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Best Real Estate Schools in Tucson, Arizona

Last updated on August 29, 2023

Best Real Estate Schools in Tucson, Arizona

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Online Real Estate Schools Approved in Tucson

The CE Shop

The CE Shop

High Pass Rates


Most Modern

Hogan School of Real Estate

Unlimited Online 

Exam Prep

In-Person Real Estate Schools in Tucson

Hogan School of Real Estate


4023 E Grant Rd,

Tucson, AZ 85712


(520) 327-6849

So you’re here because you want to become a real estate agent.


That won’t happen unless you complete a pre-licensing real estate education!

But with so many great, not-so-great, and (let’s face it) less-than-average schools out there…

You’re probably wanting to know exactly what you’d be getting from each school.

After all, you have to make the best decision for you!

Hence, the question:

What’s the best real estate school for you in Tucson, Arizona?

Read on to see some of the schools consistently rated on top, and get a summary of why they’ve made it there.

Here’s a list of:

  • Best Online Real Estate Schools in Tucson, Arizona
  • Real In-Person Real Estate Schools in Tucson, Arizona
  • Real Estate Schools In and Around Tucson, Arizona

Best Online Real Estate Schools in Tucson, Arizona

Here’s our top three picks for online schools (out of MANY):

#1 The CE Shop

The CE Shop

Passing rate: 90%

Student satisfaction rate: 96%

It comes as little surprise that the CE Shop is at the top of the list again.

They have experts designing the curriculum for states all over the country…

AND curating Arizona-specific content to stay relevant and up-to-date.

AND designers making sure CE’s platform is modern super easy to navigate.

So you won’t have trouble doing the work on your own! Jump right in to find your instructor-led webinars.

“Gulp… On my own?”

Don’t worry:

CE’s lessons are quick and understandable…… without sacrificing the quality.

You’ll also get plenty of self-checks and exercises along the way.

Check out CE’s packages below:

Best Real Estate Schools in Tucson, Arizona

Photo taken from The CE Shop


The CE Shop covers your bases with a Pass Guarantee – meaning: Don’t pay if you don’t pass!

And this is true for all its packages!

If you want to hit the road running, then check out the Business Building Courses. These courses in the Value and Premium Packages are a great help to jumpstarting your career!

Yes. The Premium Package comes with more dollars to it. But the extra dollars are worth it:

They get you a 24-hour continuing education course that’s enough to renew your license for the first time.

Check out this video review to get a feel of The CE Shop!

#2 Aceable Agent

Best Real Estate Schools in Tucson, Arizona AceableAgent

A pre-license course prepared by Harvard experts…

Accessible on phone, tablet, and laptop…

Engaging, digestible classes in non-technical language…

The result?

94% passing rate for first-time takers!

4.7 out of 5 stars from over a thousand students in diverse situations.

Aceable Agent wants its students to have everything they need to succeed. And in whatever study method they prefer:

Text, audio, video, or live!

Starting with the Deluxe Package, you get these self-study options:

  • Textbooks
  • Audio lessons
  • Video lessons
  • Digital flashcards
  • Exam prep

Looking for the “live” touch? The Premium Package takes care of that interactive need:

  • Live webinars
  • One-hour private tutoring
  • Live Q&A

Check out the table below for more information:

Best Real Estate Schools in Tucson, Arizona

Photo taken from Aceable Agent

Watch this video for a great inside look on Aceable Agent’s course:

#3 Hogan School of Real Estate, with Arizona School of Real Estate and Business (and Colibri Real Estate)

Hogan School of Real Estate

Hogan School of Real Estate has a great handle in the local scene of Tucson.

That’s because it’s been in Tucson since 1976! But that doesn’t mean it is stale and dry.

Hogan continues to grow:

Hogan has partnered with Arizona School of Real Estate and Business.

That spreads its education and influence throughout Arizona.

Other than, check this out:

Hogan and ASREB have joined up with Colibri Real Estate and Buffini & Company!

They take from the impressive online experience and reach of Colibri Real Estate, and they give access to Buffini & Company’s valuable career coaching.

This is North America’s largest and most acclaimed career coaching company.

This “teamwork makes your dreams work”!

That goes to show:

Hogan and ASREB goes the extra mile when it comes to preparing its students for their careers.

Here’s more proof:

Hogan and ASREB includes a contract writing course.

Also, they clearly capitalize on networks. And so they give the same to their students!

You get employment networking opportunities by meeting local firms through monthly career expos!

That goes for all its packages!

Yes, even its Basic Package.

The Career Start Package gives you more with unlimited online exam prep and Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee.

Take a look at full package options below:

Photo taken from Asreb

Don’t miss this detail:

Hogan and ASREB offers three modes of instruction:

Self-paced online. Livestream. In-person (including Scottsdale and Glensdale through ASREB).

But there’s no mix-and-match. No hybrid format.

Only with the Set for Success Package can you choose one platform, and still have access to all modes as study aids. 

Best In-Person Real Estate Schools in Tucson, Arizona

Yes, online schools are super convenient!

But some students are willing to sacrifice convenience just to be “where it happens”.

So, here is the best in-person real estate schools in Tucson:

  • Hogan School of Real Estate

Hogan School of Real Estate: #1 Best In-Person Real Estate School in Tucson, Arizona

Bet this sounds familiar…


That’s because it’s already listed above for online real estate schools.

Here, we’ll talk briefly about how its in-person classes work.

Hogan offers their classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:00 – 5:30.

That sounds like it takes a lot of time. But don’t worry. 3 weeks of this and you’re done!

Don’t forget that you can choose this option for all Hogan’s packages!

But if you choose the Set for Success Package, you will also have access to all the online material of Hogan. 

Hogan School of Real Estate4023 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712(520) 327-6849info@hoganschool.com

Concluding Thoughts

Your real estate career is waiting!

If you are feeling hesitant and unsure…

Just start with the first step:

Checking out the schools in our list that clicked with you the most.

See for yourself how you won’t be alone! There are people and platforms right there to help you out at the beginning of your journey!

Real Estate Schools in and around Tucson, Arizona

American Realty Academy

15650 N Black Canyon Hwy B235

Phoenix, AZ 85053

(888) 777-1770

Brodsky School of Real Estate

720 S Craycroft Rd, Tucson, AZ 85711

(520) 747-1455


Desert Sage Seminars

15029 N. Thompson Peak B111-487, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

(602) 377-6207

Internal Dynamics School of Real Estate

7440 E Pinnacle Peak Rd #146 Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 848-9096


Raise The Bar Real Estate School

8600 E Anderson Dr, Ste 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

(480) 945.2651


Scottsdale Community College
9000 East Chaparral Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85256-2626

(480) 423-6000

Tucson School of Real Estate

7290 E Broadway Blvd #112

Tucson, AZ 85710, United States

(520) 444-9377

Winn School of Real Estate

3080 N. State Route 89, Prescott, AZ 86301

(928) 499-7970


Compare Real Estate Schools:

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