, and a webcam.

Don’t like staying home for classes? That’s fine. Everything is online, so you can just visit your favorite coffee shop or sit in the park.

Their courses start at an affordable rate of $50, but it may change depending on the Live course you take.

Online Real Estate in New Mexico (Best Continuing Education for 2022) REI Real Estate Institute

Gone are the days of muscling through traffic just to get to your classes.

Everything you need will be at a click of a button thanks to REI-Las Cruces’s Zoom live classes!

Thanks to their well-outlined course content, 4 hours go by in a flash. It’s not just the content, your professors are all experienced in the field, too. 

Because of this, you’re going to get all the right information to pass your upcoming exam and succeed in your career as a realtor.

And don’t worry about their rates. Their classes are budget-friendly, starting at around $35 per course!

New Mexico Online Real Estate CE FAQS 

While you’re thinking about which school is the best for you, we’ll tackle some FAQs.

How often do I need to renew my real estate license in New Mexico?

NM real estate license expires every 3 years.

Are online real estate CE courses better than in-person classes?

If you’re after speed, convenience, and affordability, then online real estate classes are perfect for you.

Do online CE schools in New Mexico offer refunds?

Most online real estate schools offer refunds and/or money-back guarantees. But always keep in mind that terms and conditions will apply.

How much should I expect to spend on online real estate CE courses in New Mexico?

It depends on the school, but expect to shell out about $30-$50 for individual courses and around $300-$500 for packages.

How much is the renewal fee for my real estate license?

When you’re going to renew your real estate license, you’ll need to pay a fee of around $240.


Have you decided on which school you’re enrolling in? 

If you haven’t, that’s completely fine. Maybe visiting their website and having a look around can help with your decision.

Just be sure that you can trust the 5 schools mentioned here. These schools offer the best CE courses in New Mexico.

Good luck! 

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