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Bitrix24 CRM Review for Real Estate Agents

Last updated on November 19, 2021

Bitrix24 CRM Review for Real Estate

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When your real estate sales are booming and new clients are approaching left and right, the last thing you want to deal with is looking for your client’s information in an unorganized spreadsheet or notepad. 

In comes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This software helps you manage and organize your contacts, as well as lessen manual work.

And speaking of CRM, one that stands out is Bitrix24, a FREE CRM for unlimited users. 

If you’re interested to learn more about this free CRM, read below for our Bitrix24 CRM review for real estate. We’ll talk about its features, advantages, disadvantage, and more. 

So let’s get started!

About Bitrix24

Bitrix24 CRM Review for Real Estate Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a leading cloud-based or on-premise CRM software. It is designed to automate communication and project management for every kind of business. 

What’s more, it provides client management solutions and allows users to store lead data, generate sales reports, and many more.

Bitrix24 Features

For a free CRM, Bitrix24 offers a LOT of features, including:

  • Instant messaging
  • Advanced reporting features
  • CRM document builder
  • Email marketing
  • Sales data analytics
  • Calendar, scheduling, and resource booking
  • Lead generation

Instant Messaging

Bitrix24 has a Web Messenger where users can communicate and stay connected with their contacts. You will be notified if you received a message by email or pop-up notification. 

They also allow users to communicate via video and audio conferencing. 

Advanced Reporting Feature

With Bitrix24, you can easily monitor your activities such as lead generation, deal reports, sales, management reports, and other user-generated reports.

CRM Document Builder

Are you tired of manually creating contracts, service agreements, or waybills? 

There’s no more need for that!

Bitrix24 has a CRM document builder where free users can store up to 100 documents, while paid members can enjoy an unlimited number of documents

Email Marketing

Thanks to their advanced CRM email integration, every email from clients and new leads will be added to their client profile automatically. Users can enable automated email when needed. 

Sales Data Analytics

With this feature, you will be able to see your current and future sales trends. Their CRM analytics can be customized according to your needs.

Calendar, Scheduling, and Resource Booking

This CRM allows users to schedule appointments, book resources, calls, or visits. Video or audio conferences can be used to contact internal and external communications and are available within the CRM.

When you make a schedule or booking, the CRM is sure to remind you of it. This way, you no longer have to remember everything on your calendar. 

Lead Generation

Bitrix24 can increase incoming leads by at least 26% within the first 30 days of using the demand generation tools included in the CRM. They also allow users to find leads on leading social media platforms.

Bitrix24 Advantages

Here are the advantages of Bitrix24.

Flexible Plans

Bitrix24 offers flexible plans that suit the needs of each business. 

Although their free plan has limited functions and tools, it still includes most of the project management tools on their paid plans. This includes email marketing, mobile card scanner, calendar integrations, supervising employee workloads,  and the ability to create a custom list of tasks.

The paid plans include additional features like marketing automation, campaign management, bulk SMS, and support multiple pipelines. 

Access on Any Device

What we like about Bitrix24 is its accessibility. Here are the platforms supported by Bitrix24:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOs
  • Android
  • Web-based and Cloud

Secure and Manageable Communications

With Bitrix24, you can manage internal and external communications using a secured module. Intranet services that are supported include email notifications, wiki, conversations, files, gallery, and more. You can also receive and make telephone calls using the app. 

Everything in One Platform

We cannot stress enough how important having everything in one platform is. A centralized platform for important documents, tasks, projects and activities will make it more convenient. I mean, no more checking your calendar for your schedule, and turning to your spreadsheet for contact details. You see what we mean. 

Bitrix24 Disadvantages

Of course, Bitrix24 isn’t perfect. Here are some of the disadvantages. 

Limited Integrations

Compared to other CRM software, Bitrix24 lacks third-party integrations with popular social networks like Instagram or Twitter. 

Challenging Learning Curve

Bitrix24 has a complex user interface that can be challenging for some. However, they provide video tutorials, documentation, knowledge base, and forums to help you navigate through the Bitrix24 platform.

Bitrix24 Customer Support

Bitrix24 offers responsive and excellent customer support via email and live chat. As mentioned, you also have an array of documentation, video tutorials, and forums where you can learn more about the platform.

Even better, they offer FREE webinars for new users to effectively learn about the features and how they work. Webinars are available every hour with pre-registration and can be conducted in English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

Bitrix24 Pricing

At Bitrix24, you can choose from cloud or on-premise CRM. in a cloud CRM, users’ data are stored on remote services and should be accessed using an internet connection. While an on-premises CRM means the data is stored in the company’s own server.

Cloud Pricing

Plan Name:FreeBasicStandard Professional
Number of Users:Unlimited users5 users50 users Unlimited users
Monthly Pricing if Billed Monthly:$0$49$99$199
Monthly Pricing if Billed For 1 year:$0$39$79$159
Monthly Pricing if Billed For 2 years:$0$34$69$139
Storage:5 GB24 GB100 GB1024 GB

On-Premise Pricing

The on-premise edition is ideal for organizations with at least 50 to 50,000 employees. Bitrix24 offers affordable one-time payment for on-premise editions. A 30-day free trial is also available.

Plane Name:BusinessEnterprise
Number of Users50 up to 500 users1000 to unlimited users
PriceStarts at $2,990Starts at $24,990

Bitrix24 Alternatives

Here are some of the most top-rated alternatives to Bitrix24:

  1. Salesforce 
  2. Zoho
  3. Scoro
  4. TeamWave
  5. Apptivo


If you’re new to CRM, Bitrix24 is a great choice as it is FREE. 

Not only that, but it comes with a lot of great features as well. 

So despite it being a free CRM platform, you get everything you need to help you manage and grow your real estate business efficiently and effectively. 

Unlike their competitors, Bitrix24 has the most tools and features for a free CRM platform.

So if you’re interested, go check it out! 

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