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Comparing Colibri Real Estate vs AceableAgent Online Real Estate Schools – Which is Best?

Last updated on August 3, 2023

Comparing Colibri Real Estate vs AceableAgent featured image

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It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving industry of real estate. To stay credible and relevant, you have to constantly update your knowledge and skills. 

One effective way to do this is to attend real estate school. But with our crowded schedules, who has the time? 

Luckily, online real estate schools have become more available for both people who want to start a career in real estate and people who are looking to level up their skills.

Today, we’re taking a look at two of the best online real estate schools to identify which provider will best fit your needs as a student. 

Read on to see our Colibri Real Estatevs AceableAgent comparison!


Colibri Real Estate is one of the pioneers in online real estate education. They’ve been in the business since 1996, serving more than ten (10) thousand real estate professionals each year. 

Meanwhile, AceableAgent Real Estate School is known as the first-ever provider of real estate education designed for mobile apps and the web.

To determine which one is better, we’ll look at:

  • Availability
  • Course options
  • Pricing
  • User features
  • Student reviews

To give a brief overview, here’s a comparison chart of these two schools.

Colibri Real Estate

Aceable Agent


AL, AK, AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NE, NY, OK, PA, SC, TN, TX, VT, VA, WA, D.C., WY
AZ (coming soon)


Post Licensing



License Upgrade



Continuing Education



Course Options

  • Pre-Licensing
  • Post-Licensing
  • License Upgrae/Exam Prep
  • Continuing Education
  • Pre-Licensing
  • Continuing Education
  • Independent Training Courses for Personal Development


  • Starts at $384.30 for Texas, or $90.30 for California - Pre-Licensing Package Offered
  • Around 7% Discounted Price
  • Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee
  • Starts at $420 for Texas, or $119 for California 
  • Around 7% Discounted Price
  • Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee

User Experience

  • Has an interactive LMS platform that guarantees connectivity, accountability, personal assistance, and producivity
  • A lot of reading
  • A lot of practice exams
  • Offers a unique downloable app for easy-to-navigate lessons and educational videos, plus a progress tracker
  • Everything in one package for everyone

Reviews and Certifications

  • Trust Pilot 3.2/5
  • Average Pass Rate: 55.06%
  • ARELLO and IDECC Certified
  • Trust Pilot 4.9/5
  • Average Pass Rate: 72.25%
  • ARELLO and IDECC Certified

Special Features

  • Livestream courses and Live Q&A
  • Smart Bites learning methodology
  • CE Plus membership offered by Mckissock
  • Easy-to-Navigate AceableAgent App
  • Offers Audio Read Along for Course
  • Contract Workshops

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Based on the number of state-approved courses, we can say that Colibri Real Estate has an advantage over Aceable Agent

Not only does Colibri Real Estate have more state-approved pre-license courses across the US, but they also have more course options. 

Their sister company, McKissock Learning, also aids in providing real estate post-licensing, CE courses, and general realtor support for the states that are not included on their list.

However, it helps to point out that AceableAgent currently has a pre-licensing course available in Arizona (in partnership with Kaplan) while Colibri Real Estate doesn’t. They also provide CE courses in NY (in partnership with Kaplan) and TX. 

Course Options

Colibri Real Estate 

Colibri Real Estate review featured image

When it comes to Pre-Licensing courses, Colibri Real Estate has more options for students to choose from. 

The Basic package is ideal if you have prior real estate experience and you learn best by reading.

The Exam Preparation package is best taken if you have real estate experience, but want extra help in ensuring that you pass the exam.

If you want live access to expert instructors who can answer your questions through Q&As, consider taking the Exam Preparation Plus package. 

Lastly, their Ultimate Learning package gives you everything you need, plus access to tips and tricks from practicing agents. 

For some states such as Florida, you’ll also have the option to take your courses in formats that fit your learning style: self-paced online courses or live-stream classes.

Real Estate Express vs AceableAgent Which is Better AceableAgent

On the other hand, AceableAgent partners with Kaplan Real Estate Education to provide you with an online course in Arizona (pre-licensing), Tennessee (pre-licensing), Texas (SAE), and a 22.5-hour New York SCE Package.

For non-Kaplan assisted programs, you can learn at your own pace with their PDF correspondence course. And, you can guarantee an expert support service when you need it 7 days a week!

Aceable also provides independent training courses geared toward your Professional development such as Million Dollar Real Estate Team (5 Hours), Proven Path (5 Hours)

Listing Appointments (3 Hours), and Be the Neighborhood Expert (3 Hours). 

You can have a look inside the Aceable Agent course in this video: 


Price Discounts

Both Colibri Real Estate and Aceable Agent offer around a 7% discount on their course fee (except those provided by Kaplan).

Package Upgrades vs Straight-Forward Selling

You’ll get more freedom in choosing your payment plan with Colibri Real Estate. This is because they offer courses in packages and allow you to customize your course list (for Exam Prep courses) if there are courses available to swap in your State.

Some people may prefer the straightforward selling approach of Aceable Agent — they offer a fixed amount that includes all course offers in one package.

“Pass or Don’t Pay” Guarantee

Both Colibri Real Estate and Aceable Agent offer a “Pass or Don’t Pay” guarantee, mostly on their pre-license courses. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

For Colibri Real Estate, their Satisfaction Guarantee means you can request a full refund if you are not satisfied with the course after a week. 

You can also request a refund for live-stream courses if you cancel within the first day. A 75% refund if you cancel within the first week (or transfer to another live-stream course).

User Features

Basic features

For basic features like online and device accessibility, we could say that both schools were able to provide the basic requirements. 

However, we have to give it to AceableAgent which is known to be the first real estate school to focus on smart technology integration. The app, AceableAgent, makes it easier for their students to learn on the go, and it makes navigation and keeping track of course videos very convenient. 

Course Content, Availability, and Navigation

Colibri Real Estate Learning Management System provides tools like a goal-setting dashboard that helps enhance the productivity of students. 

The only downside is that, unless you avail of the Exam Prep Package, it appears that no hard copies of study materials are available for students to download.

Meanwhile, AceableAgent offers practical coursework that prepares students for real-world scenarios using advanced video technology and cutting-edge teaching practices. 

Their video materials are more interesting than Colibri Real Estate. However, student reviews often mention that their practice exam sets are a bit lacking. 

Student Reviews

Students love that Aceable Agent makes learning easy and manageable. Their unique app made course navigation and access to video materials pretty easy and comfortable for those who have busy schedules. 

Meanwhile, Colibri Real Estate students are commending its very efficient platform that helps them interact with instructors and other students while completing the course. They also appreciate the practice exams and tests that help students reinforce the lessons they’ve learned. Many students, however, wish they had longer access to their courses (access expires after 6 months).


The CE Shop

It's rare to talk about Aceable Agent vs Colibri Real Estate without mentioning The CE Shop! 

The CE Shop is another one of the big online real estate schools. They are really on part with Aceable and Colibri, and some would say they're even better! 

They're available in almost all 50 states (44), and they are pushing to become the ultimate real estate resource. 

As for their course, it's user-friendly, easy to read and digest, and they have great pass rates as well!


Both Colibri Real Estate and AceableAgent have their style and approach when it comes to real estate education. 

Because everyone has different learning styles, and everyone has their preferences, it can be hard to pinpoint which school is better. 

What matters is finding the best school that is compatible with your learning preferences — this is your key to success. 

So are you leaning towards the modern AceableAgent or the more available Colibri Real Estate?

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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