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California Online Real Estate Broker License Course Reviews

Last updated on December 13, 2022

california-online-real-estate-broker-license Course Reviews

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It’s happened to me, and I think it happens inevitably to anyone that works in real estate. Once you’ve been a real estate agent for a while, and you’ve gotten used to the success, you start wondering, “What’s next?” The real estate industry is a great way to get some independence back in your career, feel more in control of your daily activities, and even make the money you truly deserve if you work hard enough for it. But the truth is, becoming a real estate agent, while an emancipating move, can, for some, simply be the first step. It’s still possible to advance and evolve in the real estate industry if you consider getting a California online real estate broker license.

Today, I’ll just be focusing on California specifically. In a lot of ways, this is a really obvious place to be for real estate, which is why I’m looking at the California online real estate broker license situation. This is one of the lucky states in the country that has global recognition and, as a result, one of the busiest, most dynamic markets for property in the country. It’s not just Americans looking to live in California, there’s also an active foreign market, as well as people getting into real estate for investment purposes. If you’re already an agent in this state, it’s quite natural that you’d think about getting a California online real estate broker license. But for people who aren’t familiar with this process, why and how would you go about doing this?

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Taking Your California Real Estate License To The Next Level

I’ll cover the fundamentals here to make sure people that are just starting out get a decent understanding of what’s going on. A California online real estate broker license is not something that you can just jump into. The first step to becoming a broker is becoming an agent. So you’ve got to first think about whether or not you want to even get into the real estate industry to begin with, then go through all the steps to get your license to work in California as a real estate agent.

If you haven’t obtained your real estate license in California yet, you can check out this article to see online courses which could help you obtain one.

The difference between someone that is an agent and someone that goes on to get their California online real estate broker license is essentially one of seniority. An agent gets a huge amount of control and independence over his or her own working hours, clients and methodologies. But even though an agent works independently, an agent does not technically work alone.

Once you have your license to work as an agent, you must now be affiliated with a real estate broker. This is someone with more experience, more authority, and, most important of all, has obtained a California online real estate broker license or went to a physical real estate school to obtain one.

In simpler terms, a broker is like a “boss agent,” and can run a real estate agency, with agents under him or her, or work independently. I’ve picked out some good schools where you can focus on getting your California online real estate broker license.

Dipping Your Toes Into The California Real Estate Broker Career Path

 Being one of the most well-loved real estate providers, it should be no surprise that The CE Shop has made it to this list. They cater to all aspiring real estate students. They offer courses from pre-licensing to continuing education.

Their classes are online and self-paced. Even if you had a full-time job, you will still be able to catch up on your lessons any day and time of the week. 

The CE Shop has over a 90% pass rate. This means that you’ll be in capable hands if you decide to work with them. 

They are known for having interactive images, videos, illustrations, and other helpful course content. 

The CE Shop also makes sure that its courses stay relevant. Each student that enrolls and re-enrolls in any of their courses will be able to enjoy the fresh new content that covers new trends in real estate, new case studies, and updates on new rules and jurisdictions in their state. 

After all of this, you might be thinking that their packages cost an arm or a leg, and you would be wrong! The CE Shop’s online real estate broker pre-licensing courses start as low as $70. 

Yes, it’s insane! But that’s why many students choose to continue working with The CE Shop. 

Who doesn’t want a budget-friendly course? Some affordable course providers are lacking in the quality of the content they produce, but not The CE Shop. They make sure that each student that walks through their virtual doors gets only the best quality education.

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A Comprehensive Package

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

I’ve always liked Colibri Real Estate and I very highly recommend it to people who are thinking of becoming real estate agents. This is actually the course I used to get my real estate license.

But if you’re thinking of getting your California online real estate broker license, you can come here as well for your next level of studies. Just like with agent licensing course, their California online real estate broker license is completely online, but it’s got some critical differences.

Colibri Real Estate offers a complete course for getting your California online real estate broker license, and the entire package will take 225 hours to complete. You’ll also get access to some nice extras with this program, such as student forum access, extra supplementary ebooks on real estate math and practices, and even a “concierge” that can help keep you focused on your progress. However, they also offer individual 45-hour courses, broken up piecemeal so you can select which ones interest you. For more experienced agents that don’t need to start all the way at the beginning for their California online real estate broker license, this is also a good option.

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The Fancy Package

Kaplan Real Estate

On the more expensive side is Brightwood, which some may recognize as Kaplan Real Estate Education. Of the three, this is the one company that actually also offers live classes if you live in the right city and can make it down to the physical location. However, for most people, it’s the convenience of the California online real estate broker license that’s the big draw, and they also provide this.

They have a big range of different class options for people working on their broker license, including a completely online option that runs for 360 hours, and individual courses that you can pick ranging from 45 to 90 hours. They also offer live broker classes for people who feel they’d benefit from classroom instruction. It’s a very thorough California online real estate broker license program, and can safely transition you to a new phase in your career.

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