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Best Texas Online Real Estate Schools By Verified Pass Rates

Last updated on August 2, 2023

Best Texas Online Real Estate Schools TREC Pass Rates

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For those not familiar with the lingo, TREC stands for the Texas Real Estate Commission. The organization was established in 1949 to oversee the industry. It ensures that everything in the business is done legally. Some of the items that TREC regulates include but are not limited to…

• The Buying And Selling Of Properties
• Timeshares
• Home Warranties
• Appraisals
• Real Estate Education And More

Texas is quite large. In fact, it is the second-largest state in the United States in both population and area. So, as one can only imagine, there are loads of real estate professionals and TREC has its hands full. Research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are around 15,770 real estate professionals in the the state of Texas. There are lots of reasons to get a real estate license. For one, many times, a job in real estate allows the worker to have a flexible schedule. This aspect makes the work perfect for parents, students, and tons of other people.

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Another reason why folks choose to get into real estate is that it can prove to be extremely lucrative. The amount a person brings home varies from place to place, city to city, and state to state. However, the same BLS study reveals that the hourly mean wage of these real estate professionals is $34.85. Meanwhile, the average salary is $72,480 annually. Of course, not every agent or broker makes this kind of money and some make much more by having their own investment properties. People thinking about switching careers should do some more research. To get started, those in Texas who want to get a real estate license must choose the best real estate license school to attend.

Is A Texas Online Real Estate School Or A Classroom-Based Real Estate Course Best?

There is always the tried and true method of attending a school in person. But, this option doesn’t mesh with everybody’s schedule. Additionally, not all people like the choice as it causes them to feel full of anxiety and stressed out. After all, many folks don’t want to be stuffed into a classroom full of strangers like sardines in a can. Nor, do they want to spend hours on end listening to an instructor teach a boring curriculum. Hence, more and more people are deciding to enroll in Texas online real estate schools.

Why Choose Texas Online Real Estate Schools?

Online real estate schools in Texas are not right for everyone. Texas online real estate schools don’t offer the same social interaction and face-to-face learning that classroom settings do. Still, there are plenty of benefits to taking the course via the world wide web. For example, the sessions allow the student to learn at their own pace, they are convenient, and the Internet-based establishments typically cost less than conventional campuses. Problems can arise if the learner picks the wrong selection when it comes to Texas online real estate schools though.

Scams and schemes seem to be lurking around every corner today, especially on the web. If the student doesn’t pick the appropriate real estate license course, they could be throwing money down the drain. The Texas online real estate schools that a person is considering need to be legit, credible, and accredited. Therefore, it is a good idea to read reviews, look over testimonials, and ask friends or family members about their experiences. However, even after finding reputable Texas online real estate schools, there is still something else to look at that will help the student decide whether they are a great fit for them or not.

Pass Rates For Texas Online Real Estate Schools Are Public Record!

All real estate license students in Texas must pass a state-approved test to partake in the real estate activities legally. By law, TREC is mandated to set a benchmark exam pass rate. Qualifying Texas online real estate schools must meet or exceed this mark to be able to continue providing eligible courses.

All of this pass rate information is public record. The information is collected on a monthly basis and determines the first-time test pass rate of real estate license school students.

Looking at this factor when deciding on the best Texas online real estate schools is beneficial as students want to pass the examination on the first go-around rather than having to take it over and over again. The data shows that students are actually learning the right information and retaining it to do good on the test.

The Best Texas Online Real Estate Schools Based On Student Pass Rates By TREC

All of the pass rates for the online real estate license courses listed below are also available directly from the Texas TREC website. As someone with some insider knowledge of these courses, I have also supplied my overall impression of each course. And finally, below these recommended courses, you will find a full list of all online real estate license courses listed in order from highest pass rate to the lowest.

1. Aceable Agent

AceableAgent Real Estate License Training

With an overall first-time pass rate of 72.25%, a person can’t go wrong in picking Aceable Agent. The company has had thousands of students take the Texas sales agent exam since 2016. Of those, the vast majority of students have passed on their very first try. Aceable Agent also has a 64.29% pass rate for real estate broker license exams, but the sample size is pretty small. This is one of the most modern online real estate license courses you can sign up for in Texas as it was just built from the ground up a few years ago and is continuously updated. Their courses are affordable starting at $420. By far, Aceable Agent offers the highest quality videos and interactive features to help students retain information better. Anyone obtaining a real estate license in Texas should strongly consider Aceable Agent.

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2. Learn Texas Real Estate Online

Learn Texas Real Estate Online has an overall pass rate of 82.64%. For the same time frame mentioned for the other two Texas online real estate schools on this list, the organization had 197 pupils take the sales agent examination. Of those students, 171 passed. Meanwhile, Learn Texas Real Estate Online also had 6 students attempt the broker test and 3 of them passed it for a modest 50%. This online real estate license school in Texas has been around for about a decade and has a good reputation in the industry, making this one of the best online real estate license schools in Texas. You should certainly consider it.

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3. The CE Shop, Inc.

The CE Shop Real Estate Course

The CE Shop, Inc. is another institution worthy of being called one of the best Texas online real estate schools. It teaches students the ins and outs of what they need to know in an easy-to-understand fashion, with courses starting at $440.30. This establishment has had thousands of students pass their real estate license exam in Texas on the very first try. These numbers equal up to an 66.99% pass rate. Additionally, another 78 students tried their luck at the broker test with 57 of those ventures being successful, which is the equivalent of 73.08%. The CE Shop has a solid reputation over many years of teaching real estate professionals. Their videos and modern learning platform are above and beyond most other online real estate courses in Texas.

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Full List Of All Texas Online Real Estate License Courses By TREC Student Pass Rates

While I highly recommend sticking with one of the 3 best Texas online real estate schools listed above, here is a full list of all online real estate license schools, along with their student exam pass rate.

*Updated August 2023

Aceable Agent 72.25%
Learn Texas Real Estate Online 82.64%
The CE Shop, Inc 66.99%
Brightwood College (Kaplan) 56.96%
Mbition 66.04%
Colibri Real Estate 55.06%
Van Education Center 57.00%
Champions School of Real Estate, LTD 53.89%
Train Agents, Inc. 36.34%
360training.com, Inc. 46.26%
Onward School of Real Estate 65.00%
Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc. 45.77%
Allied Business Schools, Inc. 43.79%
The Real Estate Business School 52.91%
Agent Ladder 50.00%
Real Estate Training and Technology Licensing School 37.23%
Purvis Real Estate Training Institute 49.40%
Legends Real Estate School, LLC 37.84%
Texas REALTORS 65.55%
Capital Real Estate Training Center 44.44%
San Antonio Board of Realtors 44.13%
Absolute CE 75.68%
Academy of Real Estate of El Paso 31.76%
Capstone Technical Institute 33.33%
Lone Star Real Estate Academy 33.33%

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