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Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Wyoming (2023)

Last updated on March 2, 2023

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Wyoming

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The Wyoming Real Estate Exam is known to be one of the most difficult exams to pass. 

With a required passing rate of 70 for the national test and 24 for the state exam, you will need to answer a lot of questions right. 

Thankfully, there are many exam prep providers that are willing to help you ace it on your first try. 

And today, we’re going to help you, too, by listing the best real estate exam prep in Wyoming. 

We’ll review each provider, so you can pick the one that best suits YOU. 

So shall we? 

What are the Best Real Estate Exam Prep Providers in Wyoming?

These are the best real estate exam prep providers in Wyoming:

Let’s review each one. 



  • Has a package to suit everyone’s needs
  • Has a lot of learning tools
  • Solely focuses on real estate exam prep
  • Affordable


  • Basic package is limited

When it comes to exam prep, PrepAgent is the number one choice. 

This is partly because they solely focus on exam prep for real estate. And partly because they offer TONS of learning resources. 

And if you’re not into the extra learning tools, you can go for the cheap, basic package that just gives you the practice questions. 

Take a look at their packages and see which one fits your needs and preferences:

Access1 week1 month1 year
Question bank for national and state-specific portionsYesYesYes
Money-back guaranteeYesYesYes
Exam prep videos YesYes
Audio Lessons YesYes
Exam Prep eBook YesYes
Interactive vocabulary worksheet  Yes
Access to live and recorded webinars  Yes

No matter which package you go for, you will be more than prepared to enter that exam room and come out successful.


Exam Scholar

Exam Scholar


  • Super affordable
  • Over 3,500+ practice questions
  • Includes exam prep videos and audio recordings
  • Has explainer videos


  • Has only 1 package

Known as one of the best exam preps in Wyoming, Exam Scholar gives you a bang for your buck with its $39 program. 

For its price, you’re probably expecting only 500 questions. But no, Exam Scholar has prepared over 3,500+ practice questions that are dynamically shown in your practice tests. 

That’s not all. You get 60 videos and audio recordings on tips and topics that were discussed in your pre-licensing course. You also get access to explainer videos for the wrong answer taken in the tests. 

And if those aren’t enough, you can use the 750 flashcards for additional preparation for the exam. 


Talk about bang for your buck! 

The CE Shop

Best Real Estate Exam Prep in Wyoming The CE Shop


  • Has a free initial assessment test
  • Creates an outline that serves as a study guide
  • Has a dashboard that shows your progress on topics


  • Only focuses on the national portion
  • Slightly more expensive 

When it comes to real estate, The CE Shop always has something available. It’s no wonder it is known as the one-stop shop for all things real estate education. 

For their exam prep for Wyoming, this online school offers unlimited practice tests that will give you all the preparation you need. 

However, at the moment, it only offers a package for the national portion of the exam. 

What we love about The CE Shop is that it gives a free initial assessment test before you get started with your lesson plan. This test will determine which subjects you need to focus on. 

Once you take the test, your score will serve as the primary guide in creating your lesson plan. 

There’s also a dashboard that will help you track your progress. Plus, there’s a meter on how much more practice you need to do for each topic. 

And if you’re worried that there might not be enough practice tests, well, The CE Shop has unlimited dynamic tests you can take. This means no one test will be the same. 

Real Estate Practice Test

Real Estate Practice Test


  • Affordable exam prep
  • Tons of learning tools
  • Get access for 1 year


  • Doesn’t have a lot of practice questions

Real Estate Practice Test is another provider that is up there when it comes to exam prep in Wyoming.

For a little less than $50, you can access 500 practice questions. The practice questions include 450 vocabulary questions and 50 maths questions. 

While this is relatively few compared to the other exam preps listed here, it’s already a good amount of questions for the price you pay. 

What we love about Real Estate Practice Test is that each answer is explained in detail during the quizzes. So if you don’t know the answer, you’ll be able to understand why you got the question wrong. 

What’s more, the questions are updated every year. And, this provider also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you fail the exam. 

So if you’re looking for an affordable exam prep that doesn’t break the bank but still helps you get ready, then Real Estate Practice Test is a great choice. 

Real Estate Prep Guide

Real Estate Prep Guide


  • Affordable exam prep
  • Has a pass rate of 95% 
  • Has a 100% money-back guarantee


  • Does not have a dynamic course plan
  • Only 250 practice questions

Real Estate Prep Guide has a similar price point to the Real Estate Practice Test. 

Real Estate Prep Guide offers an exam prep that has a track record of a 95% passing rate. This is high considering that the Wyoming Real Estate Exam is difficult. 

As for the features, you get 250 practice questions, access to your account on any device, and a 100% money-back guarantee if you fail the exam. 

The questions may be few, but they’re all arranged in such a way that you can cover all the topics found in the actual exam. 

There’s also a FREE trial so that you can get a feel of how the exam prep works. So you can test it out before you commit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? Then let’s answer some of the most frequently asked ones. 

Why should I take a real estate exam prep?

Wyoming is considered one of the most difficult real estate exams in the country. An exam prep will help you get ready for that exam. 

It will help you familiarize yourself with the types of questions asked, know the definition of the answers, understand key terminologies, as well as help you get used to the testing environment.

With exam prep, you’re more than ready to face the exam and ace it. 

How do I take the Wyoming Real Estate Exam?

When you’re ready to take the exam, you can make a schedule online. You have to first register an account and pick a schedule before proceeding to your exam venue. 

What is the passing score in the Wyoming Real Estate Exam? 

You need to get 70/100 for the national portion and 25/32 for the state portion. 


Yes, the Wyoming Real Estate Exam is difficult.  

However, it’s not so difficult that a quality exam prep program can’t penetrate through it. 

That’s right. 

These best real estate exam prep in Wyoming will get you ready for exam day. Not just that, it will help you ACE that exam in one go. 

And if not? Well, you can get your money back. 

So what are you waiting for?

Get preparing by going with one of these providers. 

Good luck!

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