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Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in West Virginia (2023)

Last updated on December 9, 2022

Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in West Virginia

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

One of the requirements to become a Trainee Appraiser in West Virginia is completing 75 hours of Qualifying Education (QE).

Since it’s a requirement, and this will determine your knowledge in the industry, it’s important to go with a legit, approved, and quality provider. 

This is where we can help.

Today, we’re going to list the 3 best real estate appraisal course providers in West Virginia this 2023. We’re going to review each school so you can see which is the best fit for YOU. 

So shall we? 

What are the Best Real Estate Appraisal Course Providers in West Virginia?

Here are the 3 schools we will be looking into:

Let’s get to know what each of them has to offer.

McKissock Learning

Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in West Virginia McKissock

For over 30 years, McKissock has been serving about 2 million real estate professionals across the United States.

They have an impressive lineup of 23 instructors, who all have extensive backgrounds in the real estate and appraisal industries. 

Plus, the school has a solid reputation to back its course offerings, with a 4.3 out of 5-star rating out of over 468,000 reviews.

Combining experience and positive reviews, we can say that McKissock Learning is one of the best appraiser schools in the country. 

As for their QE courses available in West Virginia, you can choose between an online OR live stream package.

If you prefer taking classes on your own time, wherever you are, consider taking their 82-hr The Basics Package. 

If you prefer a more classroom feel, then you should get their Livestream format available in the 82-hr Advanced Pro Package.

The courses in these 2 packages already include the 75-Hours of West Virginia Online Required Trainee Level Courses. PLUS, the Supervisor-Trainee Course for West Virginia and the West Virginia Appraisal Law.  

Besides the courses, you’ll get customer phone and email support 24/7, Completion Certificates, and Mckissock’s NEW 5 and 7-day Study Calendars to ensure you finish your course in time. 

The Advanced Pro package even offers additional weekly 1-hour instructor-led Q&A sessions and printed course textbooks.

Meanwhile, if you already have an appraisal license in West Virginia and are ready to upgrade it, it’s best to subscribe to their WV QE Unlimited Learning Subscription. In addition to getting access to the required courses for your license level, you’ll also get access to professional development tools, discounts, and a lot more!

If you only need to complete a specific course, you can purchase them individually:

Online Format:

  • around $200 for the 15-hour courses
  • around $400 for the 30-four courses 

Livestream Format:

  • around $450 for the 15-hour courses
  • around $600 for the 30-hour course

The 15-hour National USPAP Course is also available for a little under $300.

What’s more, they have non-credit webinars for supplemental learning, price varies from $0 to $500 depending on the topic. 

As you can see, McKissock has it all!

Check this video for a preview.


Best Real Estate Appraisal Courses in West Virginia VanEd

VanEd is certified by IDECC, ARELLO, and the West Virginia Board of Appraisers.

They usually offer QE and CE online courses to meet the education requirements in different states. 

However, in West Virginia, they only offer New Appraiser License and CE Courses by their partner online licensing school – The CE Shop.

VanEd is happy to partner with other online schools for online appraisal licensing in states like West Virginia where they do not yet offer courses directly. 

Check here if there are any available courses:

So why go with VanEd?

Well, they help you pass your licensing exam on the first try with their Appraisal Exam Prep course.

This lets you review all of the required exam material, including the updated USPAP standard, which an appraisal student needs to pass for the Licensed Residential or Certified Residential Appraiser exams. 

What’s more, their comprehensive education does not only guarantee that you will fulfill your QE requirements, they are dedicated to providing unlimited instructional support. You’ll have your VanEd instructors readily available by phone/email to assist you in the online coursework.

Besides, VanEd is one of the most trusted online real estate schools with over 10,000 licensing students and over 30,000 CE students. All these students are very satisfied with their online system that is not just fast and reliable, but very simple to navigate – a result of their 15 years of experience in online real estate & appraisal education.

Appraisal Institute

Appraisal Institute

Before anything else, know that the Appraisal Institute is not a real estate school. Instead, it is a professional association of real estate appraisers. 

That said, they do offer real estate appraisal courses, too. Though that’s just a small part of it. 

Now, regarding the course material, you can trust that it is all high quality, acknowledged by over 17,000 real estate appraisers throughout the world.

And, since their appraisal courses are all AQB-approved, they should also be approved in the state of West Virginia.

They have courses and seminars that you can complete anywhere and whenever you have time. These courses are designed to be easy and convenient, giving you the education you want, without losing its quality and standards.

However, you might find it difficult to navigate their website. So, to save you the trouble, check this list of their available appraiser courses per state. Or, you can also check for courses using their Advanced Search option here

The AI Bluegrass Chapter also offers residential and commercial real estate appraisal education. Its extensive curriculum of courses and specialty seminars provides a well-rounded education. 

One more thing, The AI Bluegrass Chapter conducts quarterly meetings and other events for networking opportunities. If you have the chance, you should definitely go to one of these. 

Click here for the available list of local QE and CE courses offered by The AI Bluegrass Chapter in WV.

FAQs for Appraisers in West Virginia

Have some questions about becoming an appraiser in West Virginia? Here are some of the commonly asked questions that you might be asking yourself. 

How many hours of pre-licensing appraiser courses are required to become an appraiser in West Virginia?

The number of required QE hours increases as you upgrade your appraiser license level.

As an entry-level, to be eligible to become an appraiser trainee, you’ll need 75 Qualifying Education hours, which will include the following:

  • Basic Appraisal Principles – 30 hrs
  • Basic Appraisal Procedures – 30 hrs
  • National USPAP Update or Equivalent – 15 hrs

In addition, each level requires to take the 3 hours West Virginia Law Course.

What are the appraisal license levels in West Virginia?

Appraiser Trainee – An individual must successfully complete 75 hours of Board-approved Qualifying Education courses before applying for this license. 

Licensed Residential Appraiser – An individual must successfully complete 150 hours of Board-approved Qualifying Education courses before applying for a Licensed Residential Appraiser License.

Certified Residential Appraiser – An individual must successfully complete 200 hours of Board-approved QE courses before applying for this license level. 

Certified General Appraiser – An individual must successfully complete 300 hours of Board-approved Qualifying Education courses before applying for a Certified General Appraiser License.

What are the other appraisal license level requirements in West Virginia?

Appraisal: Trainee

  • 75 QE Hours
  • No prior appraisal experience required
  • No college-level education required

Roster Required: yes

Appraisal: Licensed

  • 150 QE Hours
  • 1,000 hours of acceptable appraisal experience in not less than 6 months.
  • No college-level education required
  • Roster Required: yes

Appraisal: Certified Residential

  • 200 QE Hours
  • Experience: 1,500 hours of acceptable appraisal experience in no fewer than 12 months
  • College Education or higher

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field of study;
  • Associate’s Degree in a focused field of study, such as business, economics, or real estate;
  • Successful completion of 30 college semester credit hours in specified topics;
  • Successful completion of College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams equivalent to a minimum of 30 semester credit hours in specified subject matter areas; 
  • Any combination of #3 and #4 above that includes all of the topics identified.
  • A LICENSED RESIDENTIAL appraiser who has been licensed for a minimum of 5 years and in good standing for at least 5 years with no disciplinary actions that would affect the individual’s ability to appraise may upgrade to CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL without completing any college coursework. 
  • Roster Required: yes

Appraisal: Certified General

  • 300 QE Hours
  • 3,000 hours of acceptable appraisal experience in no less than 18 months. A minimum of 1,500 hours of the required experience must be in non-residential appraisal work.
  • College Education: Must have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.
  • Roster Required: yes

How does the Roster Process work?

Rosters are mailed on the 15th and last day of every month. Rosters will be submitted on alternative days upon customer request. Please note there is a $10 fee for any rush submissions.

If I have questions, who can I contact or where can I find additional information about the requirements?

For any appraiser-related questions and information, we recommend you contact the West Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Examining Board:

Phone: 3045583919

Fax: 3045583983

Website: https://appraiserboard.wv.gov/

Address: 405 Capitol Street, Suite 906 Charleston, WV 25301


Getting legit, approved, and high-quality education is important for aspiring appraisers to be able to perform their vital and valuable responsibilities.

Though our list only had 3 providers, you can trust that these have more than enough. You will get the required education, as well as some extra resources to help you out. 

So choose your provider and get started today!

Good luck!

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