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Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents (How to Take It to the Next Level)

Last updated on November 14, 2021

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

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Recent changes in technology have led to a shift in the real estate industry, which up until recently, relied only on traditional forms of marketing.

Door-to-door marketing, flyers, and spreading the word amongst family and friends hardly cuts it these days. 

As consumers are increasingly relying on the Internet to look for property, real estate agents now need to be well-versed in all online methods of advertising.

Facebook has increasingly become the go-to place to attract and generate real estate leads, with a whole host of unique and useful features that make it easy to target your market and consumers.

In this article, I’ll give you some tips on how to take Facebook ads for real estate agents to the next level. 

So let’s get into it!

5 Tips to Take your Real Estate Facebook Ad to the Next Level

Facebook Ads for Real Estate Buyers

The 5 tips you need to know about before launching your real estate Facebook ads are:

  1. Use reviews to your advantage
  2. Don’t forget to target target target
  3. Spice up your ads
  4. Check out the competitors
  5. Get a manager

Let’s discuss each in detail.

Use Reviews to Your Advantage

Trust is one of the most important qualities an agent has to advertise. This is because as an agent, you’re advertising yourself above everything else.

Even if your ad game is strong, if your customers see a page full of no, or worse, awful reviews, you aren’t going to get any interested leads in your DMS or on your site.

That’s where you need to get in some good reviews to get the ball rolling. You can ask your existing or previous customers to submit testimonials, even if it’s just 1 or 2. 

After you’ve got your reviews, make sure to advertise them on your Facebook page, and add them to your site for extra credibility.

Don’t Forget to Target Target Target

If you aren’t taking advantage of all the options Facebook offers, your ad campaigns aren’t going to reach their full potential.

Instead of shooting a shotgun, aim with a rifle by using the wide range of targeting options available. This allows you to focus your ads on a specific segment of the market.

The most essential targeting option is by ZIP Code, allowing you to narrow your ads down to the people who live in the area of your service.

Next, you’ll get the ability to target based on income. This is great for agents trying to appeal to niches in the market, such as the luxury segment.

This will also allow you to create different ads for different groups of customers for your service, ensuring your unique ads always reach the intended customer group.

And if it couldn’t get better, you’ll even be able to target customers based on their homeownership status. 

So whether you’re looking for properties to sell, or for potential renters, you’ll be able to target them specifically on Facebook. 

Spice Up Your Ads

No one likes a boring old text-based post. At most, potential leads won’t even take the time to read it.  

If you’re looking to captivate and attract, you need to add a little bit more pizzazz into your Facebook posts.

The words you choose make a big difference. Choosing the right ones can develop greater customer interest.

You should also be clear and include everything customers are looking for. Be sure to add the square footage, the price, location, and all other useful descriptors in your posts.

Another important factor that can’t be overlooked is the media. Adding quality pictures and videos, along with eye-catching visuals, to your posts will peak user interest. In turn, this could lead to less scrolling and more post-reading.

If you’ve got a knack for video editing and creation then great, but even a basic video showing everything a customer may be interested in is enough to get the job done.

Check Out the Competitors

I’ll give you a clue. Scoping out competitors is a great way to see what types of ad campaign works and what doesn’t. 

This doesn’t just apply to your local competition. Look into successful agent pages across the country to get a bit more inspiration.

While there may be a set pattern to how agents do things, you’ll still find a variety of unique spins - different designs, listing styles, etc...

Of course, I don’t mean copy them to the dot. Just get ideas and from there try to figure out what works best with the customers you’re trying to appeal to.

The area you live in, the age group you’re appealing to, the types of property you’re looking to sell or rent should all have an impact on how you manage your content and ad campaigns.

Get A Manager

If you’re already a bit tied up and just don’t have the time to manage a full-blown ad campaign and Facebook page, consider getting a manager.

This is very useful if you aren’t the best when it comes to tech, too.

Plus, it isn’t as expensive as you may think, as the rise of freelancing through applications such as Upwork means you’ll be able to hire a manager overseas.

This can be a lifesaver if you’re managing a large agency (or if real estate is just your part-time job). You’d prefer to commit your time to deal with your customers instead of managing your ad campaigns.

And even if you’re able to commit some time to manage your Facebook ads, you’ll still benefit from a manager, say, to design templates or videos you can use on your ads and your page to better market yourself online.

Wrap Up

So there you have it, the top 5 tips and tricks for Facebook ads for real estate agents. 

Remember, there are lots of real estate ads out there already, so you need to take it to the next level. 

To be sure, Facebook makes it easy for you to target potential leads. So use their features to your advantage, as well as your ideas on how to attract leads to your posts. 

Good luck!

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