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Best Texas Real Estate Schools Based On Student Pass Rates

Last updated on August 2, 2023

Best Texas Real Estate Schools Based On Student Pass Rates

Quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining is partnered with the best online real estate schools. When you sign up using our links, we may get a small affiliate commission. Read how we conduct our reviews here

Every real estate school in Texas will claim they are the best, so how are you supposed to know the best school to sign up for? Fortunately, the state of Texas makes this relatively easy. The state of Texas tracks every student who takes the real estate exam and determines how each school is doing based on the percentage of students that actually pass the exam. Any school who has a 50% pass rate or higher is considered to be in good standing. Fortunately, there are some great real estate schools in Texas that have a much higher pass rate than 50%.

After gathering data for the past 2 years, I have found the best Texas real estate schools based on how many students actually pass their real estate license exams. Student pass rates aren’t a perfect measurement, but it is usually a very good indicator on how well a real estate school teaches the information.

With that said, let’s dive into the best Texas real estate courses you can sign up for based on how many of their students actually pass the real estate exam.

The Top 3 Texas Real Estate Schools Based On Student Pass Rates

For the Texas real estate schools that have the best 3 student pass rates, I created more detailed reviews. Below these reviews, you’ll find a complete list of student pass rates for all real estate schools.

AceableAgent: 72.25% Student Pass Rate

AceableAgent Real Estate License Training

Based out of Austin, Texas, AceableAgent is without a doubt, the single best Texas real estate school based solely on student pass rates. This real estate school is entirely online and has only been in business for a few of years, but they currently have an above-average 72.25% student pass rate.

But what about the course itself? I can tell you with certainty that as far as online real estate courses in Texas are concerned, AceableAgent is clearly the best. Just about every online real estate course in Texas is extremely outdated. Some of them don’t even work on smartphones, so if you want to study on the go, you’d be out of luck.

AceableAgent is the disruption this industry needed. The course is well organized, works great on any device, and actually includes videos, graphics, animations, and interactive features. Pretty much any other online real estate course in Texas is just page after page of text or PDF files that are very loosely organized.

So, if you want the absolute best chance to pass your Texas real estate license exam on the first try, check out AceableAgent. They are my top recommendation based on the course material alone, but the incredible 97% pass rate just confirms they are the single best Texas real estate school.

Get The Best Deal On AceableAgent Here

Learn Texas Real Estate Online: 82.64% Student Pass Rate

Learn Texas Real Estate Online

Learn Texas Real Estate Online has a long history of having very high student pass rates. They currently have a student pass rate of 82.64% which is well above the industry standard. For many years, Learn Texas Real Estate Online has maintained the highest student pass rate in Texas. So, if you’re looking for the best Texas real estate school based on pass rates, but also want a school that has been around for a while, Learn Texas Real Estate Online should be a consideration.

Real Estate Online isn’t quite as modern as AceableAgent, but they do offer a lower price point which many find to be worth it. For the most part, this real estate school is a text-based course, but they do offer some limited video training as well for an additional fee.

These guys have been in business since 2005 and pride themselves on being a small, locally-owned Texas company. Most of their courses offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass the exam, but some of their courses do not include this guarantee so be sure to read the fine print. They have very good customer support that you can call or email 7 days per week, even on holidays. This is easily among the best Texas real estate schools you’ll find.

Get The Best Deal On Learn Texas Real Estate Online Here

The CE Shop: 66.99% Student Pass Rate

The CE Shop Real Estate Course

The CE Shop is another great online real estate course in Texas. Like AceableAgent, this course is updated and very modern. It shows in their student pass rates as it is currently sitting just above 66.99%, making them the 3rd best Texas real estate school to sign up for based on student pass rates, but this is also a great school simply because it is modern and updated.

The CE Shop tends to be on the pricier side, but sometimes spending a few extra bucks is worth it, especially if it could mean the difference between passing your real estate exam on the first try or not. They are also one of the very few online real estate courses in Texas to offer a payment plan where you can pay each month instead of all at once. If you’re in a bit of a financial bind but still want to take your Texas real estate class right away, this could be a great way to sign up for a top-rated Texas real estate school without breaking the bank.

The CE Shop is also one of the few online real estate schools in Texas that have video content in addition to just text. They also have some very nice interactive features where you’ll be given a real-world scenario then must make the correct decision on what to do. And finally, they offer practice exams, placement assistance, and a money-back guarantee. In my opinion, this is one of the best Texas real estate schools in terms of both quality and student pass rates.

Get The Best Deal On The CE Shop Here

Texas State Online: 58.88% Student Pass Rate

Texas State Online is a leading online real estate school by student pass rates, with an impressive score of 58.88%.

This means 3 out of every 4 students pass the exam on their first try. This is a testament to how well they teach the material. 

Not only that, but they regularly offer special discounts, too. If you make it in time for their promos, you can get the full 180-hour course for just under $400. 

They’re so confident in their course that they offer an unmatched 10-day free trial. You can fiddle around with the course materials before you decide to commit.

And unlike other schools, Texas State Online keeps it simple – offering you a single plan that includes everything you’ll need to ace the exam.

In their package, you’ll get a collection of practice questions that’ll give you a sense of what to expect. 

Unfortunately, their user interface and intuitiveness may not match the other schools on this list. You may have to deal with a few bugs along the way — but nothing the support team can’t handle. 

But given the high passing score, it’s hard to argue with Texas State Online’s success and the quality of its teaching material.

So if you’re looking for a real estate school in Texas with a high pass rate, then you shouldn’t leave Texas State Online out. 

Get The Best Deal On The Texas State Online Here

Additional Texas Real Estate Schools Listed By Pass Rates

The top 3 Texas real estate schools that I mentioned above are excellent options, but how do they compare to other Texas real estate schools? Here is the full list of all Texas real estate schools and how well their students do after taking the real estate exam.

AceableAgent.com: 72.25%
Learn Texas Real Estate Online: 82.64%
Texas State Online Real Estate: 58.88%
The CE Shop: 66.99%
Brightwood College: 75.33%
Colibri Real Estate: 55.06%
Mbition: 66.04%
Van Education Center: 57.00%
Champions School of Real Estate: 53.89%
Continuing Education for Licensing: 45.77%
Train Agents: 36.34%
360 Training.com: 46.26%
Allied Business Schools: 43.79%
The Real Estate Business School: 52.91%
Purvis Real Estate Training Institute: 49.40%
Onward School of Real Estate: 65.00%
Real Estate Training & Technology Licensing School: 37.23%
Absolute CE: 75.68%
Accelerated Professional Education: 23.08%
Legends Real Estate School: 37.84%
Academy Of Real Estate of El Paso: 31.76%

You can get more information directly from the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Are Online Texas Real Estate Schools Or Classroom Schools Better?

Based entirely on student pass rates, it appears that online Texas real estate schools are better than attending a physical classroom. There could be some anomaly or unforeseen reason behind this, but online real estate schools in Texas tend to score MUCH higher than traditional classroom-based courses.

That doesn’t mean classroom real estate courses in Texas are necessarily worse, though. Taking your real estate class in an actual classroom gives you many benefits such as having a physical instructor to talk to, classmates to set up study groups with, and you can start networking with others before you even get your real estate license.

For many of us, though, taking an online real estate course is the convenience and flexibility we need. I know that was the case when I decided to obtain my real estate license as I was already working a full-time job and needed this type of flexibility to make a career change. If you’ve been nervous about taking your Texas real estate school online, rest assured they have pass rates that are well above the industry average.

Still undecided? Here is a pretty good video talking about whether you should take your Texas real estate course online or in a classroom.

Even The Best Texas Real Estate Schools Will Be Boring!

It’s good that you’re searching for the best Texas real estate schools instead of just blindly signing up for the first school you find. However, remember that even the best Texas real estate schools will be tedious and boring. Studying for your real estate exam is not a fun experience, but it is temporary and necessary. Try to learn the most you can as much of it certainly will apply to your everyday life as a real estate agent. Of course, the REAL training begins once you get that license and start selling, but just go into your Texas real estate school with the right expectations. It’ll be tough, but in just a few months from now (or less!) you could be well on your way to a bigger and better career than you have now.

I hope these reviews helped and best of luck to you!!

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