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Best Real Estate Schools in Milwaukee, WI

Last updated on January 21, 2022

Best Real Estate Schools in Milwaukee

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Many people look into joining the real estate industry — and it’s not a surprise. It can be a fulfilling occupation, and it pays well, too.

You’ll have to be ready to put in time and effort, though. Earning your real estate license in Milwaukee means having to complete the education requirements of Wisconsin. 

And it all begins with finishing a 72-hour pre-licensing course.

The good thing is that you have more than enough options for real estate schools in Milwaukee. 

That said, we know how crucial finding the right school is — and since you’ll be investing your time and money, it’s best to attend one that meets your preferences. 

So, to officially begin your journey to getting your license, here are the best real estate schools in Milwaukee, WI that you should explore. 

The Best Online Real Estate Schools in Milwaukee, WI

One convenient way to finish your education requirements without having to make considerable adjustments to your schedule is to complete your pre-licensing requirement through an online course. 

So here are some of the best online real estate schools for you to choose from:

Read on to know more details about each one!

Real Estate Express

Best Real Estate Schools in Milwaukee Real Estate Express

A popular choice for online real estate education is Real Estate Express. It has been helping real estate professionals with their development since the late 90s, which means it withstood the test of time.

You can take the 72-hour pre-licensing course in two formats — LiveStream and Online. 

So whether you’re looking for the most flexible study schedule possible or real-time engagement with instructors, Real Estate Express has a product that meets your preferences.

LiveStream Packages allow you to engage with your peers and instructors in real-time. If you’re looking for an experience similar to being in a classroom while still being in the comfort of your home, this will be a good fit.

You can choose between 2 LiveStream Packages. All bundles contain identical contents, but each one has a different schedule. You have seven days from the last session to take the final exam.

If your priority is flexibility, the online course may be a better option. Here, there are 4 pre-licensing options available. The difference is each one is more extensive than the last.

You can pick between the following:

  • The Basics — only includes the 72-hour pre-licensing course and two real estate eBooks
  • Exam Preparation — adds the Exam Prep course and the Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee
  • Exam Preparation Plus — allows you to attend 40 hours of live Q&A with instructors per month
  • Ultimate Learning — grants you access to a 1-year Professional Development Membership from McKissock


Best Real Estate Schools in Milwaukee MbitionToLearn

Mbition usually makes it to the lists of ‘best real estate schools’ because it has one of the best exam prep packages available. You can avail of it in Milwaukee, but what’s better is that you can get it bundled with a pre-licensing course!

Mbition designed its courses to give you a deep understanding of laws and regulations in Milwaukee related to real estate. You’ll also learn about the various practices done in the industry, as well as your responsibilities as a salesperson when you engage with clients and other real estate professionals.

You can choose between the following pre-licensing plans:

  • Silver Solution — includes the 72-hour pre-licensing course, the MathMaster tool, and support from instructors and Mbition’s technical team.
  • Gold Solution — Adds the exam prep course and the Pass the First Time Guarantee.
  • Platinum Solution — Includes the real estate exam prep toolkit and a textbook (Real Estate: An Introduction to the Professions, 12th Edition)

The CE Shop

Best Real Estate Schools in Milwaukee The CE Shop

One concern some students have about online education is that it can be monotonous. Not everyone enjoys a ton of reading. 

If you’re the type who’s looking for variety, The CE Shop is your guy.

The CE Shop’s pre-licensing course is 100% online, so you can study at your own pace at a time that’s convenient for you. But more than a text-based course, you’ll encounter interactive images and videos. These provide the much-needed break from reading content.

You’ll also have a chance to apply what you’ve learned with activities such as matching terms and definitions and true or false scenarios. Methodologies like these have proved effective — The CE Shop boasts a 91% pass rate in the state exam.

The CE Shop offers a 4-tiered approach to pre-licensing. You can pick your preferred plan between the following:

  • Courses Only — you get the 72-hour pre-licensing course for Wisconsin
  • Standard — includes the Exam Prep Edge and a Pass Guarantee
  • Value — adds 3 programs to help you build your real estate business
  • Premium — prepares you for your first renewal with 18 hours’ worth of CE courses

What’s more, The CE Shop offers a 13-hour equivalency course to real estate professionals licensed in other states. Completing it makes you eligible for the WI state exam to get your license.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan real estate education

Another well-known real estate school on our list is Kaplan Real Estate Education. It has the most delivery formats for its courses — in some states, you can choose between In-Person, Live Online, Online, OnDemand, Home Study.

In Wisconsin, you have 3 available formats.

Kaplan’s online package may be a good fit if you’re the type who doesn’t mind studying through the screen. The home study option, on the other hand, is something less-techie students may appreciate. 

Regardless of which format you prefer, you have the available pre-licensing options:

  • The Wisconsin Real Estate Principles — gives you access to the 72-hour pre-licensing course and the interactive study group.
  • The Wisconsin Real Estate Principles with Exam Prep — contains everything in the previous package but also has a Wisconsin Real Estate Exam Prep online video course v1.0 and a National Pearson VUE Real Exam Prep OnDemand Course v2.0.
  • The Career Launch Package — adds the Real Estate Accelerator, an 8-hour course focusing on skills, tools, and activities you’ll need in real-world scenarios. You’ll also get professional coaching for 8 weeks.

Similar to The CE Shop, Kaplan also offers an equivalency course. You can qualify for it if you currently carry a license in a different state or your non-Wisconsin real estate license expired less than two years ago. If you’re licensed in Minnesota, attending this course gives you 7.5 CE hours.


Real Estate U

Sometimes you don’t want to go through deciding which package you want. There are enough decisions you need to make without having to worry about that too.

RealEstateU saves you time by offering a single pre-licensing option, which works best for auditory learners. It’s completely online, so you still get the same amount of flexibility other online real estate schools provide. 

You can even study on the go since the course consists of audio lectures. These come with transcripts you can use to ensure you don’t miss anything.

You’ll also get to learn through infographics, which RealEstateU uses to emphasize key concepts. Its visual presentation breaks down complex ideas into easy-to-grasp subjects.

The Best In-Person Real Estate Schools in Milwaukee, WI

In the end, the best person who can determine what kind of school will work for you is YOU. Even if most people swear by online classes, there’s nothing wrong with attending them in person.

If you prefer an environment that fosters strong connections or if you easily get distracted if your instructor’s not right in front of you, perhaps an in-person school is more beneficial.

Here are some of the schools within Milwaukee that you may want to check out:

Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors (4.3 Rating from 20 Google Reviews)

  • Address: 12300 West Center Street, Milwaukee, WI
  • Phone: (414) 778 4929

Coldwell Banker Real Estate School

  • Address: 626 E Ogden Ave, Milwaukee, WI
  • Phone: (847) 313 6500

Robbins & Llyod Career Training

  • Address: 11801 W Silver Spring Dr #200, Milwaukee, WI
  • Phone: (414) 464 0800

Real Estate Education in Milwaukee FAQs

How much studying is involved when getting a real estate license in Milwaukee?

Aspiring real estate professionals in Milwaukee need to complete a 72-hour pre-licensing course.

If you’re already a practicing real estate agent but have recently moved to Wisconsin, don’t let your experience go to waste. You can continue your same career — and you don’t even have to go through the entire pre-licensing course.

Some schools offer a 13-hour Equivalency Course. Once you complete it, you’ll be licensed in Wisconsin as well.

Once I have my license, will I need to devote more time to studying?

Real estate professionals in Milwaukee need to renew their licenses every even-numbered year. The deadline is December 14th. Part of the renewal process is to earn 18 hours of Continuing Education courses.

By this time, you’ll be pretty busy since you’ve been in business for about two years. Chances are, you’ll have a full plate by then. Finding the time to complete your CE requirements may be challenging.

A convenient way to go about it is to complete these online. Whether you devote an hour a day to your CE studies or use a free day to get through the majority of it, it’ll give you the flexibility you need.

How much time do I set aside for each class?

In-person classes follow a rigid schedule. You’ll have to follow whatever timetable they give. Most schools have 8-hour classes, allowing you to complete the 72 hours in fewer days.

However, if you’re working, that won’t suit you at all. Schools acknowledge it, so you’ll often find other schedules running between four to five hours on certain days of the week.

There are times when even a 4-hour class isn’t something you can sustainably do. And it’ll be such a waste if you don’t finish it. One way to avoid that potentially sticky situation is to attend an online course instead.

This way, the amount of time you spend studying depends on your free time and preference. Spending two hours studying each day won’t be a problem. Just make sure you keep track of timelines and finish the course before it expires.

Final Words

Starting a new career isn’t easy, and going back to school can make things more difficult. This is what makes finding the right real estate school significant.

It can help you get on the right track. Remember that it isn’t just the quality of the content that’s important. You also need to ensure it allows for a positive learning experience.

Take your time before you choose, and understand that no one can tell you what’s right for you but you. We hope our list provides you with the information you need. 

Happy school searching!

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