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The 5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education Courses in North Dakota

Last updated on October 31, 2022

Online Real Estate in North Dakota

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The life of a real estate agent can be equally rewarding and exhausting. 

You’re constantly juggling the needs of sellers and buyers, all the while trying to network with your peers. 

Having that on your plate and renewing your real estate license every year makes things a bit more challenging. 

This is especially true if you are still undecided on the school where you’ll take your required CE courses from.

We saved you from having to go through the long list of schools, trying to get as much information about them and the courses they offer. 

Keep on reading to check out our list of the 5 best online real estate continuing education in North Dakota. This is will help you find the perfect online CE course for you. 

So let’s get started.

5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education Courses in North Dakota

Here are the 5 schools that have the best online real estate Continuing Education courses in North Dakota.

  1. McKissock
  2. Continuing Ed Express
  3. University of North Dakota
  4. WebCE
  5. The CE Shop

And here’s an overview of what each one has to offer:


Online Real Estate in North Dakota - Best Continuing Education Schools McKissock

McKissock has been providing education to real estate professionals since 1990. After more than three decades, it remains one of the schools that immediately comes to mind when looking to renew real estate licenses.

McKissock ensures that its materials are regularly updated. So real estate professionals get up-to-date industry trends between one renewal cycle to the next.

Real estate agents completing their required CE hours in North Dakota can opt for McKissock’s 9-Hour Renewal Package, inclusive of NAR’s Ethics course. You can avail of this for under $80. What’s more, you can customize the contents further since McKissock offers the option to swap courses in a package.  

If you want complete control over the topics, there are 37 individual courses available on McKissock’s website that you can choose from. The price for each varies but averages at around $30. 

But for the ultimate experience and value-for-money, avail of their ND McKissock CE PLUS Membership. You get unlimited access to ALL CE courses in your state, as well coaching tools, webinars, 100+ job aids, and even a 90-day Boot Camp. 

As for the courses itself, the content is mostly text-based lessons, which may be less interactive than what you prefer. But most licensees don’t seem to mind the straightforward manner their courses are delivered. 

Online Real Estate in North Dakota - Best Continuing Education Schools Continuing Ed Express

Founded in 2005, Continuing Ed Express is a little younger than most schools on this list, but it doesn’t mean that their courses aren’t just as good. 

With a 4.8-rating on Google Reviews, real estate professionals were more than satisfied with their experience.

Although the content is relatively easy to get through, most of it is in text. 

It makes reading from a device of your choice uncomplicated. But if you prefer more interactive material, this might not be to your taste. 

They also offer one course in audio format, which you’ll love if you’re more of an auditory learner.

That said, there are 23 Continuing Education courses on their site that have rates ranging from under $20 to almost $30 each. What’s great about these is that you can first try a demo course, giving you a chance to get a feel of their content before purchasing. 

Note: To get a demo, you’ll need to create an account to access it.

If you change your mind after purchasing courses, it is possible to get a refund. Continuing Ed Express allows you to request refunds for any reason up to sixty days after purchase. 

You can also choose to have the course you purchased exchanged for a different one of equal or less value.

Online Real Estate in North Dakota - Best Continuing Education Schools University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota came a long way from the 1800s. On top of the traditional in-person classes they offer on their 521-acre campus, they now have real estate classes that you can take online. 

With content approved by ARELLO and the North Dakota Real Estate Commission, you can be sure of its level of quality.

The University of North Dakota offers three mandatory hours and 36 elective hours – more than enough to meet your license renewal requirements. 

There are two packages that you can avail of – both of which give you 9 hours of credit. The main difference between the bundles is that one includes the NAR Ethics course while the other doesn’t.

As always, you have the option to build your own by purchasing courses separately. The prices vary, depending on the number of hours, and cost between $20 and $50.

Their courses are in a format that allows you to learn at your own pace, in your own location. You can be sure that it is super convenient and flexible. 

Online Real Estate in North Dakota - Best Continuing Education Schools WebCE

Foster Customer Love is one of WebCE’s core values – and it’s evident from the way they’ve designed the courses they offer. Leveraging what technology offers, they’ve used it to ensure their materials appeal to people’s different learning styles.

This is true because they offer their courses in both text and audio formats. So if you prefer reading, you can go for the text-based courses. But if you want to study on the go, say, while commuting, you can opt for the audio format. 

The 4.5 rating reviews they’ve received prove the users’ level of satisfaction.

In North Dakota, WebCE offers two CE packages for salespersons – one on Communications and the other on Professional Practices. There are final exams to pass for the included courses, but since these are open-book, you don’t need to worry about it. 

If you don’t want to go with pre-bundled courses, you can always choose which to take from the 11 individual programs offered by WebCE. Each earns you 3 hours of credit for under $30.

Online Real Estate in North Dakota - Best Continuing Education Schools The CE Shop

Being one of the better-known names among online real estate schools, The CE Shop offers Continuing Education courses in all states. 

Known for their interactive courses, taking your CE hours with The CE Shop is not only an educational experience but also an enjoyable one.

You can access your courses through their learning platform called LEAP 2.0. Here, questions are asked during lessons, allowing for a participative event. Their resource material is delivered through various media – giving users a break from the usual text-based content. 

Overall, real estate professionals are satisfied with The CE Shop’s courses and service. Out of over 6,000 reviews on Trustpilot, 84% of reviewers gave it a 5 out of 5 ratings.

With over 30 CE courses, you won’t have any difficulty meeting your 9-hour education requirement. But you can also go straight and purchase their CE Package which already covers the nine education hours you need for your license renewal. 

With individual courses priced between under $30 to a little over $60, purchasing the package for under $80 might turn out to be less expensive.

North Dakota Online Real Estate Continuing Education FAQs

What are the requirements for license renewal in North Dakota?

You only need to complete 9 hours of Continuing Education to get your license renewed in North Dakota. For the current renewal cycle, there is no mandatory course required.

What’s different in North Dakota is that their Real Estate Commission only allows 8 hours of online education every 24 hours. Online delivery systems in the state do this automatically for you.

The submission of Completion Certificates to NDREC remains the responsibility of the real estate salesperson. Once you complete a course, however, the provider is required to report it within 5 to 7 days from when you finished it.

How often do you need to have your license renewed in Nebraska?

Real estate salespersons need to renew their licenses annually in North Dakota. 

Licenses expire on the last day of the year, but all requirements for active licenses need to be completed by November 15th. If not, you’ll have to renew your license from inactive status. 

Note that the CE hours you use to activate an inactive license cannot be part of the 9 hours of required Continuing Education.


Everyone prefers something a little different – real estate salespersons and their choice of online school is no exception. 

When you’re trying to figure out where to get your renewal requirements, you need to keep your preferences in mind. 

Even if you’re only required to complete 9 hours of Continuing Education to get your real estate license renewed in North Dakota, you’re still putting in time and money. 

With these 5 online real estate schools, you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best continuing education in North Dakota. You only need to pick the one that you find is best suited for your needs and preferences. 

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