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California Real Estate License Online Course Reviews

Last updated on December 13, 2022

California Real Estate License Online Course Reviews

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There’s no question that entering the real estate world is a move that can offer you some very real rewards. And this is especially true in California, a state that has one of the strongest and most diverse real estate markets in the entire nation. Agents here can earn well over the national average salary, and deciding to switch to their profession is something that few end up regretting.

Not only will real estate agents in California earn a great salary, but they work in a field that is personally rewarding, that offers them more freedom in their day, and that they can be proud to work in. As such, it’s a great career move that many have made and that could be perfect for you if you’re ready to start making steps towards a brighter future for yourself.

If you just want the fast comparison of the best California real estate courses online, check out our quick comparison chart below:

Quick Picks: Top Online Real Estate License Schools Approved In California

Earning A California Real Estate License Online

However, one thing that stops many people is a feeling that they have no way to make the big career change and become a realtor. That’s why earning a California real estate license online is so important and worth thinking about – it lets you complete the required education entirely online.

When you earn your California real estate license online, you will sign up for a program administered by a respected school. That school will then provide you with the exact same kind of education that you would receive in a traditional course completed in person, but instead of completing 135 hours of training in a classroom setting, you’ll be able to do so digitally.

You still get lessons and assignments, but now they’re delivered via email or through the online school hub. They also still have a deadline, and you’ll need to meet that deadline in order to progress through the program and earn your California real estate license online. But, when you actually complete the lessons is up to you – there’s no need to try to make it to a classroom at a set time each day.

This flexibility makes it easier for students to get their license since they can earn a California real estate license online without having to struggle to fit the process into a busy schedule. This way, you can fit the 135 required hours into your day even if you are currently working a full-time job.

The Best Courses To Earn A California Real Estate License Online

So, just which programs are the best ones to use to earn your California real estate license online? A good course should offer you the education that you need as well as plenty of support when something arises. Additionally, it should make the learning process as straightforward and easy as possible. Each program should adhere to the state requirements, but at the same time, you can expect them each to be different slightly since they have their own approach to providing you with the knowledge and to helping you meet all requirements needed to become a real estate agent in the state of California.

It’s very important for anyone to take some time looking at all of the different programs out there before you sign up for one. This way you can earn your California real estate license online with peace of mind. Luckily, a few options stand out. Here are some of the best choices when you want to earn your California real estate license online.

  • Colibri Real Estate This school is another excellent choice, and it offers a deep educational opportunity for those who want to thrive as a real estate agent. Not only will you be able to earn your California real estate license online here, but you can connect with other students and realtors, get guidance that will help upon graduation, and more. The school is easy to use, with flexibility as well as in-depth knowledge resources for all of its students. And you will be able to complete the required education and move into the field immediately. Plus, when problems arise or you have questions and concerns, you can reach a support team fast and get the help that you require.
  • The CE Shop – If you’re looking for a school that allows you to choose from many course packages, then The CE Shop is the one for you. They offer affordable real estate training without sacrificing the quality of their content. Despite their low price points, they are still able to include interactive images, videos, illustrations, and other helpful content. Each time you purchase The CE Shop’s real estate courses, you will be fed with lessons covering the new trends, laws, and regulations involved in real estate. With so much valuable content, you almost expect them to charge a premium price, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable their courses are. They offer four (4) tiers ranging from around $130 to $450. The first tier only contains the 135-hour pre-licensing course and the second tier has an exam prep edge and a pass guarantee. As for the higher tiers, the Value package includes business building courses, while the Premium Package includes everything we mentioned plus the 45-hour first renewal package and 3 CA real estate textbooks.
  • Rockwell Institute – This course has by far the best reviews from students across several places on the web including 5-star ratings on Facebook and Yelp. This is basically unheard of for any other online real estate school in California. As long as you follow their step-by-step process, they guarantee that you’ll pass your state exam on the very first try. This is also one of the few schools to offer phone support with an actual real estate expert instead of just email support. Having the ability to actually talk to a real person is a great perk. There are a couple of different packages offered depending on your budget and learning style. Check out this course if you’re serious about passing the very first time.
  • Kaplan Kaplan is another good option that you can take a look at when you are thinking of earning your California real estate license online. It has a deep pool of resources for students, is highly respected within the industry, and allows you to complete your education in your free time while getting help as needed. Some find that its resources don’t go as deep as the two first options above, but Kaplan has helped thousands of people enter the field as well.

While Rockwell Institute and Colibri Real Estate are the two best choices for most who want to earn their California real estate license online, the fact is that as long as you take the time to really review all of your options, you should be able to find a school that is right for you. Use these three options as a starting point and keep in mind what it is that you’re looking for and what you need. Contact each school with questions and concerns, and think carefully about your decision. From there, you should be able to find

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