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Best Real Estate Schools in Raleigh, NC (2023)

Last updated on February 11, 2023

Best Real Estate Schools in Raleigh, NC

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Are you interested in practicing real estate in Raleigh? 

If so, then we’ve got the best real estate schools in Raleigh, NC for YOU!

Education is not only required, it’s so important to pass the exam and succeed in the industry. This is why it’s so important to go to a school that offers approved and quality education. 

So read on to find out what these best schools are. 

Note: to avoid confusion, real estate agents are referred to as real estate brokers in North Carolina. 

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Raleigh, NC


For your convenience, you can now complete your pre-licensing courses from the comfort of your home. 

Here is the list of the best online real estate schools in North Carolina: 

Let’s review each one. 


Best Real Estate Schools in Raleigh AceableAgent

AceableAgent might be one of the newest online real estate schools, but it is already one of the most well-known ones… 

and for good reason. 

AceableAgent has 3 packages to choose from. 

The most basic one, called Basic, includes the 75-hour required pre-licensing course approved by the NCREC and a set of exam prep questions. 

For this plan, you get 300+ different questions to practice on. In turn, you’ll be more than ready to pass the North Carolina Real Estate Exam. 

And that is just the basic plan. 

If you pick their higher plans – Deluxe and Premium – you’ll have access to private tutoring, live webinars, deluxe exam prep program, live Q&A, and more. 

Check out AceableAgent’s site to see the full list of features in each package. 

As for their course content, it is one of the most modern. You’ll never get bored with their videos, interactive games, infographics, and bite-sized lessons. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy and retain the information. 

The CE Shop

Best Real Estate Schools in Raleigh The CE Shop

The runner-up for the best online real estate school is The CE Shop. They offer a lot of features and a few plans to choose from, too. 

Unlike AceableAgent, The CE Shop already includes digital flashcards, a real estate glossary, e-book access, and more in its basic plan (Standard Package). Not surprisingly, though, it costs a little more. 

Like AceableAgent, they also promote engagement and activity in their courses. 

Their platform, LEAP 2.0, makes sure that you go through interactive content, such as practice exercises, quizzes, and more. 

It comes with a study schedule, too. So even if you’re not a sufficient self-studier, you will be guided to the finish line. 

Kaplan Real Estate Education

Kaplan Real Estate Real Estate in Raleigh

Kaplan is one of the most known real estate education providers in many states, and North Carolina is no exception! 

What’s great about Kaplan is that their real estate courses are clear, comprehensive, and enriching, leading their students to great success on their exams.

It offers 4 different pre-licensing courses in North Carolina:

  • Online Broker Prelicensing Package
  • Online Broker Career Launcher Package
  • Live Online Broker Prelicensing Package
  • Live Online Broker Career Launcher Package

The most basic package, the Online Broker Prelicensing Package, comes with the 75 hours worth of broker pre-licensing courses, question banks and practice drills, exam prep, and access to their exclusive, interactive study group. 

The Live Online Broker Prelicensing Package provides all the same benefits, as well as the privilege of being taught via live classes.

The Online Broker Career Launcher Package includes the basics provided in the first package, as well as Kaplan’s Real Estate Accelerator course.

The Real Estate Accelerator course includes an 8-hour boot camp, 8 weeks of personal coaching, and opportunities to develop your business, marketing, and income. 

You’ll also get a 6-month subscription to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software, and 8 weeks of access to a goal-tracking system.

The Live Online Broker Career Launcher Package has all the previously mentioned benefits along with access to the live classes.

All packages also come with a 6-month subscription to Inman, one of the top publications and news sources for real estate agents and professionals all over America.



If you’re on a tight budget, then RealEstateU is one of the most affordable, quality providers in North Carolina. 

It only offers 1 package that costs less than $300. 

Here, you’ll be able to access audio lectures that you can listen to when you’re out and about. 

Plus, it comes with great visuals, making it easier to remember concepts. 

And, of course, it has the complete 75 required pre-licensing hours. 

Because it is so affordable, you can’t expect great resources here. Still, it helps you satisfy state requirements. And to some, that is more than enough. 

Pan School of Real Estate

Pan School of Real Estate

If you’re looking for an online classroom format, Pan School of Real Estate is your best bet. 

Instead of a self-paced online course, you get to attend live classes via Zoom. 

They have a lot of classes you can register in, not just the required pre-licensing courses. This way, if you need extra learning, then you can find it here. 

Of course, you won’t be able to be as flexible as an online course. You’ll have to follow their live schedules. 

That said, you can still enjoy studying from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else for that matter. 

So if you need live interaction with an instructor, then you might want to consider Pan School of Real Estate. 

Best In-Person Real Estate Schools in Raleigh, NC

We understand that not everyone works well with online schools. 

If that’s you, then here are some of the best traditional real estate schools in Raleigh. 

Go School of Real Estate

Address: Go School Headquarters 6601 Six Forks Rd. Suite 160 Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: 919-297-2755

One of the most impressive in-person classes available in Raleigh is Go School. 

This school has a modern design to its classroom, which adds to the motivation to study harder – think about it as an aesthetic university building. 

Apart from the interior design, Go School offers quality online and in-person classes. 

Their in-person classes are casual yet technologically driven. 

What does this mean? It means that you’ll have computers in front of you and access to e-books and practice exams. 

If you ever feel the need to go back to school, this is a great place to take your pre-licensing courses. 

Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies

Address: 7980 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 105 Raleigh, NC 27617

Phone: 919-781-7270

The Fonville Morisey Center for Real Estate Studies has been in the city for almost 4 decades. They’ve always offered a number of licensing courses, including pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education. 

As of the moment, the school is only holding virtual classes because of the pandemic. 

However, when Fonville Morisey decides to start in-person classes, rest assured that you will love its modern classrooms and small-size classes. They will also start giving more flexible class schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Have some questions? These FAQs might help. 

What are the initial requirements to be a real estate agent in Raleigh?

The initial requirements include being 18 and above, being a US citizen (NC citizenship not required), taking the 75-hour NCREC-approved course, and passing the licensing examination. 

How long is a pre-licensing course in Raleigh City?

You are required to take 75 hours’ worth of state-approved pre-licensing courses. 

Is an online real estate school better than in-person classes?

If your priority is having a self-paced type of learning, then an online real estate course is going to be better than an in-person class. 

Aside from that, online self-paced learning will allow you to jump from one device to another and study anytime you are free. 

In other words, it’s much more flexible and convenient than being forced to spend the full 4-9 hours of classes. 


So there you have it!

Those were the best real estate schools in Raleigh, NC. 

Rest assured that all of these schools are legit, approved, and of the best quality. So you’ll be in good hands no matter what. 

So go select one school and get started today!

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