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Classes To Get A Real Estate License Online In Michigan

Last updated on April 7, 2021

Classes To Get A Real Estate License Online In Michigan

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Plenty of folks want to get into the real estate game. Many of them have dollar signs clouding their eyes and believe it is a way to get rich. While it is true that the top ten percent of earners make $100K or more per year, most agents do not do quite as well. So, anyone thinking about getting into the business should do their homework and research the situation accordingly before jumping into the deep end of the pool without a life preserver.

That is not to say that agents don’t make good money. Rather, most of the professionals earn decent livings that allow them to live comfortably. The first year can be especially tough though, and a lot of the agents bow out before even really giving their careers a chance to blossom. However, for those that are able to stick it out and get some experience under their belts, the venture can prove to be very profitable.

Real estate is unlike typical professions. Most of the employees do not bring home a salary, nor do they get paid an hourly wage. Instead, they make their money after they sell a property. Due to the paydays being commission-based, the sky is the limit as to what they can bring home. It is important for interested parties to go into the opportunity with realistic expectations though. A study by salary.com shows that the national yearly average wage for agents is between $40,275 and $52,440. These figures are current as they are from December 1, 2018.

Don’t Get Ahead Of Yourself

Michigan residents can’t just say they are salespeople and start partaking in real estate activities. First, they have to meet some requirements. For example, the person must be at least 18-years of age, and he or she must have a high school diploma or equivalent degree. This individual has to show proof of US citizenship or permanent alien resident status as well. Interested parties have to complete a required 40-hour Michigan Real Estate Fundamentals course too. There are also applications that have to be filled out, paperwork that has to be filed, and fees that must be paid. So, as you can see, there is a little bit involved before one can receive the appropriate credentials.

The Best Way To Get The Proper Education

Some people choose to take the course in a traditional brick and mortar classroom setting. There is not necessarily anything wrong with this method, but it is not a good fit for lots of folks. For one, they hate having to be at a certain place at a specific time. The classes are often in the evenings or on the weekends and they can really mess up a person’s schedule. Also, many students don’t like being cooped up in a classroom for hours on end with strangers and listening to the instructor’s lectures go on and on.

Hence, more and more individuals are deciding to utilize the world wide web for getting educated and obtaining their real estate license online in Michigan. The schools are all about convenience. They allow pupils to learn at their own pace, in a comfortable setting and teach them all they need to know to succeed in the industry. So, do the legwork and pick the way that is the best fit for you, but definitely, at least consider getting your real estate license online in Michigan, if for nothing else, to make your life easier.

Top-Notch Schools That Prepare You To Get Your Real Estate License Online In Michigan

1. AceableAgent.com

AceableAgent Real Estate School

Aceable Agent is a great choice for those wanting to get their real estate license online in Michigan. The coursework can be done from any laptop or desktop. However, the organization has an exceptional app too. Therefore, the work can be accessed and completed on an Android or Apple device as well. The lessons here are created by real estate experts. Thus, they prepare pupils to handle real-life situations and succeed in their endeavors.

All of the material is straightforward and easy to understand. But, should a misunderstanding occur over the content, instructor support is available 7-days a week. This part of the equation ensures that questions or issues are resolved promptly so that you can get back to studying. Another big draw for students is the Ace the Test Guarantee. This establishment is certain and sure of the product that it brings to the table. If the pupil is unable to pass the exam within three tries, the company will give them their money back. So, if you are considering getting your real estate license online in Michigan, be sure to give this institution a look.

Check Out AceableAgent Here

2. RealEstateExpress.com

Real Estate Express

Choosing the right program is key to your learning success. Also, it assists you in earning your real estate license online in Michigan. This company offers various options such as the Get Started, Exam Advantage, Competitive Edge, and Advanced Pro plans that ensure you have what you need to prevail on the test and succeed as an agent. Additionally, there are various things like an easy-to-navigate dashboard, built-in tools, and simple-to-understand materials that help students achieve the results that they seek.

Check Out Real Estate Express Here

3. Kapre.com

Kaplan Real Estate Education Schools

With over 75-years of higher education and exam prep experience, this school is ready to assist students in getting their real estate license online in Michigan. The curriculum is developed by professionals that are eager to share their knowledge. Plus, it is accessible 24/7, which means pupils get to study when they want or whenever their schedule permits them to do so. Feel free to check out the organization’s website to learn more and discover how its team can help you acquire your real estate license online in Michigan.

Check Out Kaplan Here

4. Mbition

Mbition Online Real Estate School

Don’t worry if the names mentioned above aren’t suiting your fancy. Career Webschool is another option for obtaining your real estate license online in Michigan. Like the other schools, pupils get to work at their own pace here. Additionally, the lessons are broken down into small, easy to digest segments. So, rather than becoming overwhelmed with too much info at once, the student is more likely to retain what they read, hear, or see. All of the courses contain Master methodology, which has resulted in high pass rates in the past and can do the same for you starting today.

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