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How To Get My Texas Real Estate License Online

Last updated on April 5, 2021

How To Get My Texas Real Estate License Online

I’m already a professional in the real estate industry, but it wasn’t so long ago that I was also “in the trenches,” trying to learn how to break in. I’m just very grateful that in the 21st century, we’ve got a lot more options for breaking into something as lucrative as real estate, and now it doesn’t really matter where you live in the country, it’s always a possible career!

But if I lived in Texas, things would go a little bit differently, in a good way! If I wanted to get my Texas real estate license today, I’d be pretty optimistic about achieving my goal. My Texas real estate license ambitions have the good fortune of taking place in a state that’s not only huge but has the economic growth and cultural and commercial diversity to guarantee a dynamic marketplace. And that means that my Texas real estate license, once I get it, would serve me well in a fruitful career as a real estate professional. So how would I go about getting it today? I’ll explain that now.

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What It TAkes To Get A Texas Real Estate License Online

If I wanted to get my Texas real estate license now, even with all the modern conveniences we have like online classes, there are still some essential, personal characteristics I’d need to have within myself that would never change. I would still need to be a go-getter, someone willing to take the initiative, and have the ability organize and schedule myself, then stick to that plan. I’d need the willingness—or financial planning—to be able to work on a commission, rather than a salary basis.

But mostly, I’d need to understand that I can’t just put up a sign that says I’m a real estate agent and then get to work. I’d have to get my Texas real estate license. This is a profession where the people involved work closely with Americans who are often about to make the single biggest expenditure or investment of their entire lives. It’s a huge responsibility and one that requires legal oversight. That’s why my Texas real estate license is required by the state. I have to have that regulated, state-approved, verifiable permission to handle such important negotiations and transactions.

But even once I’ve decided that I have what it takes to go get my Texas real estate license, there’s still the problem of the exam. A license application isn’t just the application, there is a state-issued test that evaluates just how much you know about property law and practices, as well as the finances that are associated with it. That’s why I have to start thinking about my Texas real estate license courses that will prepare me for that exam.

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Options To Obtain Your Real Estate License In Texas

My Texas real estate license acquisition is going to hinge on making sure I learn what I need to for the exam. In Texas, this means I can do it two ways; the old fashioned way, or the modern way. The old-fashioned way is the way most of us are still familiar with; signing up for a class, looking at the schedule during the week for that class, and then making sure there’s enough time to drive down on the scheduled class days until the courses are complete. But if I, as a busy adult, have existing professional obligations, or even more importantly, family obligations, taking the time out of the week on a regular basis can be extremely difficult.

My other option to get my Texas real estate license is a lot more feasible thanks to today’s technology; just learn online! Studying these classes online is much more convenient. You can consume the lessons at a time of your own choosing, and a pace that works best with your personal commitments. So if you have a family to look after during the week, studying at home during the weekends in the home office is fine. If you’re usually on the go because of work, maybe reading your lessons on your phone, tablet or laptop is a better fit. It’s all up to you.

If I wanted to get my Texas real estate license, it’s much more feasible, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. First, I need to make sure that I have a proper list of schools that will teach me courses applicable to Texas itself. A real estate license is similar to a driver’s license but even stricter! Getting a license to sell real estate in one state does not automatically mean I can do so in another. So if a school I’m looking at does not offer the classes that are state-approved for Texas, I won’t be able to write or pass the exam.

Finding Texas Certified Online Real Estate License Courses

Fortunately, if I’m a Texan, I have a lot of choice in this regard! Texas being the biggest state in the continental United States, also has one of the busiest markets for property, so there are a lot of schools out there that are certified to teach the courses I need to get my Texas real estate license online. In fact, some of them, like AceableAgent, only cover Texas! However, I wouldn’t say that a Texas only school is the only option for people that want to get a license. In fact, plenty of schools that service multiple states would do just as good a job of teaching me what I need, because they’ve been around for years, and have a lot of experience and the reputation that inspires confidence.

One school that I think meets these criteria has recently had a name change. Today, they’re called Oncourse Learning Real Estate, but many people recognize them by the name AceableAgent. Real Estate Express is another place I’d be confident about getting a real estate license from. They have a very good reputation as well, and lots of different tiers of service, depending on what kind of support is desired while taking classes. I’d be pretty confident with any of these choices for getting my Texas real estate license.

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