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Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Texas (Top 3)

Last updated on December 9, 2021

Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Texas (Top 3)

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Are you interested in starting a career as an appraiser in Texas? 

You’ve come to the right place!

A career as an appraiser is emotionally and financially rewarding. 

But there are different levels of appraisal licensing in this state. And no matter which level you choose, you will be required to complete a qualifying education to get your license.

If you’re here, you’re probably having trouble choosing which approved appraisal school offers the best appraisal courses.

If that is so, then this article is for you!

We will be giving a short review of the 3 best real estate appraisal courses in Texas. 

So let’s get reviewing!

What are the Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Texas?

According to research, most students prefer these appraisal schools:

  1. McKissock Learning
  2. Appraisal Institute
  3. VanEd

Let’s discuss each one!

McKissock Learning

Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Texas McKissock

Since 1990, Mckissock pioneered appraisal education across the country. To date, they have helped more than hundreds of thousands of professionals to achieve their career goals. No wonder McKissock has always been the top choice of aspiring real estate professionals.

For the state of Texas, they offer 3 online Appraisal Course Packages. You can take the online courses at your own pace using any device.

  • 79-hr The Basics Package for $899.95

This includes the 75-hour Qualifying Appraisal Course and the 4-hr Texas Supervisor-Trainee Course. 

  • 79-hr Advanced Pro Package for $1,149.95

In addition to the basic appraisal courses, this includes printed textbooks plus weekly Q&A with your instructor.

  • TX QE Unlimited Learning Subscription for $1,399.00

With McKissock’s unlimited learning subscription, you get more than what you paid for! You will get one-year unlimited access to more than 300 hours of Texas appraisal and upgrade education courses. 

You also get monthly webinars, weekly Q&As, a professional development library, discounts, etc.!

In case you want to extend your membership, you may do so until 30 days after the expiration date.

Do you prefer taking online courses in real-time? If yes, McKissock also offers Appraisal LiveStream Package for about  $1,580.00 (this already includes your textbooks). You can even choose the schedule that is most convenient for you.

Appraisal Institute

Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Texas Appraisal Institute

Appraisal Institute is a global association for real estate professionals. Although they are not a real estate school, they are well-known for the excellent courses they offer. 

The good thing is, you don’t have to be a member to enroll in one of their courses. However, active members will receive a discount on all courses.

They offer different delivery methods for their online courses. You can take them online, in-classroom, live, or synchronous. 

However, compared to other education providers, Appraisal Institute’s course format is stricter. You will only be given 30 days to complete any course that is 15 hours or less. While for courses that are more than 15 hours, you will be given 45 days.

If ever you decide to cancel the course, they have a minimum cancellation fee of $60. But, if you already completed 25% of the course, you are ineligible for any refund.


Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in Texas VanEd

Van Education Center or VanEd was established in 1997. Since then, they have been providing excellent online real estate education to over 65,000 licensing students and more than 100,000 continuing education students. 

What makes VanEd stand out is they offer a FREE 5-day Trial Period for students to be able to explore and understand how their online courses work.

When purchasing any course, textbooks will always be included in the price. In case you need instructor support, you can reach their instructors by email, phone, or online Q&A.

Texas Online Real Estate School FAQs

How Do I Become a Licensed Appraiser in Texas?

Before deciding to become a licensed appraiser in texas, you should meet the basic requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old or older and a citizen of the United States
  • A legal resident of Texas for at least 60 days before applying

The additional requirements will depend on which type of license you’re applying for. To give you an idea, below are the four licensing levels in Texas:

  • Texas Appraisal Trainee

College Education: No college-level education is required.

Experience: No prior experience is required

Qualifying Education Requirements: 75-hr Basic Appraisal Course

  • Licensed Residential Appraiser

College Education: No college-level education is required.

Experience: Should have at least 1,000 hours of appraisal experience for the last 6 months.

Qualifying Education Requirements: 150-hr Basic Appraisal Course

  • Certified Residential Appraiser

College Education: You must meet one of the following:

1.) Must have a Bachelor’s Degree (any field of study)

2.) Must have an Associate’s Degree focusing on economics, business, or real estate.

3.) Completed 30 college semester credit hours that focus on specific topics

4.) Completed the College-Level Examination Program 1 (CLEP)

5.) A combination of 3 and 4.

6.) If you’re a Licensed Residential for a minimum of 5 years, you may upgrade to Certified Residential without taking any courses, provided you have a good standing. 

Experience: Should have at least 1,500 hours of appraisal experience for the last 12 months.

Qualifying Education Requirements: 200-hr Basic Appraisal Course

  • Certified General Appraiser

College Education: You should have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

Experience: Should have at least 3, 000 hours of appraisal experience for the last 18 months. Where 1, 500 hours should be non-residential appraisal work.

Qualifying Education Requirements: 150-hr Basic Appraisal Course

Is It Better to Take Appraisal Courses Online?

So, you already decided to become an appraiser in Texas, but you’re still torn if you should take the courses online or in person. Although both methods are effective, there are more advantages to taking the courses online. 

We know how hard it is to juggle work and family time. Sometimes, it seems impossible to attend regular classes just to complete your qualifying education. Luckily, most appraisal schools offer online classes where you can take the courses at your own pace. 

That’s right, you won’t have to adjust your schedule just to make the ends meet!


A career as a real estate appraiser is diverse. You will encounter different scenarios and every appraisal job is unique. Once you’ve completed the first level of appraisal, you’ll have a better understanding of your role and responsibilities. 

Your educational background is also an important factor in being a successful appraisal. That’s why when choosing an appraisal school, you should carefully consider the provider’s reputation and check reviews about the courses they offer. 

The real estate appraisal schools we listed are all state-approved and recognized. So you’re sure to be in good hands!

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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