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Best Real Estate Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota

Last updated on November 14, 2022

Best Real Estate Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

So you wanna be a real estate agent.

Well, the first big step in achieving would obviously be getting pre-licensing real estate education.

However, as you look around you, you’ll find that there are several great real estate schools that you can choose from. 

Which begs the question:

What are the best real estate schools in St. Paul, Minnesota??

With many schools to choose from, keep in mind one of the biggest factors to answering this:


That’s right!

So here’s an article for you! Go through the list we’ve put together, so you can see what each school offers and find the one for you!

You’ll see:

  • The Best Online Real Estate Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • The Best In-Person Real Estate Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Other Notable Schools in and around St. Paul, Minnesota

The Best Online Real Estate Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota

Here are the three best online real estate schools in St. Paul:

Colibri Real Estate: #1 Best Online Real Estate School in St. Paul, Minnesota

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

Colibri Real Estate is sure to crop up in any conversation about online real estate schools. And it is popular for good reason.

There are several reasons why this school gets tens of thousands of students every year.

Flexibility is one big win for this school.

Its self-paced coursework and user-friendly interface (even on mobile) means y can study anytime you are free, and anywhere you are able!

But self-paced doesn’t mean you’re all on your own.

Colibri Real Estate has already done a lot of work to make things easy for you.


A curriculum that is accessible and understandable. So, you can get ready for the start of your career quickly, without cutting any corners.

And the support continues throughout your time in the course.

First up:

Q&A time with your instructors!

These instructors are in the real estate business. So you get valuable hands-on insight into the market even before you enter it yourself.

Another support system is:

Great customer service!

Live chat, email, telephone – You have people ready to help whenever you feel lost.

Here’s another awesome way Colibri Real Estate shows it is there for you:

Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee.

Which means exactly what it says – You don’t pay tuition if you don’t pass the licensing exam!

Note: this only applies if you opt for their exam prep packages. 

Now, this may all sound great. But there’s one last consideration before signing up:

“Can I afford this?”

Here’s some great news:

Colibri Real Estate offers several packages to you to choose from.

Some quick recommendations:

  • The Exam Preparation Plus package comes with:
    • Interactive webinars
    • Q&A sessions with your instructors
  • The Ultimate Learning package includes:
    • A printed textbook
    • A one-year membership for Professional Development. This includes access to their Career Hub and networking opportunities.

Or, you could just go for The Basics, which is everything you need to be eligible for the state exam in a super affordable package.

If you want to see a student-view of Colibri Real Estate, check out our video review:


CE Shop: #2 Best Online Real Estate School in St. Paul, Minnesota

Best Real Estate Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota The CE Shop

Here’s another school that is sure to pop up when talking about online real estate schools.  This giant of a school offers a fast and self-paced course that is always pushing to be at the forefront.

And again, it isn’t living on empty promises. Take a look at these numbers:

Passing rate: 90%

Student satisfaction rate: 96%

That’s a tough record to beat!

The CE Shop has a record of dedication to students and responsiveness to feedback. And one it shows is in their generous package offerings:

  • The Basic Package comes with:
    • 90-hour Minnesota-specific pre-licensing course
    • Digital flashcards
    • Business ebooks
    • Career resources
    • Downloadable resources
    • Real estate glossary
    • Study schedule
  • The Standard Package includes:
    • National exam prep
    • Minnesota exam prep
    • Pass Guarantee
  • The Value Package adds:
    • Elective course work on building your career, which many students find to be of great help
  • The Premium Package goes beyond with:
    • 15-hour Minnesota-specific continuing education course. The extra dollars are worth it, since this course is enough to renew your license for the first time.

Still a little hesitant?

The CE Shop allows you a sneak peek into their school without any strings attached:

  • A 5-day free trial
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee, as long as you have not finished more than 50% of the course

Other than that, here’s a video review that will give you a feel of CE!


Kaplan Real Estate Education: #3 Best Online Real Estate School in St. Paul, Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Commerce gives this school its stamp of approval. Now that’s some confidence right there!

Is your interest piqued?

Well, there’s more! Kaplan has some unique features that make it different!

  • Flexible delivery formats
  • Live online webinar package – Join a live class led by great instructors!
  • OnDemand videos package – Access engaging recorded lectures for independent study.
  • Hybrid package of both
  • Interactive study groups – You’re not alone! Dive into lively discussions with your instructors and classmates on all exam topics.
  • Career mentor live connect – You get mentoring from your instructors on career-building!
  • Three separate courses – Kaplan offers the required 90 hours in 3 separate courses. You can take the full course. Or, you can take just the first one needed to take the exam. This is great news if you want to spread out your expenses!

All Kaplan’s packages include:

  • Textbooks
  • Minnesota real estate prelicense exam prep

Their top Career Launcher package goes the extra mile with:

  • National Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank
  • Minnesota Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank
  • Real Estate Accelerator – An 8 hour course with 8 weeks of professional coaching! This extra boost will have all your engines blazing to go as soon as you leave the program!

The Best In-Person Real Estate Schools in St. Paul, Minnesota

Here are the two best in-person real estate schools in St. Paul:

  • MN Realty School
  • Kaplan Real Estate Education

MN Realty School: #1 Best In-Person Real Estate School in St. Paul, Minnesota

MN Realty School is another great real estate school that offers online courses.

It has the motto to be the best in:

  • Course materials
  • Instructors in the business
  • Customer service
  • Education experience

And do they make it?

Well, students return high reviews for MN Realty and its upbeat courses!

But, let’s face it.

Some people just do better in the in-person environment.

Are you one of them?

Then you’ll be relieved to know that MN Realty has a St. Paul campus. And it has finally reopened its in-person classes!

So you get to sit in the same room with instructors and feel their inspiring energy firsthand!

And these instructors encourage you to keep coming with your questions:

During class.

After class.

And even after you get licensed!

So the rapport you’ll build with them will be a lifelong source of advice!

Here are some other perks that MN Realty offers:

  • Unlimited no-charge, re-take of classes for one year
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Local customer care
  • Field trip to a listing

Perhaps a bit of downside is:

  • No Pass Guarantee – although you are given one year to retake classes for free if you fail
  • Exam Prep comes at extra cost

Kaplan Real Estate Education: #2 Best In-Person Real Estate School in St. Paul, Minnesota

Yes, Kaplan again!

Just inserting this real quick to highlight that Kaplan has a campus in your city!

Before you get too excited, though…

They’ve had to put on hold their in-person classes for now. But they plan to reopen soon!

Concluding Thoughts

We get it that things may seem scary at the beginning of any new journey.

But your real estate career is waiting! And it may well be worth it!

And don’t forget there are many people set up to help you along the way.

Finding the school for you is the first step in connecting with these people!

Real Estate Schools in and around St. Paul

University of St. Thomas

Address: 2115 Summit AvenueSt. Paul, Minnesota 55105 USA
Contact: 651-962-5000

Continuing Ed Express

Address: 708 N 1st St #344Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA
Contact: 1 866-415-8521

Jeanne Johnson & Associates LLC

Address: 500 E Grant St #1401 Minneapolis, MN 55404 USA
Contact: 1 651-426-9962

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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