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Comparing the 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools for Continuing Education in Iowa

Last updated on February 1, 2023

Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education in Iowa

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

After getting your license, realtors often believe that gaining experience and getting contacts is all they’ll need to keep flipping houses.

While that may be true and all, in Iowa, you’ll have to take continuing education courses every 3 years to renew your license.

“What! more studying?!”

I hear you, studying is the last thing we realtors want to do, especially if you’ve got a lot of work packed into your schedule.

But don't fret. 

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best real estate continuing education courses in Iowa. These 5 online schools make the learning process as easy as possible to fit into any hectic schedule you may find yourself in.

Let’s get into it!

The 5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education (CE) Courses in Iowa 

Note - In Iowa, most online schools are only up to 24 hours of the CE course, which means you’ll have to study some of the required 36-hour courses in person.

The top 5 best online real estate continuing education courses in Iowa are:

  1. McKissock
  2. CE Shop
  3. Kaplan
  4. Center for Real Estate Excellence
  5. Iowa Realtors

Keep reading below for an in-depth review of each school.


Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education in Iowa McKissock

If you’re looking for an easy, all-in-one package, McKissock is the school for you.

Filled with all the Iowa-required CE courses, McKissock provides an affordable option that can link in with any busy schedule.

Scoring 4.4 stars out of 5 in their Iowa CE course alone, McKissock provides customers with a user-friendly layout that makes doing your course as simple as pie.

With chapters that are easy to understand and continually updated, McKissock doesn’t compromise on giving you the most relevant information to keep you on top of your game.

While their 24-hour CE courses do get the job done, McKissock goes over and beyond to give you exceptional value in the form of their CE plus package.

This package is more than just about fulfilling the requirements. Instead, it offers you a variety of different resources from how-to videos to on-demand video lectures. It provides everything you need to excel in the industry.

If you’re looking for a school that gives you more than you pay for, McKissock is a great option you can’t go wrong with.

Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education in Iowa The CE Shop

With a 4.7 star rating on Trustpilot, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best with The CE Shop.

Known for their easy and varied course content, such as video lectures, interactive hands-on learning, and downloadable e-books, you’ll have no problem understanding the complexities of this course.

What’s great about The CE Shop is its wonderful customer service. It’s available 24/7 to answer any lingering questions you may have. You can contact them through their live chat feature - a very convenient way to get immediate answers.

However, the course material isn’t the most enjoyable and you may struggle to stay focused, especially if you’re trying to get through it as fast as possible.

The site is also known to have a few technical issues, which while not anything major, can detract from the user experience.

Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education in Iowa Kaplan

If you like video-based learning, Kaplan is a great pick for your continuing education needs in Iowa.

Providing a hybrid learning model, mixing both text-based courses with pre-recorded video-based lectures, you do get the best of both worlds here.

With video-based lectures, you get the benefits of in-person teaching completely online. You’ll get to hear real-life scenarios from experienced realtors as they relay their stories throughout the course.

However, over 60% of the course is completely text-based, which can be a chore to sit through with the lack of engaging content.

The videos also aren’t the best if you’re thinking of doing this course out and about - you’ll need a speedy internet connection if you don’t want to endure the eternal buffering circle.

Center for real estate excellence logo

Center for Real Estate Excellence offers online or live stream real estate continuing education in Iowa. Their live stream classes are proctored by seasoned Realtors, so students can ask questions in real time. 

Students can purchase individual courses required in their continuing education. Another advantage of Center for Real Estate Excellence is students can attend an informational Zoom session to know what to expect before signing up for their programs.

Although the reviews for this school is quite limited, most reviews from previous students are positive. They were mostly impressed with the course itself and the instructors’ enthusiasm and teaching styles. 

The downsides are the courses are expensive and they only have limited courses. 

If you’re looking for online live stream classes, CREE is a good option because not all online real estate schools offer this. The main course is more or less $475, plus $120 for each additional courses. If you need to complete all required courses, it can cost you over $800.

If you decide to cancel, you must inform the school at least 72 hours before the start of the classes to get a full refund. If you already have the books for the course, you must return it or you can keep them for a $75 fee. 

If the student does not cancel within 72 hours before the start of classes, they won’t get a refund. The money they paid can be used for another class that should be taken within 120 days of original purchase.

Top 5 Best Online Real Estate Continuing Education in Iowa Iowa Realtors

To round up this list, Iowa Realtors is a school that brings a bit of local experience into its CE courses.

While the other courses on this list are all created to meet Iowa’s requirements, this course adds a bit of local flair to their CE course that can make it a bit more enjoyable.

You also get the added benefit of having a brick-and-mortar school that you can take the remaining in-person courses from.

But this course is strict, requiring a score of 90% to pass the final test, a whole 10% more than the other courses on this list!

The online site also isn’t the best and you’ll have to contend with a few site hiccups that can make the learning process a bit annoying.

Best Real Estate Continuing Education Courses in Iowa - FAQs

Do I Need to Take CE Courses to Renew My License?

Yes. CE courses are a requirement and failure to complete them can result in license suspension.

When Do I Need To Take a CE Course?

A CE course must be taken every 3 years before December 31st in your licensing year.

For example, if you’ve gotten your license in 2021, you’ll need to complete your CE course before Dec 31st, 2023.

How Long is the CE Course?

In Iowa, the total requirements are 36 hours of real estate continuing education courses, 24 hours of which can be completed online.

With online courses, no time constraint restricts you from completing the course, meaning you can complete a 3-hour course in an hour if you’re fast enough.

Am I Eligible To Take CE Courses?

There are no extra requirements to take CE courses. As long as you have a real estate license, you’re eligible.

Why Should I Take 24-Hours Online?

Online CE courses allow you to complete the course faster.

This is because with in-person schooling you have to complete a 3-hour course in 3 hours or more, while with online courses you can decide how quickly you want to study.

And now, you only need to take in-person classes for the remaining 12 hours.

The courses are also more affordable online. You’ll save money opting for the online, in-person hybrid solution compared to a course that’s completely in person.


All in all, if you’re looking for the easiest, most convenient CE courses to take in Iowa, the online real estate schools we mentioned are some of the best around.

So if you want to get back to doing what you love, then pick a school and get renewing your license. 

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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