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Best Real Estate Exam Prep in New Jersey (2023)

Last updated on March 10, 2023

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in New Jersey

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The New Jersey Real Estate Licensure Exam requires preparation.

I mean, imagine how discouraging and time-wasting it is if you fail the exam. Not to mention, you have to pay the fee again. 

So, to make sure that you pass on the first try, take an exam prep program!

Today, we’re going to review the best real estate exam prep in New Jersey. 

So let’s get reviewing!

The Best Real Estate Exam Prep Providers in New Jersey

Here’s a quick rundown of the best real estate exam prep providers in New Jersey:

  1. PrepAgent
  2. Colibri Real Estate
  3. Real Estate Exam Scholar
  4. CompuCram
  5. The CE Shop
  6. Kaplan Real Estate Education

Scroll down to see which provider suits your learning style and needs more.


Best Real Estate Exam Prep in New Jersey PrepAgent

PrepAgent solely focuses on real estate exam prep. This is why you can be sure that they put all their resources here. 

And you get a whole lot. 

There are 3 packages you can choose from — each offering more than the previous one.

For their Basic package, you only get the national and New Jersey-specific questions, along with a money-back guarantee. You can access this for 1 week. 

So if you don’t want to spend too much on this program, then this is the package for you. 

However, if you want more resources, then you can go for their Deluxe or Premium package. It offers so much more, such as exam prep videos and audio lessons, interactive flashcards, exam prep ebook, and even live and recorded webinars for the Premium plan. 

If you’re someone looking for extra learning, then you can get it with PrepAgent, too. 

Here’s a full PrepAgent review – take a look inside the course!

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate is one of the leading online real estate schools in the US. So you can be sure that their exam prep program is high-quality, too. 

Unlike PrepAgent, Colibri Real Estate offer everything you need to ace the exam in one package. 

The package includes:

  • Progress Exams
  • Final Exams
  • Custom Exams
  • Digital Flashcard

Progress Exams let you go through all the national and state-specific questions. 

Final exams simulate the actual exam, with a specific number of questions and a timer. 

Custom exams allow you to personalize the exam according to where you need more focus. 

And, finally, the digital flashcards will help you memorize core real estate terminologies. 

With all these, you’re sure to ace the New Jersey Real Estate Exam. 

Real Estate Exam Scholar

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in New Jersey Real Estate Exam Scholar

Looking for an affordable exam prep program?

Then check out Real Estate Exam Scholar as it is one of the cheapest in New Jersey. 

Plus, it has everything you need – articles, summaries, videos, audio and podcast, exams – all in one place. 

So whether you’re a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a verbal learner, it’ll be easy for you to grasp and remember core concepts. 

On top of that, you can select short quizzes, flashcards, timed exams, and simulated real estate exams. This way, you can get the hang of it. 

You won’t run short on learning and preparing here!



CompuCram stands out as it has one of the most advanced and user-friendly interfaces. From taking the initial assessments to reviewing all the topics, everything is tied up well in one place.

You start by taking an assessment test, with questions based on the New Jersey Real Estate Exam. 

After finishing this quick test, CompuCram shows you your grade and the questions you got wrong. 

You get to review these questions. The great thing is that the system explains the right answer. This way, you’ll know the reason behind the answer, and not just memorize it. 

The entire program will mostly revolve around this testing and learning style. 

Students who prefer to find out their weak areas and focus on improving them will appreciate this setup more.

You also get interactive study tools, dynamic practice tests, and simulated exams. 

The CE Shop

The CE Shop

The CE Shop is known for its comprehensive study guide included in its exam prep program. 

Many love how the entire package is properly structured and all discussions are easy to follow. 
All key lessons are further divided into subtopics for an in-depth learning experience.

Once you’ve studied all sections, you can take their mock exams and see which questions you need to master further. 

What’s nice with the CE Shop is that they offer unlimited takes on their mock exams. 

What’s more, all progress is monitored in their so-called “candidate information bulletin.” This is a dashboard of your performance.

In the end, it’ll show you if you’re ready to take the actual exam.

Kaplan Real Estate Education


Want a more personalized preparation before you take the exam?

Check out Kaplan Real Estate Education

With the help of its free exam trial, you can assess the topics you’re strong in and the ones you’re poor in. Once you have the results, you can personalize your practice tests, aside from the default exams which cover both national and state-specific questions.

With this special feature, you can control your time more by focusing on the topics you are struggling with. You can also make as many test variations as possible, exercising and familiarizing your brain with the number of questions and the length of the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. 

Aside from taking the pre-licensing course and passing the exam, what are the other requirements I need to get my real estate license in New Jersey?

You must be at least 18 years old and must hold a high school education. 

The Real Estate Commission also does a background check to assess your moral integrity. If you have a criminal record or are currently on parole, the Commission may deny your license approval. 

I have a real estate license from a different state.  Will this be honored in New Jersey?

Unfortunately, there is no reciprocity in New Jersey. You will need to apply for your license here.

I took online pre-licensing and exam prep classes. Can I take my real estate licensure exam online as well in New Jersey?

No, you have to drive to your nearest accredited licensing center in the city.


Studying and reviewing again might seem tedious and wasteful. But by taking an exam prep program, you are almost always guaranteed to pass in just one try. 

And who doesn’t want that?

To make the hours more enjoyable and worthwhile, choose the school which offers the services and learning approach that suit you more. 

And, if you pick any of these best real estate exam prep in New Jersey, you can be sure that you’ll be in great hands. 

Good luck!

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