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Best Real Estate Schools in Columbus, OH

Last updated on September 1, 2023

Best Real Estate Schools in Columbus, OH

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Online Real Estate Schools Approved in Columbus

The CE Shop

The CE Shop

High Pass Rates

Most Established Institution

In-Person Real Estate Schools in Columbus

Columbus State

Community College


550 East Spring St.

Columbus, OH


(614) 287 5353


3000 E Main St.

Columbus, OH


(614) 774 8146

Interested in getting a real estate license in Columbus?

Well, the first step is to complete 120 hours of real estate pre-licensing courses. 

Since these courses are your introduction to real estate, it’s important to find a reliable school that will teach you everything you need to know. 

With the hundreds of online and in-person schools, it can be hard to find a high-quality one. Let alone one from your city. 

We’re here to help. 

In this article, we’ll review the best real estate schools in Columbus, OH. This way, you can be sure that you’re only studying from the best of the best. 

So let’s get started!

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Columbus, OH

Good news! You can attend an online real estate school for great convenience and flexibility. 

If that sounds like something you’re looking for, then here are the 3 best online real estate schools in the city:

Let’s get to know more about what each school has to offer!

The CE Shop

Best Real Estate Schools in Columbus, OH The CE Shop

The CE Shop is first on our list because it’s a one-stop-shop. Regardless of whether your need is Pre-licensing, Post-licensing, or Continuing Education, they have courses available in Ohio.

Now, pre-licensing in Ohio is 120 hours and includes several courses that run for 20 or 40 hours each. You can purchase these individually, but a more efficient approach is getting one of The CE Shop’s four packages:

  • Basic Package — online pre-licensing courses totaling 120 hours
  • Standard Package — includes the Exam Prep Edge tool on top of the pre-licensing courses
  • Value Package — has all the contents of the Standard Package plus three business-building courses
  • Premium Package — contains everything in the Value Package and 20 hours of post-licensing courses

The CE Shop’s content is regularly updated, so you’ll know the current trends. It focuses specifically on the various challenges you’ll face as real estate agents in Ohio. These may include local government regulations and agency relationships, among others. 

The course contains real-life scenarios, too, making it more practical and easy to apply. 

These are all delivered through LEAP, The CE Shop’s interactive platform. It uses engaging approaches such as true or false scenarios, matching terms and definitions, and interactive images.

With this approach, you won’t have difficulty keeping your attention on your coursework. Plus, you’ll be able to better retain the information. 

Hondros College

Best Real Estate Schools in Columbus, OH Hondros College

Hondros College of Real Estate has been in business since the early eighties, making it one of the most established institutions these days. 

Unlike other online real estate schools, they also conduct face-to-face classes in various locations in Ohio. Although they don’t have a site in Columbus, the nearest one is in Daytona.

If not, you can also avail yourself of Livestream classes. With this, you get the benefit of live interaction with your instructor, plus the benefit of studying it at home. So you get the best of both worlds in a way.

As for their online courses, it isn’t as interactive as other schools. 

That said, they’ve included videos of their instructors to serve as a break from reading the material. 

The great thing about Hondros College is that its instructors are real estate practitioners. This means you can expect to get practical techniques that could help you once you begin your real estate career.

Although you can purchase pre-licensing courses individually, Hondros College offers three packages. You can either go with their Career Start Package, Set for Success Package, or Ultimate Real Estate Package — each including more tools than the last.

All these come in a variety of formats. Whether you prefer to take it online, in-person, instructor-led Livestream, or a combination of these, the cost is the same. 

However, because of this, you may have to pay a bit more than other online real estate schools. 

Kaplan Real Estate Education


Okay, Kaplan doesn’t offer pre-licensing courses in Ohio. So why in the world did I include it here?

If you’re worried about the Ohio real estate exam, then Kaplan offers a comprehensive Exam Prep for Ohio. 

Kaplan’s Exam Prep tool contains two question banks — the National PSI Drill and Practice QBank and the Ohio Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank. You’ll get to simulate the licensing exams, which help you get the confidence you need and pass with flying colors. 

You can also choose various focus areas to prepare you for different subjects. And, it shows you answer explanations to help you better understand the material.

So they don’t offer pre-licensing courses to satisfy your requirements. However, they do help you by giving you extra preparation for the final exam.

Best In-Person Real Estate Schools in Columbus, OH

Not everyone is comfortable with completing their education requirements online. Though some people find it more convenient, others still prefer face-to-face interaction with their instructor and peers.

You can attend classes from the following schools if you learn better through an in-person approach:

Columbus State Community College

  • Address: 550 East Spring St. Columbus, OH
  • Phone: (614) 287 5353

Columbus Property Investors Association

  • Address: 3000 E Main St. Columbus, OH
  • Phone: (614) 774 8146


How many hours of real estate education do I need in Columbus?

The requirements for real estate education vary, depending on where you are in your career. 

When you’re starting and working towards getting your license, you need to complete a 120-hour pre-licensing course.

Within a year of when you first get your license, the state of Ohio requires you to go through 20 hours of post-licensing courses. 

From there, you’ll need to renew your license every three years, on or before your birthday. 

To get it renewed, you must earn 30 hours of Continuing Education courses. Courses covering Civil Rights, Core Law, and Canon of Ethics are considered mandatory hours. The remaining 21 hours are elective, which means you can choose the topics you prefer.

What do you consider when looking for a real estate school?

Regardless of whether you prefer to learn online or in person, there are some things to consider while you’re choosing a real estate school. There are multiple areas to focus on, but here are some questions to ask first:

How credible is the school? Typically, the longer they’ve been in the real estate education business, the more knowledgeable they are about the industry. If you’re going for an online school, don’t expect them to have as many years under their belt.

Do reputable institutions recognize them? If the course they’re offering is certified by ARELLO (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials), it speaks a lot about their reputation. For online schools, try to see if they’re IDECC-certified (the International Distance Education Certification Center).

What courses do they offer? Some schools are one-stop shops. It provides more convenience since you can get all your requirements from one outfit. However, some schools have specialties — they may still be worthy of attention for one specific offering. You can always mix and match courses and tools, especially for online real estate schools.

How can I have more flexibility while taking real estate classes?

Most people have other jobs while going through their real estate classes. If you can find a school that offers flexibility in terms of schedule, the better off you’ll be.

In-person classes are often held in 4-hour segments several days a week. It means you’ll have to build this into your existing schedule, which usually results in moving things around to ensure you don’t miss any classes.

Flexibility is one advantage online real estate schools offer. You don’t have to follow a rigid schedule, which means you don’t need to rearrange your calendar. 

You can go through the course during the hours where you are most productive, no matter what those may be. You can also study for shorter or longer periods, allowing you to have more control of your pace.

Final Words

Attending the right school can make or break your real estate career, so choosing the right one is crucial. 

Fortunately, there are more than enough real estate schools in Columbus, Ohio. What you need to figure out is which one fits your needs?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Consider what each school offers — credibility, certifications, and available courses. Match these with your learning preferences, and it’ll lead you to the right one.

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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