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How to Find Divorce Listings for Real Estate

Last updated on January 31, 2022

How to Find Divorce Listings for Real Estate

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Looking for a niche that you can focus on for your real estate business? 

Here’s a suggestion: divorce listings. 

Divorce listings may not be the biggest market, but we assure you that it’s often underserved. With couples wanting to move on easily and liquidate joint assets, you won’t find any market that is so determined to sell their property. 

Besides, the US government has claimed that there are more or less 1.2 million couples that get divorced each year in the country. So even if you tap 1% of that number, that’s still a lot of leads! 

Okay, so you got hooked by this niche. How do you get the leads then? 

Well, read on to find out. 

Where Do You Find Divorce Listings? 

How to Find Divorce Listings for Real Estate Divorce Listings
Source: canva.com

Divorce listings aren’t different from regular listings. In much the same way, the place to find these leads is not going to be that different either. 

One of the places you can start is on social media. And no, you won’t be just asking people around (because who’s going to talk about such a sensitive topic?). 

Instead, you can take an active approach and use social media, Facebook, specifically, to target those who are going through a divorce. 

Another place where you can find leads is from a divorce or family attorney. 

While you’re not going to pry information from an attorney, what you’ll do is to partner with them. So whenever they have couples that are going through a divorce and have properties to sell, they can recommend you. 

And of course, you can always use listing sites or a search engine to look for properties being sold by divorcee couples. 

How to Approach Divorce Leads?

Divorce is a sensitive and emotional topic. And if you’re going to approach or target couples who plan to sell their properties, you have to know the best way to approach them. 

One of the things we remind real estate agents of is to always come from a place of understanding. Even if you’re excited to be the agent that sells the property, you don’t want that to show when you face the divorcing couple. 

Remember, divorcing couples already have a lot on their plate and pestering them to sell their property is not going to help. Instead, you can show that you are there to help them move on more easily. 

Another thing real estate agents should remember is that the basic characteristics of what makes a real estate agent excellent doesn’t change. 

For example, being able to communicate clearly is a very important trait. However, this might be challenged even more because you’re facing two parties who might not be on the same page when it comes to selling their property. 

You might find yourself in the middle of opposing sides, and this can be difficult. When this happens, it’s in your best interest to not be biased to any party and to stick to the goal – which is to be able to move on faster by selling their property. 

2 Simple Tips for Getting Leads on Divorce Listings

So now you know where and how to find divorce listings. But we understand if you still find yourself a little lost in this niche.

To help you out, here are 2 tips that we think can get you started on this path. 

Tip #1: Know How to Position Yourself

Whether you’re marketing yourself online or offline, you should know how to position yourself where divorcing couples will find you a must-have. 

We mentioned a while ago that you should come from a place of help. And while this sounds so simple, it is very effective. 

Just think about it, if you immediately come up to a divorcing couple and sell your services, it could come out wrong or they could just ignore you. 

But if you approach them by emphasizing how you can be advantageous in their moving on process or in their “creating a new life” journey, then that puts your foot in the door. 

Because who doesn’t want to start a new life after a divorce? 

Tip #2: Make Use of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are by far one of the best ways to bring yourself in front of divorcing couples. 

One of the ways that you can take advantage of this platform is by using its targeting methods. You can choose outright people who are divorced or separated. 

Likewise, you can also exclude people who are living together, married, or in a relationship. 

This shows your ads to the right people who might be needing a real estate agent for their houses. 

Apart from targeting, another aspect that can make your ads more effective is by having a good copy. This copy should be able to speak to divorcing couples while getting their attention. 

You can do this by offering tips on how to sell your property fast or by showing that you know how hard it is to have to say goodbye to a home that was once yours. 

If you notice, it’s either you guide them on how to do it or by offering a helping hand during these troubled times.


Divorce listings may be an unusual niche, but it’s an underserved one. And with the number of divorcing couples in the country, you will have enough leads if you know how to find and attract them. 

The best way to get leads is to make use of social media and to know how to position yourself in such a way that divorcing couples will be able to relate to you. That way, you won’t sound pushy or insensitive to their current situation. 

And if you ever get lost, just always go back to asking how you can help individuals going through these tough times. 

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