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Comparing the 6 Best Online Real Estate Schools for Continuing Education in Missouri

Last updated on August 28, 2023

Continuing Education Courses in Missouri

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The business landscape for real estate has changed a lot in the last couple of years. And this means real estate professionals also need to continuously hone their knowledge and skills.

Continuing Education courses are critical to real estate agents not only because they need to get their license renewed, but because it ups their game. 

But with the number of online real estate schools available, which offers the best continuing education courses?

To help you out, here is a list of schools offering the best online continuing education in Missouri.

The 6 Best Online Real Estate Schools for Continuing Education in Missouri

The 6 best online real estate schools for continuing education in Missouri are:

  1. McKissock
  2. 1st Choice Real Estate School
  3. Kaplan Real Estate Education
  4. The CE Shop
  5. AYPO Real Estate
  6. VanEd

Continuing Education Courses in Missouri (6 Best Online Real Estate Schools) McKissock

Another household name in online real estate education is McKissock

Known as an excellent school for Continuing Education, they have helped over 2 million professionals. Based on more than half a million reviews, their students have a 4.4-star rating.

There are 22 courses available in McKissock’s menu that allow you to earn CE hours. Most are delivered online, though those who prefer a more traditional method can opt for those done through correspondence. All courses cost right under $30, regardless of how it's delivered.

A more convenient way of going about it is to avail of their renewal packages for just under $90. 

There is also the McKissock CE PLUS Membership that you may want to consider. 

This membership gives you access to all CE courses available in Missouri, plus the on-demand library for the Pro-Series webinars. What’s more, you’ll get more than a hundred job aides that’ll help you in your real estate career.

With real estate professionals as your instructors, you don’t just get knowledge out of a book, but real-life techniques as well.

Continuing Education Courses in Missouri (6 Best Online Real Estate Schools) 1st Choice Real Estate School

1st Choice Real Estate School was thinking of its customers when it was established. Even their site is designed to ensure you’ll have a great online school experience.

Their instructors are not only real estate professionals themselves, but they also take the time to regularly attend training and seminars to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date.

Understanding some people can be sensitive about sharing data online, 1st Choice ensures personal and financial information is encrypted and sent through a secure server. If you run into any problems, though, their WeCare team is always on standby to help you out.

You can choose between three CE course packages, each containing the required CORE courses and several electives. 

If none of the packages fit your exact preferences, you always have the freedom to purchase courses individually. Each course costs a little over $20.

1st Choice Real Estate offers a discount for all military personnel – courses will be 20% cheaper. Financial aid is also possible - you can pay half of the advertised price upon purchase, then pay the remaining amount within 45 days. If you aren’t able to settle that within the timeframe, their learning platform won’t generate your Certificate of Completion.

Continuing Education Courses in Missouri (6 Best Online Real Estate Schools) Kaplan

Kaplan Real Estate Education is under Kaplan Professional, one of the biggest names among education and training providers for real estate and financial services. 

They have CE courses for both salespeople and brokers looking to renew their licenses. There are five CE courses available for either level, each with rates ranging from around under $30 to almost $60. 

If you want to save up on cost, Kaplan has a package with 12 hours' worth of credits. Priced at under $100, this means you’re paying less for each course. 

Most real estate schools in Missouri have different platforms for their courses, delivering programs in-person, online, and live online. Kaplan, on the other hand, offers the most options for delivery with five learning styles. 

These 5 delivery methods are: 

  • In-person classes
  • Live online instruction
  • Online video on-demand instruction
  • Online instruction
  • home study

This makes Kaplan one of the most flexible real estate schools available.

Continuing Education Courses in Missouri (6 Best Online Real Estate Schools) The CE Shop

Considering their name, it’s not a surprise that continuing education is one of The CE Shop’s strong suits.

They have two packages available, allowing you to complete your CE requirements – simply choose the one with your preferred electives. Each costs a little over $80. 

If you want more control over what courses to complete for this renewal cycle, you can mix and match individual courses. The CE Shop offers six options for CORE courses and 21 choices for electives.

For each course you purchase, you can also choose to add certificates for other states. Depending on the state, these are priced anywhere from under $10 to under $18. It’s a bit more out of your pocket, but convenient if you practice in different locations.

Continuing Education Courses in Missouri (6 Best Online Real Estate Schools) AYPO Real Estate

AYPO is an online education company that delivers professional training for different industries, real estate is one of them. Established in 2010, they have more than a decade of experience under their belt.

AYPO Real Estate offers several continuing education courses. They also have a 12-hour complete CE package that automatically satisfies the CE requirements of Missouri.

You can also opt to have a copy of the material in PDF format. It’s an option made available when purchasing a course – it comes, of course, with a small fee.

AYPO’s courses are generally text-based and use animated slides. There are interactive quizzes that help you review the material and retain information in preparation for the final exam.

Speaking of the final exam – for each of the CE courses you purchased, you have to get at least 70% to earn your credits. The good thing with AYPO Real Estate is that you have unlimited attempts to take it, so you don’t have to stress out so much even if you don’t pass on the first try.

Here’s a quick walkthrough video you can watch:


Since you’re from Missouri, VanEd is another great pick since they offer approved pre-licensing and continuing education in the state. 

What you’ll love about VanEd is that they always offer huge discounts. So you just might get the full renewal package at a very low price. 

If you want to select your own CE topics, VanEd also offers individual CE courses that can work to complete your credit hours. 

And, with over 24 years in the industry, VanEd has developed multiple features to give students an excellent learning experience. 

Some of those features are the modern learning management system (LMS) platform, instructor support, and online self-paced course format. 

What’s more, VanEd is praised for its responsive customer support that is available through multiple channels.

As for the CE courses themselves, they’re all well-written and organized. They include graphics, videos, texts, and multiple exercises. In some cases, students can download free ebooks.

At the end of each quiz and exercise, feedback is provided to highlight areas that you need to improve on. 

Some students, however, are not happy with the number of assignments and videos in the course.

But overall, VanEd provides quality online continuing education courses that are affordable and still high in quality.

Missouri Online Real Estate Continuing Education FAQs

What are the requirements for Continuing Education in Missouri?

Regardless of whether you are a salesperson or a broker, you need 12 hours of Continuing Education to renew your license. Of these hours, 9 are elective courses while 3 must be from a CORE course – one selected by the Missouri Real Estate Commission. 

From 2020 to 2023, MREC requires a 3-hour course on real estate ethics.

How often do you need to have your license renewed in Missouri?

Real estate professionals in Missouri have to renew their licenses every two years. 

For salespeople, the following dates must be remembered:

  • June 30th – deadline for submission of applications for CE approved course credit
  • September 30th – expiration of the license


Any school on this list is worth considering as each has its own strength. Choosing which school to take your continuing education courses impacts your continued success in the real estate industry. 

As they say, different strokes for different folks. You need to take into account how much the courses cost but you also have to consider what kind of experience you’ll get. In the end, you’re the best person to say which online school is the best match for you and your preferences.

Compare Real Estate Schools:

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