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Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Ohio (2023)

Last updated on March 10, 2023

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Ohio

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Completed your Ohio real estate pre-licensing courses? Awesome! 

Now it’s time to pass your licensure exam.

As you wait for exam day, the best thing to do is take an exam prep program. 

And to help you out, we’ll review the best real estate exam prep in Ohio. This way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of finding the best of the best. 

So let’s get reviewing!

Best Real Estate Exam Prep Providers in Ohio

If you’re looking for the best exam prep in Ohio, check these providers out:

  1. PrepAgent
  2. Colibri Real Estate
  3. Kaplan Real Estate Education
  4. Hondros College
  5. CompuCram

Let’s get to know what each one can offer you. 


Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Ohio PrepAgent

First off is the one and only PrepAgent.

They specialize in creating exam prep materials for future realtors all over the US. So, what can you get out of their offers?

If you decide to go with PrepAgent, you can enjoy access to: 

  • Updated national and Ohio-specific questions
  • Over 75 real estate videos
  • 100+ page E-book containing the key concepts covered in the exam 
  • Audio lessons that you can listen to while youre driving, doing chores, or running errands

If you don’t need all those resources, then you can go for their Basic plan and just get the practice questions. This is more than enough to help you ace your Ohio Real Estate Exam. 

Check out their prices:

  • Basic – $79
  • Deluxe – $99
  • Premium – $119

Here’s a full PrepAgent review – take a look inside the course!

Colibri Real Estate

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Second on our list is Colibri Real Estate. You may be familiar with their name as they are the most popular online real estate school in the country. 

What makes Colibri Real Estate stand out is that they offer all their features in just one plan. So for a fixed price of $99, you already get everything. 

In their plan, you can get access to: 

  • Progress exams to go through as many questions
  • Final exams to simulate the actual thing
  • Custom exams to improve areas where you need more help 
  • Digital flashcards to help you master key terms and concepts
  • Pass or don’t pay guarantee to ensure no risk is involved 

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Ohio Kaplan

Another familiar name that you might recognize is Kaplan Real Estate Education (or Kapre). Kaplan is one of the household names when it comes to education in America. 

Kapre does its best to pave the way to success for each one of its students, and that’s why they also offer amazing exam prep programs tailored per state! 

Their Ohio package includes an extensive QBank or question bank filled with all the possible questions that may appear on the actual exam. 

They also give you customizable tests to help you improve areas that need to be addressed. Plus, you get drills that simulate the exam to help you get used to the testing environment. 

You even have the ability to create personal notes, bookmarks, and make use of their performance tracker.

All of that and more for only $99! 

Hondros College

Hondros College

Hondros College is fourth on our list. 

Now, unlike the other providers we mentioned above, Hondros offers more options for real estate exam-takers to choose from. They also offer Livestream tutoring, as well as online learning. 

This makes it easier for people to choose packages that are able to meet their learning needs and is an excellent prep provider for those who thrive off on face-to-face learning.

So what are you getting from their exam prep kits? 

Well, depending on the option you choose, you can gain unlimited access to a 4-hour math review, one-on-one with certified instructors, 500 flashcards that contain terms and concepts in real estate, and an option to create a custom review based on areas you need to work on the most.



Finally, we have CompuCram. 

Like PrepAgent, they specialize in offering exam prep. 

Their complete package includes simulated exams, state-relevant practice tests, interactive study tools, and unlimited access to 1,800+ test questions that have been proven to pop up in every real estate licensing exam in Ohio.

Sure, it isn’t the fanciest exam prep provider out there. However, it does get the job done in helping you ace the Ohio Real Estate Exam on the first try. To some, that is more than enough. 


Before we end, let’s go over a few FAQs first.

Why Do I Need Real Estate Exam Prep?

While it’s not a requirement to take real estate exam prep programs, it is encouraged as it increases the passing rate for each student. 

How Do I Take the Real Estate Exam in Ohio?

To take the exam, you must:

  • Submit a completed Salesperson Examination Application
  • Pay the $60 fee
  • Provide proof that you have completed your education requirements to the Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing

How Long is the Real Estate Exam in Ohio?

You will be given 180 minutes or 3 hours to complete the entire Ohio Real Estate Exam. 

There are 120 minutes or 2 hours for the National section, and 60 minutes or 1 hour for the state section. 

How Much Do I Need to Score to Pass the Ohio Real Estate Exam?

To pass the Ohio Real Estate Exam, you will need to correctly answer 70% of the total test items. 

You will need 56/80 in the National section and 28/40 in the State section.

Can I Still Pass the Exam Without Taking a Real Estate Exam Prep Program?

Yes, you can! However, to be extra sure that you’ll pass on your first try, we highly recommend taking an exam prep provider, specifically the ones mentioned here. 

Can I Retake the Ohio Real Estate Exam if I Fail the First Time? 

Yes, but you will have to pay the exam fee again. 


As you wait for your exam day to arrive, the best thing you can do is prepare for it. 

And what better way than to take a program from the best exam prep providers in Ohio. 

Rest assured these providers can help you ace it on your first try — they’re even so confident they offer 100% money-back guarantees if you don’t pass right away (terms and conditions apply)

So pick a provider today and get prepping.

Good luck!

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