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Event Marketing for Real Estate – Everything You Should Know

Last updated on March 9, 2022

Event Marketing for Real Estate - Everything You Should Know

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Looking for a way to promote your real estate career?

There are many ways to approach this. But one of the best ways is to join event marketing for real estate

Here, you’ll find the people that are actually interested in what you have to offer. Not only that, you can expand your network with other real estate agents. 

But what exactly is event marketing for real estate?

Here, we’ll tell you everything you should know about it. Plus, we’ll tell you how to hold your own event marketing. 

Let’s dive in!

What is Event Marketing for Real Estate?

Simply put, event marketing is community events hosted with the intention of interacting with potential clients and/or other real estate agents.

This is in the hopes of meeting new clients, other agents, hiring agencies, and, if lucky, even serious buyers of properties under your listing.

And, since this is an event focused around real estate, you can be sure that you’ll find a mix of people that are all related in some way to the industry, whether that’s agents wanting to sell, or buyers wanting to buy. 

So you can see why this is a great place to go to if you want to market yourself. 

What Goes on in Event Marketing for Real Estate?

There are many things that can go on in event marketing for real estate. It will all depend on the organizer. 

It can be a charitable fundraiser event. It can be a fun get-together for the whole community. It can even be a formal party at your luxurious house listing. 

The main point is to make sure everyone has fun while making sure that they know the agents’ names. Or, making sure that they become interested in the house under your listing. 

Plus, it’s a great way to put together clients you have successfully served in the past and potential clients who want to get to know you. Your past and current clients can help build your image by talking you up to new clients.

Your real estate marketing event is your chance to give everyone the scoop on the market and your services by introducing them to hot new trends, industry staples, and commodities they might be interested in.

How to Hold a Marketing Event for Real Estate

Here are some things you should consider when hosting your own marketing event for real estate. 

1. State the why

Create a reason good enough for qualified buyers to attend. This isn’t just an open invite. Remember your target audience and create a statement geared toward them. 


Name the event or incorporate a tagline that would jump out for serious buyers.

“Are you looking for a modern home for your family to live in around the San Jose area?”

“Are you curious about the real-estate developments in the area?”

Then proceed with inviting them to your event. You can also incorporate general tidbits to broaden your reach. 

“This might also interest you if you just want to meet like-minded individuals who share your interest in real estate.”

“If you are interested in finding out about the latest trends in real estate.”

2. State the what

Make it clear what they are attending and what to expect from your event. 


Write a short description of what you are inviting them to.

“We are hosting a cocktail party for a 2-bedroom listing in the Bay area.”

“We are holding an event to serve as a forum for old and new friends who are interested in discussing real estate.”

You can also write a broad title for your event to attract interested buyers and potential clients alike.

“We are holding an event to talk about the available real estate in the Bay area.”

“We are hosting a gathering to talk about real estate developments within the area.”

3. Be personable

Here is where the real work starts. You can plan and set the event all you want, but the actual execution matters just as much, if not more, than the planning.

When these people attend your event, they will be expecting exactly what they were promised. The why and the what you stated is why these people are at your event. 

  • Fulfill everything you stated in the invite. 
  • Do so with pizzazz. 

Hold your bravado! While these people are here to learn more, they will not welcome the thought of being schooled. Get your point across humbly and honestly. 

For selling property –

Stick with phrases like – “it’s a wonderful and loving community to raise kids.”

Avoid phrases like – “this is where the elite come to raise their children for more prestige and privacy.”

For landing new clients – 

Stick with phrases like – “the market can be confusing at times, but if you like a challenge, we can help you learn the ropes.” 

Avoid phrases like – “partner up with me/us if you want to roll with the big dogs.” 

You are not only selling a listing. You are selling these people on the idea of interacting with you in the future. Anyone who buys a house knows that future interactions with the agent are inevitable. 

Suppose they aren’t interested in further interactions with you. In that case, they won’t be interested in buying what you are selling either. Remember, humility, honesty, and authenticity come across better than baiting or goading

4. Remember your “cause”

While you remain engaged in their stories and things they have to say, inject hints of your event’s purpose and stay in charge

5. Stay humble

While it’s easy to lose control of the situation and have your marketing event turn into a social soiree by being too humble, you can create a program and stick to it. 

Go around the room and engage individuals and groups with facts about current listings. Insert a presentation for the whole room every half hour for them to discuss with you or each other. This keeps them in the right mindset and helps prep them for your next presentation. 

6. Stay subtle

While you stick to the program, avoid being too in-your-face about it.

Approach them with warmth and ready-to-fire facts. Open with an introduction about yourself, your listings, your services… 

In a more intimate gathering, you can then ask them about themselves and if they are looking for anything in particular or their knowledge about real estate. 

Encourage interaction amongst guests with games, Q&A, or personal introductions. Give your guests room to breathe and interact with one another. 

This gives your older clients a chance to talk to your potential ones about you and what you did for them.

In larger events with more attendance, remember to schedule times for audience interaction before and after each presentation. Prep your next agenda on the program or interact with the guests.

Whenever the conversation starts veering too far away from your event’s purpose, you can easily drive it back. Relate something from their story to the community, area, or architecture. 

Anything that can lead you back and help you make a point within the conversation or to set them up for your next presentation.

7. Keep things light but memorable

No one wants to go to an event full of hard-selling. People learn and remember things more fondly when the environment around them is hospitable and fun. 

8. Easy does it

Let them speak, ask questions, and relate their stories to yours. You can drive it back to your point after they have a bit of mic time. That’s how you can be more relatable.

Things are easier to digest when someone affable and relatable delivers them to you. The more information you can relay, the more they absorb, and the more memories they will have of you and the event.

9. Breathable yet informative

When you think about school, do you remember being more receptive to the teacher who was engaging as they taught or the teacher who liked to teach via word-vomit? 

Who taught you better, and who do you learn from more? 

According to studies conducted all over the country, students were more receptive and happier with teachers who talked to them rather than at them. Whenever we are in an environment of learning, even as adults, we look for people who engage us and make us feel like our presence matters. Our presence matters here. 

Never make your guests feel like they don’t matter. 

10. The Answer Key to Marketing Events for Real Estate

Instead of making guests feel like they’re inside a real-life instruction manual, the key is to find ways to make them feel like they are present with you at your event

Create a program that feels beneficial to them instead of just you or your agency. When they leave, your guests should feel like they learned new things, expanded their knowledge, and met someone they could trust with their real estate needs. 

Or, it could just be that they had a great time and met a lot of new friends. 

This way, because of your event, they know who to look for in industry-related queries. 

Final Words

So there you have it. 

That is what you need to know about event marketing for real estate. 

Remember, it should always be fun, as well as make your services more known to old, new, or potential clients, as well as other real estate agents.

So if you want to market yourself, then you should start planning event marketing for real estate soon! 

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