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Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Maryland (2023)

Last updated on November 15, 2022

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Maryland

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Before you sit down to take the Maryland Real Estate Exam, we highly recommend taking an exam prep program first. 


Because, as the name implies, these programs make sure you are more than prepared to ace the exam. I mean, nobody wants to fail it, right? 

So if you need that extra confidence boost that you’ll pass on the first try, check out the best real estate exam prep in Maryland this 2023!

The Best Real Estate Exam Prep Providers in Maryland

Here are the best real estate exam prep providers in Maryland: 

Let’s review each one to see what they offer.


Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Maryland PrepAgent

Since PrepAgent solely focuses on real estate exam prep, they made sure to place all their resources here. In turn, they came up with a program with lots of resources. 

If you’re on a budget and just want to practice for the Maryland Real Estate Exam, then you can choose their Basic plan for $59. Here, you get national and state-specific questions, as well as a money-back guarantee for 1 week. 

If you’re looking for more resources, then we recommend either the Deluxe or Premium plan. Other resources include exam prep videos and audio lessons, interactive flashcards, exam prep e-book, and specific to the Premium plan, vocabulary worksheets, plus live and recorded webinars. 

The Deluxe plan costs $79 and can be accessed for a week, while the Premium plan costs $99 and can be accessed for a whole year. 

So as you can see, PrepAgent has something for everyone. 

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate is the leading real estate school in the country. With that reputation, you can trust that they offer great exam prep programs, too. 

Unlike PrepAgent, they only offer 1 package for all.

In this package, you get:

  • Digital Flashcards – to help you familiarize yourself with real estate terminologies
  • Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee – if you get 80% on their exams and take the Maryland Real Estate Exam within 30 days, and you still fail it, they will give you a full refund.
  • Progress Exams – you can take 10 progress exams to check your knowledge
  • Final Exams – you can simulate the national and state-specific portion of the Maryland Real Estate Exam
  • Custom Exams – you can customize the exam to topics that you struggle with the most 

You can get all this for just $99. 

Sounds like a great deal, right? 

The CE Shop

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Maryland The CE Shop

The CE Shop is another popular online real estate school in the country. And despite their name, they do offer exam prep programs in Maryland. 

Here, you can choose from 3 packages: 

  • Exam Prep Edge: PSI National Portion – $56.25
  • Exam Prep Edge: MD Salesperson State Portion – $56.25
  • Exam Prep Edge MD Salesperson National and State Portions – $93.75

Exam Prep Edge: PSI National Portion covers the national portion of the Maryland Real Estate Exam. If you feel like you need to put all your focus here, then this is the package for you.

Exam Prep Edge: MD Salesperson State Portion covers the state portion only. In this case, the questions specific to Maryland.  

Exam Prep Edge MD Salesperson National and State Portions covers both national and state portions. On top of that, you will take an initial assessment to see where you stand at the moment. From there, your interactive dashboard will help you focus on the topics you find the hardest. You will also receive immediate feedback. 



Next on our list is MbitionToLearn. Though it is a real estate school, their boast is actually in their exam prep program. 

For that, they offer 2 packages:

  • Exam Prep Plus – PSI National Real Exam
  • National Master Exam Prep Package – Maryland

The Exam Prep Plus package offers simulated national exam questions. With this, the student will get a feel of what the actual exam is like. 

Here is what you can expect inside this package:

  • Question Bank
  • Testing Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Feedback Reporting 

Question Bank – these are over 1,000 comprehensive questions related to the exams. This also includes answers and explanations for better understanding.

Testing mode – This is what gives you a feel of the real exam. It will make you go through filtered questions within a specific time. 

Training Mode – Allows you to answer all the questions without worrying about the time. 

Feedback Report – Real-time results with comments per question. 

As for the National Master Exam Prep Package, which costs higher than the other package, it offers even more than that.  This package includes:

  • National Real Estate Exam Prep-PSI 
  • Real Estate Exam Prep Toolkit 
  • MathMaster

National Real Estate Exam Prep-PSI –  this is a type of tool that uses adaptive learning materials and technology. This study plan will focus on your individual needs.

Real Estate Exam Prep Toolkit – The toolkit includes flashcards that will help review terminologies. This also includes contracts, finance and law. 

MathMaster – This will help you understand real estate math more. In turn, it will help you answer the math questions in the Maryland Real Estate School with confidence. 


Like PrepAgent, CompuCram focuses on exam prep programs. And so, you can trust that you’re getting quality. 

They offer a complete package with both the national and state portion, as well as interactive study tools, dynamic practice and simulated exams, and a 100% money-back guarantee. 

But if you just want to focus on the Maryland questions, then you can get a solo package for that. You get the same features, but just that all the questions will be directed at the Maryland portion. 

Sure, it isn’t the fanciest or the most standout program. But still, it gets the job done, and for some, that is all they’re looking for. 


Why should I take a real estate exam prep program?

Based on research, the Maryland Real Estate Exam is one of the hardest state exams to pass in the United States. Even if you have studied your pre-licensing courses very well, you might still feel nervous about taking it. 

This is where exam prep programs shine. It not only lets you get used to the types of questions that will appear, but it will also help you build confidence and let you know more about the testing environment. 

How many questions are in the Maryland Real Estate Exam?

The Maryland Real Estate exam is divided into 2 portions — national and state. The national portion exam is composed of 80 questions that you need to complete in 90 minutes, while the state portion exam is composed of 30 questions and needs to be finished in 30 minutes. 

Can I retake the Maryland Real Estate Exam if I failed?

Yes! You can retake the exam all you want. However, you need to wait 24 hours to reschedule. Also, you’ll need to repay the exam fee. 


In this generation, aspiring agents are blessed because they have the option to prepare for the upcoming exam. 

They’re even more blessed knowing that there are lots of great real estate exam prep programs out there. 

So if you’re from Maryland, then choose one of these providers and start getting ready to ace the Maryland Real Estate Exam. 

Good luck!

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