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Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Kansas (2023)

Last updated on December 2, 2022

Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Kansas

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Looking to become an appraiser in Kansas?

Then you must know the importance of education. 

It’s not only a requirement to get your license, but it will help you know everything you need about the industry (and that’s how to succeed)

So to kick things off for you, let’s talk about the best real estate appraisal courses in Kansas. We’ll narrow the list down for you so it becomes easier and faster to select one. 

Rest assured, all the schools here are legit, approved, and of the highest quality. 

So let’s dive in! 

Best Online Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Kansas

Here’s a list of the schools that offer the best online appraisal courses in Kansas:

Let’s take a close look at each one. 

McKissock Learning

Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Kansas McKissock

McKissock is one of the best providers of online real estate education. Being approved in almost every state, this online real estate school is even listed on the appraisal board website as the highly recommended school to attend. 

Well, they’ve been in the business for more than 30 years now. Through the years, they have been able to establish partnerships with appraisers from around the country to bring you only the highest quality courses.

They don’t only focus on what’s written on your course textbooks; they rely on practical knowledge and hands-on skills to help their students take their appraisal career to the next level.

McKissock can offer you everything you need to get your appraisal license, including preparation for your Certified Residential or Licensed Residential exams, USPAP courses, and many more. 

But focusing on their appraisal qualifying courses in Kansas, they are available in 2 formats – online and live.

Their online package, called the 154-hr The Basics Package, enables students to complete the courses at their desired pace, wherever or whenever they want. This package includes:

  • The 150 required appraisal QE courses
  • 7-day customer phone and email support
  • Completion Certificate
  • 5 and 7-day Study Calendar

They also offer a payment plan where you can split the total price into two. This means you can pay half now, and the other half the next month. 

If you want the convenience of an online course but still need some live interaction, then go for their 154-hr Advanced Pro Package. This package includes everything in the Basic Package but adds:

  • 1-hour instructor-led Q&A sessions every week
  • Printed textbooks
  • Exam prep for Licensed Residential Appraisers

If you want to upgrade your appraisal license, you can get their KS QE Unlimited Learning Subscription.

McKissock also offers mandatory appraisal courses individually, both in Livestream and online formats. What’s more, they have non-credit webinars that can help you improve your skills and knowledge about the industry.

Appraisal Institute

Appraisal Institute

The Appraisal Institute is one of the world’s leading organizations with almost 23,000 professional real estate appraisers in over 60 countries throughout the world. They’ve been in service for over 50 years now. 

A member of the Appraisal Institute ideally benefits from an array of advocacy and educational programs, as well as holding the prestigious AI-GRS, MAI, SRA, SRPA, and AI-RRS designations.

In addition, the Appraisal Institute offers the right mix of learning options, whether you are Trainee, Licensed, Certified Residential, or Certified General appraiser. 

The only downside is that their website can be a bit difficult to navigate. You might have a hard time finding the courses that you need. So, to save you the trouble, check this list of their available appraiser courses per state. You may also use their Advanced Search option here. 

On top of the QE requirements, they have courses and appraiser events that you can attend. They even offer various scholarship opportunities for their members.



ASFMRA, or the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, is known to be a premier organization for all rural property experts. They’ve been providing education since 1929 and serve all of the jurisdictions in the USA. 

They are highly focused on enhancing the standards of discipline. With this, their members are empowered with the best-in-class service through balance or accreditation, education, and support.

Their Education Foundation ensures their members that they are provided with the leadership through programs and projects funding, which includes Development of Rural-Focused Courses in:

  • Appraisal
  • Management
  • Consulting

For appraisers, ASFMRA provides state and AQB-approved appraisal training for continuing education and certified general license.

They also offer accreditation courses for those who intend to become an Accredited Rural Appraiser or Real Property Review Appraiser. Check the list here.

And for even more resources, you might want to check their bookstore for appraisal-related journals and textbooks. 


How to become an appraiser in Kansas?

There are many steps to reaching the top. However, to hold the most basic license, you must:

  • Complete 150 hours of QE courses
  • Complete 1,000 hours of acceptable appraisal experience in not less than 6 months

That’s it!

You don’t even need college-level education. 

What are the appraisal QE courses in Kansas?

The 150 hours of QE courses in Kansas are:

  • Basic Appraisal Principles – 30 hours
  • Basic Appraisal Procedures – 30 hours
  • 15-hour Nat’l USPAP or Equivalent
  • Residential Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use – 15 hours
  • Residential Appraiser Site Valuation and Cost Approach – 15 hours
  • Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approaches – 30 hours
  • Residential Report Writing and Case Studies – 15 hours


To recap, becoming a real estate appraiser is definitely a great career choice. 

But it will take time and a lot of effort to get to the point where you can say that you’ve established yourself in the industry. 

So before you can get there, you need to focus on your education. 

Well, if you’re looking for legit, quality, and approved online appraisal courses in Kansas, then we have the answers for you here. Whichever school you pick, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. 

These schools not only provide the required courses, but offer an array of different resources to help you succeed. 

Good luck!

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