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Best Real Estate Schools in Charlotte, NC

Last updated on March 9, 2023

Best Real Estate Schools in Charlotte, NC

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Calling everyone in Charlotte looking to get a real estate license…

Are you looking for the best real estate school to attend in your city?

Look no further. 

Here, we’re going to review the best online and in-person schools in Charlotte, NC. With this, you’ll have the option to study with great convenience and flexibility (online) or study with an instructor and other students present (in person). 

There’s something for everyone here. 

So let’s get reviewing! 

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Charlotte, NC

Here are the top picks for the best online real estate schools in Charlotte:

Though they all provide convenience and flexibility, there are other things to consider. These include products, prices, and platforms. These are the areas we’re exploring as we go through each.

Are you ready to find out more? Let’s begin!



Say hello to one of the industry’s latest entrants: AceableAgent. 

And despite being new to the game, it is already one of the most popular online real estate schools. 

And yes, rest assured that it’s fully approved in North Carolina. 

Here, you can choose from 3 packages, with each one offering even more resources. Let’s take a look at this

  • Basic package – comes with the required education, instructor support, fully narrated course, lite exam prep, and a mini course to help start your career.
  • Delux package – includes a PrepAgent state exam prep, video/audio/flashcard study aides, national and state questions, and a real estate exam prep ebook. 
  • Premium package – includes all that PLUS live tutoring and webinars.

The best part? AceableAgent has its own dedicated mobile app. You can study anywhere, anytime!

Check AceableAgent Here

The CE Shop

Best Real Estate Schools in Charlotte, NC The CE Shop

Despite its name, The CE Shop offers more than continuing education courses. If you’re on the lookout for a pre-licensing package, they offer three packages in North Carolina.

Depending on how much resources you want the school to provide, you can choose between:

  • Standard Package — allows you to fulfill the 75-hour education requirement and includes the Exam Prep Edge.
  • Value Package — includes three business-building courses on top of what the Standard Package offers.
  • Premium Package — adds 90 hours of post-licensing classes to the contents of the Value Package.

Regardless of which you choose, The CE Shop offers a Pass Guarantee. It means that if you need to retake the licensing exam, they’ll reimburse the cost of the initial one.

What sets The CE Shop apart is its platform. Once you purchase your course, you take it on their program called LEAP. It’s one of the most interactive systems currently available.

LEAP includes engaging activities like interactive images, true or false scenarios, and matching terms with their corresponding definitions. Not only does it keep your focus on the material, but it also helps you retain what you’ve learned. 

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Best Real Estate Schools in Charlotte, NC Kaplan

Kaplan provides professional development programs for a wide array of industries — real estate being one of them. It’s been around for a while, a trustworthy provider of real estate education since 1975. 

They used to deliver their classes in person but have since transitioned to a fully online format.

A good thing about it is it can be a one-stop-shop since you can find courses for Pre-licensing, Post-licensing, and Continuing Education in Charlotte. Kaplan also boasts of having the most variety of study formats — via Live Online, Online, OnDemand, and Home Study. 

You can choose between two packages for the Pre-licensing course — the Broker Package and the Career Launcher Package. The latter is more extensive since it includes their Real Estate Accelerator program. Kaplan offers both packages in Online and Live Online formats.

These are the same formats available for Post-licensing and Continuing Education courses.


Real Estate U

RealEstateU is only 8 years old, making it one of the newer online real estate schools on our list. Its founders put it up because they wanted a platform that could provide affordable and practical courses.

Just because it’s young doesn’t mean it isn’t a credible source of information. ARELLO has certified RealEstateU. 

The bad news is, it only offers courses to 14 states. 

The good news is North Carolina is one of them.

Unlike other online real estate schools, RealEstateU doesn’t offer any packages. If you want to purchase the North Carolina Broker Pre-licensing Course and their Exam Prep, you’ll have to do so separately.

You can go through the content in two ways — you can either read the material or listen to it. If you choose to read, the course is broken down into shorter lessons, making them easier to manage. They also use intricately designed visuals to explain key concepts. 

All in all, it is a reliable school that will fulfill your license requirements. 

Best In-Person Real Estate Schools in Charlotte, NC

If you prefer a more traditional approach to real estate education, taking classes in person is the way to go.

Here are some of the schools offering in-person classes in Charlotte:

Superior School of Real Estate

  • Address: 14815 Ballantyne Village Way #270, Charlotte, NC
  • Phone: (877) 944 4260

Canopy Real Estate Institute

  • Address: 1120 Pearl Park Way, Charlotte, NC
  • Phone: (704) 372 2984

Americas Choice Training

  • Address: 7301 Carmel Executive Park Dr. Ste. 303, Charlotte, NC
  • Phone: (704) 230 1085


How many hours of real estate courses are required in North Carolina?

Depending on where you are in your real estate career, the amount of required education varies. When you’re in the process of getting your license, you’ll need to complete a 75-hour pre-licensing course.

Once you’re a licensed real estate professional, you must go through 90 hours of post-licensing courses. You need to finish these within 18 hours of when you first get your license.

In Charlotte, your license expires every June 30th. It means you need to renew it annually, which translates to 8 hours of Continuing Education courses per year.

Who should consider taking real estate education online?

If you have a day job while completing the educational requirements for your real estate license, you’ll have an easier time attending an online real estate school. This mode of delivery is also an excellent option for those who have children since you won’t have to find a babysitter to watch the kids while you’re taking classes.

Some people are also more productive late at night. If you’re one of them, taking an online real estate course means you can study whenever it works best for you and your body clock.

What benefits do online real estate schools offer?

Online real estate schools offer two significant benefits — flexibility and convenience. You do the coursework anytime from anywhere. You don’t have to follow a rigid schedule, which means you can go through the materials as fast or as slow as you prefer. 

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home as you study. More than this, you also avoid additional expenses such as paying a babysitter (if you have kids) or spending on gas or other means of transportation.

Final Words

There are so many options for real estate education these days. Whether you prefer to take classes in person or online, you’ll never run out of options in Charlotte.

We know how tedious researching schools can be, but we also know how important finding the right one is. So use the information we shared and match it to your preferences and priorities. You’ll find the right real estate school for you in no time.

So what are you waiting for?

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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