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Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Colorado (2023)

Last updated on December 2, 2022

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Colorado

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You might be one step closer to getting that real estate license, but it’s not over yet! 

Before you can apply for it, you need to pass the Colorado Real Estate Exam. 

You might think you have it in the bag, but do you want to risk it?

Here’s an idea, why don’t you increase the likelihood that you’ll pass on your first try? 

The best way to do that is to go through an exam prep course.

Luckily, it’s easy enough to find a provider in Colorado. 

And to make it even easier, we’re listing the 5 best real estate exam prep providers in Colorado for you. 

So let’s begin!

What are the Best Real Estate Exam Prep Providers in Colorado?

We’ll review the exam prep options from the following providers:

Let’s see what each of them has to offer!

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

If you took your pre-licensing course with Colibri Real Estate, your package might have included their exam prep course already. 

But if you didn’t, don’t worry! You can still opt to get it separately.

The real estate exam prep for Colorado contains various tools that help you prepare for the actual exam. These focus on 2 areas – reviewing what you learned through the pre-licensing course and becoming familiar with the testing experience.

There are progress exams and flashcards to help refresh your memory about real estate concepts.

Colibri Real Estate gives you 10 progress exams. Each one contains 45 questions, which expands your question bank.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the testing environment, the final exams can help you. Colibri Real Estate phrases questions as the real exam does, making it a real exam simulation.  

There are 5 final exams in your package — 3 simulate the national portion, while 2 cover Colorado-specific questions.

You can get all that for only $99. 

And the best part, it comes with a Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee. If you get a score of 80% on all your progress and final exams, take the Colorado Real Estate Exam within 30 days, and don’t pass your licensing exam on your first try, Colibri Real Estate will refund your payment.


The Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Colorado MbitionToLearn

Next on our list is Mbition. Like Colibri Real Estate, all pre-licensing packages from Mbition automatically include their exam prep course. 

But even if you took your pre-licensing course elsewhere, you can still choose to prepare for the Colorado Real Estate Exam with Mbition.

You have 2 options when looking for an exam prep course. You can go with the Exam Prep Plus — PSI National Real Estate Exam ($59) or The National Master Exam Prep Package — Colorado ($129).

Both options share the following features:

  • A question bank with more than a thousand questions. These cover all subject areas included in the Colorado Real Estate Exam.
  • 2 modes to help you with your review. Training Mode allows you to thoroughly review various subjects by letting you go through all possible questions. Testing Mode lets simulate the exam environment — you get fewer questions but need to complete it within a limited time.
  • A report that breaks down your results by question or topic. You can determine which areas need more attention to ensure you do well on the actual exam.

If you opt for the National Master package, which is more expensive, you get 2 additional features.

One is the Exam Prep Toolkit which contains flashcards to help you with the numerous terminologies used in real estate. Plus, you get a course covering several essential topics. 

The other is the MathMaster, which can help ensure that your math skills are up to par with what you need to pass the licensing exam.


The Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Colorado PrepAgent

Not all providers on our list are online real estate schools. 

PrepAgent, as its name implies, focuses on one thing: getting you ready for the Real Estate Exam in Colorado. Since they directed their resources towards this, their content is constantly updated to reflect any new material included in the exams.

You’ll notice that PrepAgent offers more review tools — more than flashcards and an updated question bank, you’ll also have videos, audio lessons, and access to webinars! 

It ensures you’ll find something that works for you, regardless of your learning preferences.

Remember, though, that you’ll only have access to all of these if you purchase their Premium package ($99). Although it’s the most expensive of the available options (you can also go with the Deluxe ($79) or the Basic ($59) package), it’s probably the most cost-effective choice. It gives you access to all features for a year from when you purchased it.

What’s more, PrepAgent guarantees 100% satisfaction. If you’re unhappy with their exam prep course, you can call them and they’ll give you a refund. As long as you do it within the first 120 days, you’ll get your money back.

Exam Scholar

Real Estate Exam Scholar

Similar to PrepAgent, it focuses only on exam prep. But unlike PrepAgent, Exam Scholar doesn’t give you options.

If you purchase their prep course, you’ll automatically get access to all resources they have available.

Your dashboard serves as your main menu. You can go to the different tools and features here, such as the practice exams, flashcards, audio files, video clips, and articles.

They have the most extensive question bank we’ve seen so far — more than 3,000 questions available — but their practice exams work similarly to those from other providers. 

You can review the exam using items from their question bank besides taking a practice exam. You can also go through these with video and audio clips. 

However, they didn’t label these by subject. So, unless you make a tracker indicating which clip covers what, it may be challenging to go back and look for something specific.

And, it is one of the cheapest exam prep providers out there! For only $39, you can build the confidence to ace the Colorado Real Estate Exam. 

If you don’t pass on your first try, you’ll receive a 100% refund within 24 hours.

The CE Shop

The CE Shop

The CE Shop’s Exam Prep Edge has a self-assessment feature. The first thing you do is establish a baseline of your real estate knowledge. From there, it’ll be easier to figure out where to put in most of your resources.

90% of aspiring real estate professionals that have used The CE Shop’s exam prep course passed the real estate exam — three-quarters of those on their first try! 

You can use the individual lessons to improve your developmental areas. Remember that you don’t have to take them in a particular order, so feel free to mix and match them to suit your needs.

Your personalized dashboard accumulates all the information from your lessons and practice exams and tells you when you’re ready for the real thing. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Exam Prep in Colorado

What do I get out of an exam prep course?

Many advantages come with taking an exam prep course:

  • It serves as a review of the topics you covered in your pre-licensing course.
  • It allows you to simulate the testing environment. If you need to make adjustments in how you do things, it’s better to know early.
  • Repetition helps you retain information, increasing your chances of getting correct answers.
  • It helps build your confidence in your knowledge and test-taking skills. When you feel good about your abilities, you’re more likely to perform better during the actual exam.

Should I take exam prep online?

Some providers offer real estate exam prep in person. These usually take an entire weekend (yes, Saturday AND Sunday).

However, it may become overwhelming if you have to do it on 2 consecutive days.

Timing is also a consideration. If you take it too early, you’ll run the risk of forgetting information by the time your test date comes around. Take it too near your exam schedule, and it’ll be like cramming.

All the providers on our list offer online exam prep courses. It means you can go through the different resources at your own pace.

Studies have shown that studying a little bit every day is more effective than memorizing everything in a short time.

What should I look for in an exam prep course?

It’s always important to find a provider with an extensive question bank. The more questions you go through, the more you’ll be able to review your material. Asides from that, consider the following things:

  • Are their questions phrased similarly to the ones in the Colorado Real Estate Exam?
  • Is there an explanation as to why your answer was correct or incorrect?
  • Do their questions cover all the subjects covered in the Colorado test?
  • How many practice tests do they allow?
  • Do you get other resources aside from practice tests?
  • Does the provider consider learning styles?

It’s usually a good idea to check out reviews from actual users. They’ll give you an idea of whether a provider offers these or not.


Taking an exam prep is an excellent way to spend the time between completing your pre-licensing course and taking your exam. 

It’s okay to be concerned about whether you’ll pass or not, but worrying too much doesn’t help. What will help is ensuring you’ve done everything possible to stack the odds in your favor. 

Going through exam prep gives you that advantage.

So what are you waiting for? 

Figure out which provider fits your preferences, and start prepping!

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