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Comparing The 5 Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Oklahoma

Last updated on December 6, 2022

The Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Oklahoma

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As a real estate agent in Oklahoma, you are required to take the 21-hour CE course every three years to keep your license active. 

Completing the requirements can be time-consuming, especially if you're working on the side, too. 

But, don’t worry. Gone are the days when you need to adjust your daily schedule just to complete your continuing education requirements. 

Online real estate schools give you the privilege to access and finish the courses from the comfort of your home, using your laptop or mobile phone. So convenient, right?

If you’re looking for an online school to take your CE courses from, this article provides a detailed review of the best real estate CE courses in Oklahoma for 2023.

The 5 Best Online Real Estate Courses For Continuing Education in Oklahoma 

Here's a list of the top 5 best real estate schools for continuing education the state of Oklahoma:

  1. McKissock
  2. The CE Shop
  3. VanEd
  4. 360 Training
  5. Oklahoma Real Estate Academy

Let's start with our reviews!


Online Real Estate CE in Oklahoma (Best in 2022) McKissock

Since you’re going to renew your real estate license, you’ve probably heard about McKissock already. 

They are one of the best online real estate schools that offer continuing education in all 50 states since 1990. 

In Oklahoma, Mckissock offers a 21-hour real estate CE course package at about *$95.95. This includes a 15-hour elective course and a 6-hour core course. You have an option to swap the elective courses to a topic you’re more interested in. 

If you only need to take certain credits, you can purchase individual courses starting at about *$10.95.

If you want a good deal to help you enhance your skills in your career, you can check out OK McKissock CE Plus Membership. This membership is valid for one year and it costs about *$125.

The membership includes unlimited access to all the CE courses in your state, webinars, job aids, discounts, and many more! 

If you’re not pleased with Mckissock, you are eligible for a refund if you purchased the course within 10 days.

Online Real Estate CE in Oklahoma (Best in 2022) The CE Shop

Another credible online real estate school is The CE Shop. They have an excellent track record of high passing rates — proving the effectiveness of their courses. 

They offer two CE course packages for the state of Oklahoma at an affordable price. You can also purchase individual courses that start at about *$9.

As for the courses itself, it is interactive and is divided into shorter chapters. This makes lessons easier to understand. 

Towards the end of each section, there will be a summary of the lessons and some useful information.

Just like most other online schools, they offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the courses — as long as you’re not 50% done with the course. 

Online Real Estate CE in Oklahoma (Best in 2022) VanEd

VanEd is another reputable online real estate school in Oklahoma. They offer excellent courses across the country for more than 20 years with thousands of successful graduates.

You’ll never be left out with VanEd because their courses are always up-to-date. They offer several CE packages in Oklahoma. And you can purchase individual courses and e-books as well.

VanEd doesn't want you to just pass and complete your continuing education requirements, they also want you to learn new skills to help you be more successful in your career as a real estate agent. 

If you need help whenever you’re taking the courses, you can reach them via chat, email, or phone. 

Online Real Estate CE in Oklahoma (Best in 2022) 360 Training

360 Training is a leading online education provider for different industries including real estate. They have over 4 million users since they launched in 1997.

The downside is they don’t offer Oklahoma CE packages. They only offer several individual continuing education courses. 

The good news is that you can access your courses any time of the day using any device. You can also save your progress and continue the lessons later. 

Customer support is provided 7 days a week in case you’ll encounter any issues.

However, some users reported that their website is not as user-friendly as other online schools. Still, 360 Training offers one of the most reliable CE courses in Oklahoma.

Online Real Estate CE in Oklahoma (Best in 2022) Oklahoma Real Estate Academy

Oklahoma Real Estate Academy is one of the highly recommended online schools that offer a wide range of online real estate CE courses in Oklahoma. 

But what makes them reliable is that they have one of the highest passing rates.

Meanwhile, you can choose from different 21-hour CE course packages at a very affordable rate. Courses can be accessed online 24/7. 

If you don’t need the entire CE package, you can purchase their individual courses that start at about $10.

Independently studying the courses can be challenging for some, that’s why they have excellent instructor support to guide you. 

Oklahoma Online Real Estate Continuing Education FAQs

What are the Requirements to Renew My Real Estate License in Oklahoma?

Sales Associates are required to complete the 21-Hour Oklahoma Continuing Education every three years. 

The 21-Hour CE Course includes:

  • 15-Hour Elective Course
  • 6-Hour Core Course

What Will Happen if I Do Not Renew My Real Estate License in Oklahoma?

You should renew your license within the initial month of licensure every three years. If you are unable to renew by the 10th of the renewal month, a fine of $10.00 will be issued.

Why is it Better to Complete the Continuing Education Requirements Online?

The main reason why completing your CE requirements online is convenience. We know how unpredictable life can be and you won't be available all the time.

With online schools, you can take the courses when it's more convenient for you. You can continue your daily routine while being able to complete the requirements in the comfort of your own home!

Also, compared to traditional learning, online schools are more affordable and students finish it faster.


As a real estate agent in Oklahoma, you're obliged to complete a 21-hour continuing education course. 

With your busy schedules, taking these courses online takes away a lot of your worries in ensuring you meet the renewal requirements on time.

Our list here includes the best real estate CE course providers that you can find in Oklahoma. 

So take your pick and good luck!

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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