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Comparing The Top Online CA Real Estate Courses

Last updated on November 15, 2022

Comparing The Top Online CA Real Estate Courses

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If you’re looking to expand your professional opportunities, then real estate, especially in a state like California, is a field that can be very lucrative for those that have what it takes. Even in the 21st century, when people rely much more on interacting with a digital world, land and developing properties is still one of the most dynamic and active markets in the world of business and finance. Everyone needs land for one reason or another, whether it’s residential, commercial, or even industrial. But while the buying and selling of properties is a very busy market, not anyone can do it. Transferring real estate from one person to another requires experience, expertise, and certification. If you want to start dealing in the transactions of property, then you will need to become a real estate agent. So how do you do that?

Fortunately for the aspiring real estate agent of today, there are online CA real estate courses that budding entrepreneurs can register for and attend.

This isn’t like the old methods of the 20th century where you had to travel to a major city find a professional course and commit to a training schedule that consumed huge amounts of your personal and professional time. Online CA real estate courses give anyone in any part of the state the chance to attend a course and get critical information required in order to be successfully licensed. However, the real attraction of online CA real estate courses is that you can fulfill your studies at your own pace and your own time. If you’re already committed to a 9-5 job that is critical for supporting yourself or your family, you don’t have to sacrifice that job for the chance of a career in real estate. Instead, by using a little bit of discipline in your free time, you can learn at your own pace and eventually transition into a new profession.

However, not all online CA real estate courses are created equally. There are a few things that vary from one course to the next, and you should keep an eye out for these unique characteristics to make sure that you pick the course that’s right for you.

Quick Picks: Top Online Real Estate License Schools Approved In California

California Focused

A real estate license, just like a driver’s license, varies from one state to the next. And just like with an online driver’s course, you must ensure that when you’re looking for online CA real estate courses, they clearly mark somewhere that they are, in fact, appropriate for your state of residence.

Schools such as Colibri Real Estate, Kaplan Real Estate School, and others offer online CA real estate courses in addition to other states. Colibri Real Estate, for example, also services aspiring Texan real estate agents, while Kaplan has options and affiliates for every state in the country. Always do your research when you are looking at various schools and make sure that, as comprehensive as their programs may be, they offer online CA real estate courses, otherwise your investment in yourself is going to waste.

Teaching Options

While all online CA real estate courses will obviously offer content that is accessible via the Internet, that’s not the end of it. Different people have different preferences for the most effective way to learn. Some people are more self-directed and prefer simply to have the required materials available to them for study so that they can eventually write their exams. Others prefer to be lectured, interact with an instructor or have some venue, such as a forum, in order to interact with fellow students. Still, others are actually most at home in a traditional classroom setting, complete with students and a teacher, and would prefer to have the occasional class session when their schedule allows.

Kaplan Real Estate School, for example, offers a weekly virtual classroom setting for people that really want to have a live instructor to talk to and ask questions of, but they also have “On Demand” online CA real estate courses where students can watch pre-recorded lectures to learn what they need.

Other Career Choices

While being a real estate agent is one obvious choice for going into the property market, there are other options. Career Webschool, for example, offers comprehensive online CA real estate courses, but in addition to this, they also offer pre-licensing courses for people interested in becoming brokers.

These types of additional career options often complement each other, and knowing a bit more about other areas of real estate can be very productive for career development. You may also find that, as is the case with Career Webschool, there may be more interest on your part on the financial side of real estate than the actual property. Knowing the mechanics of financing in real estate is definitely an important aspect that can only strengthen your professional capabilities.

Guarantees On Passing

Obviously, the choice to decide to study for another career is a major investment, both of time and of money. That should be plenty of motivation to study hard and pass your licensing exam. It’s important the emphasize just how much of personal responsibility it is to make a decision to pursue more professional development through something like online CA real estate courses.

However, even with all that time, effort and study, that doesn’t mean that passing the exam and getting your license is guaranteed. If you are concerned at all about all that effort resulting in a fail, and you have to take your exam more than once, some online CA real estate courses—while not able to guarantee a pass—can make guarantees about your payment should you not pass.

Colibri Real Estate is one example. They have different packages with different features for their online CA real estate courses. So while the critical knowledge you need to pass your exam is identical in every tier they offer, higher tiers offer a guarantee on your exam. If you don’t pass your exam the first time you write it, the higher tiers will refund your money. They are able to do this because their higher tiers offer students the opportunity to take an “exam prep master” to dramatically increase their familiarity and confidence with writing the final exam.

The Choice Is Yours

Ultimately, the choice of which online CA real estate courses you choose to take is up to you. Every person has different, individual preferences, and the many different schools offer different options. Once you understand what you need in order to effectively learn, you should find the school that offers the material on your terms. After that, the rest is up to you, your dedication, and the work you put into improving yourself and your career prospects.

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